The Quran and its Angels in Ruhaniat Webinar

Join us as we explore the magic of the Quran and its servitors.

We will look at the 6,000+ angels that can be worked with for spiritual development, material prosperity, and protection from enemies. A list of this size can be overwhelming, but after this webinar, unleashing their power will be at your fingertip.

We will discuss which verses serves which function. I will show you how to convert these holy verses into living magical incantations. This is something you normally don’t see in books.

We’ll weave the spells together step-by-step with the aid of the angels, magic squares, and talismanic script.

Discover the Elemental key to the Quranic verses as well as how to identify the five jinn servitors for each verse

Integrate the verses with the Golden Mean to give it an extra boost. Yes, the Golden Mean file of the Quran will be sent to you after the webinar free.

While billions of Muslims recite the Quran for devotional reasons, you’ll be reciting it as a Divine Spear of Light to fashion your reality with the aid of holy power.



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