Goetia shot to fame with 72 demons or evil jinn. Theurgia Goetia breaks the bank with 482 spirits to call. 

One question keeps popping up: Which name should I work with?

This leads to another issue: how effective are those names? Are the information accurate or outdated?

People have reported mixed results. Does the issue lies with the magician, method, or the name?

Is there a quick and objective way to verify all this? Is there an easy way to establish contact with the right spirit for your personal needs?

You can follow the classical process and go through it one by one. 

You could decide to do this for all 482 names, one by one.

Let’s be honest here.

Let’s say it takes you 120 minutes to perform a solid evocation. Some spirits don’t respond objectively right away. It may take a few attempts to get a real solid link going.

Let’s say on average it takes 300 minutes to get a solid result.

It would take you 144,000+ minutes or around 2,500 hours to go through the whole list. 

Most magicians will never do this and prefer to just intuitively focus on couple of names.

The risk is that you could be losing on a powerful connection that can have a very positive effect.

On the flip side, you can end up with an entity that is dangerous and chaotic.

Figuring all this out safely and with minimal energy and time looked impossible – until now. 

This is where the powerful magical technique known as Knock Knock comes in very handy.

You can use the Knock Knock beats to test the names in 1/10th of the time.

These binary beats are like radio signal that attract the spirits very quickly.

They have generated a fair share of manifestations in the past when used with the jinn.

All you have to do is play these binary beats on a speaker at night in the proper setting with incense.

The objective nature of these beats means that you can trust that any results isn’t due to mental biases.

You can quickly feel what kind of being is approaching and put the debate to rest.

It is one of the safest methods and quickest to produce results.

You don’t need to open demonic gates or make pacts or invest in major summoning just to realize you’ve made a mistake.

You can achieve results in 10-15 min that would have taken you an hour of summoning.

I am going to give you an added advantage here:

 You will also receive the Theban Magic Squares for all 482 spirits.

These never before magic squares can be used with the English version of the Golden Mean names written around them and then chanted.

This will enhance your results to a whole new level.

The Golden Mean names are magical words of power using a secret mathematical alphabet.

Magicians love them, because they pull the Jinn and many other kind of spirits to you like a magnet.

They answer quickly after you intone and chant these names.  

The Golden Mean names PLUS Knock Knock audio beats PLUS the magic squares are powerful combo that can not only save you thousands of hours, but also turbo boost your results like never before. 

Note: This is a limited timed package. It was last offered in 2019, so don’t miss out this time.











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