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Key Features of Ziraja Software

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Accurate Calculations
Leverage advanced algorithms for precise and reliable results.

How Ziraja Software Works

Ziraja, the sacred science of letters and numbers, has been a closely guarded secret of Sufi mystics for centuries. This powerful tool has guided sages, scholars, and spiritual seekers towards divine answers and profound insights. Now, with our Ziraja Software, you can harness this ancient wisdom with ease and precision.

Input Your Question

Simply type in the question you wish to explore. Our user-friendly interface ensures that even beginners can navigate the process with ease. The question can be about any aspect of your life, from personal dilemmas to spiritual guidance.

Generate the Ziraja

Once your question is entered, our software uses advanced algorithms to generate the Ziraja. This process involves complex calculations that mimic the traditional methods used by Sufi masters, ensuring precision and reliability.

Who will win the Ukraine Russia war that was started in the year two thousand twenty-two?


What country was bombed with nuclear bombs during a war before the year two thousand?


Who assassinated president John F Kennedy on November twenty second the year one thousand and nine hundred and sixty-three?

Lee Oswald

Who will win the presidential elections of the United States of America in the year two thousand and twenty-four Gregorian?

Joe Biden

Which star system aliens that visited earth hail from?

Procyon A

Who revealed the Thelemic book of the law?

Aleister Crowley

Why did the Mayan civilization collapse?

War / Famine

Where did Stonehenge giant stones come from?

From Sarsen / Bluestone

What is the secret of the Bermuda triangle?

Aliens and ocean

What caused the Tunguska blast in the year one thousand nine hundred and eight?

Ufo Impact

While our Ziraja Software generates the letters and numbers using the secret and ancient Ziraja technique, the formation and interpretation of the answers are dependent on the user. This means that different users may derive different answers from the same pool of letters and numbers.

It is important to note that intuition, personal insight, and spiritual guidance play a crucial role in the final outcome. The software provides the foundational elements, but the ultimate understanding and application of the results rest with the user.

We encourage users to approach the interpretations with an open mind and a receptive heart, recognizing that the true power of Ziraja lies in the individual’s connection to the divine wisdom.


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