Do NOT Combine These

Three Proven Magic Systems

Unless You’re Ready

For Comfort-Zone Busting, Rapid Results

From: The Soon-to-Be Island Tower of Nineveh Shadrach
To: New & Current Students of Planetary, Protection and Angelic Magic

Dear Students,

Let me start this letter like I am going to end it, by being on the level:

There are three magical systems that are obscure and rarely combined.

The first is the Sigil of Truth.

Most people are familiar with this Enochian version of the Sigil: 

However, we’re not going to even consider this one, because…

Enochian’s “Sigil Of Truth” Is Built
On Glaring Literal And Mathematical Errors That
Could Hurdle Genuine Magical Progress!

For whatever reason, the spirits dictated to John Dee the use of latinized (mis)spellings of original Hebrew sounds, which were then treated as Latin letters (think: using the “ph” to represent an “f” and then treating it as P and H) to formulate a whole set of names to place on the Sigil…

… and to make matters worse, he went on to add “compensatory” numbers and symbols to the incorporated latinized letters within the Seal… akin to fitting a square peg into a round hole…

When the methodology of the system is shaky then how can you trust where it will lead you?

However, the origin of the Sigil of Truth date earlier than the Enochian system. It’s intent is to combine the celestial power associated with the seven planets and Divine realms to form one potent foci. According to Liber Juratus, it allowed the magician to have power over all creatures except the angels. The only catch is you had to have received a blessed vision of God and the angels – first.  

The older rendition has less issues than the Enochian version as it doesn’t create new names from Latinized phonetics. However, it still suffer from linguistic weakness. It still uses Latin to represent Hebrew names and spelling issues does pop up. For example, it incorporates 72 Latin letters to represent the Hebrew Shem ha Mephorash. You can see letters like E and X, which don’t exist in Hebrew. 

You see, if my background in Arabian and Near-Eastern esoteric traditions has taught me anything, it’s this: Each individual SOUND – represented by a single letter – is consequential in magical and religious workings.

Each sound has its role to play in the construction of the cosmos, and the determination of lifelines and events.

This is why ancient traditions maintain that each sound – represented by the ONE single letter that represents it – has its own guardian angel, its own servitor and its own innate spirit, or rouhaniyah.

Sounds are both creation-seeds and intelligences.

“In the beginning was the word…” Sound familiar?

This is why an entire body of magical teachings, called `Ilmul-huruf – the Knowledge of Alphabetical Letters – that incorporate letters and magic squares, have been created to understand and harness the powers of sound in magical workings.

But, the idea itself, the original concept, the overall intent of the Divine Seal, the intent-amplifying effects of the 7-pointed planetary star… I knew there had to be great potential.  

This was “starting capital” I could work with to create something better, more reliable, more powerful, and more ancient.

 I did the most logical thing. I began researching new inscriptions based on ancient manuscripts dealing with angelic and planetary magic. I wanted the most powerful systems that were reliable and tested. I went to sources much older than these European texts. 

This brings us to the second system. The Tahateel planetary magic.

Long before John Dee built his Bonorum system, there existed a much older system, called the Tahateel.

It consisted of seven names with seven letters attributed to the planets.

Each of these names also were associated with an angel and jinn servitor.

Here is what one manuscript says of the Tahateel:

Book of Tahateel in the Knowledge of the Spirit - by Abdullah al-Qamaree

It was preserved in a tablet from seven mentals in a box that I found in the inheritance of Sheikh Qasem al-Qartabi. He mentioned that he found it at the Philosopher Sage Fareed. He used to utilize it for all kinds of wonders and mysteries. Abbi Hamid mentioned for them seals and all of which they used to inscribe on silver in the honor of the Sun in the 19 degree of Aries… Some of my friends said that the Greek made special use of them. Also, Teemghoor the Indian had collected for them over a thousand good applications and another opposite one thousand…

The Tahateel offers a unique, ancient, and powerful system of magic that fits perfectly with the Sigil of Truth.

The third system is the Circle of Imam Ali from mystical Sufism.

One of the earliest mentions of this circle dates to Muhammed Bin Muhammed al-Tusi, a Persian astrologer, mathematician, physician, and philosopher. He was born in 1201 AD and belonged to the Ismaili sect.

He recalled in his book an invite to the Caliph house. The Caliph mentioned that in his vault is a gold and ebony box with sealed parchment papers. These were written in the handwriting of Ali bin Abi Talib, cousin, son-in-law and companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, PBUH.

He opened the box and within there were papers wrapped in white brocade with ancient Kufic script. They included a circle that contains the Great Name of God. The name was written in symbols, so that none can pronounce it. The circle possesses the power to protect against all manners of spiritual evil. Al-Tusi mentions that the Caliph made use of them to help fight a Typhoid outbreak in his city.

The three systems are combined together to create a new powerful Sigil. 

 Here is the basic structure:

    • The Divine name “Haq” for experiencing genuine reality along with the ultra-powerful “Baduh” name for good luck, prosperity, love and success surrounding it within the central pentagram… 
    • The correctly spelled and written out names of the seven planetary angels that ultimately govern the planets (and their effects on one’s life)… 
    • The seven Tahateel Names (used to chant and connect with the intelligences of each planet), along with the eighth “Key” name derived from the seven… 
    • The seven-fold variation of the ancient Great Name per planetary cycle. 
    • The Circle of Imam Ali to protectively encircle the entire Sigil, offering impenetrable protection to the conjurer… 
    • The seven Magic Squares of the Tahateel in their ancient talismanic script… 
    • All of this, while remaining true to the original intent-amplifying symmetry of the seven-pointed star piece.


But this wasn’t about creating another pretty sigil: I wanted to see if it worked!

So I printed it out, and placed it under my pillow, before I went to sleep.

And this led to…

The dream spirit contact that changed
how I viewed Enochian Magic, forever…

I will not go into the fantastic details of the dream here. Nor of the terrifying power of the being I met and that still gives me goosebumps every time I think about it even decades later…

But this isn’t about my dreams. It is about yours. Dreams you once thought took courage to admit to yourself, much less accomplish. Dreams you probably thought – and still think – require more from you that you’ve got to give.

Dreams that see you become the greatest, noblest expression of who you are, the greatest gift that you can be to the world, to your loved ones, to yourself.

It’s all here, and it’s all made possible, thanks to the celestial help of the planets, the angels, and a fail-proof methods to reach them and open up to their energies.

 Which is why, for the first time ever, I am opening the door to the general public and offering you the exact same tool that I and my closed-door students have been successfully using again and again to give ourselves an unfair advantage in both magic and life.

If you are still wondering, expect:


  • Protective power from psychic and spiritual attacks that rivals even the “Shield of The Magi”…
  • Startlingly more frequent success in connection with Angels, and enhanced clarity – what I call the sure-thing factor – in the answers they grant…
  • “Love Infusion” on overdrive… when you use the Sigil to connect with attraction-enhancing, love-bringing Venus…
  • Accelerated leadership and charisma… when the Sigil is used to connect to the Sun’s intelligence…
  • Heightened Emotional Intelligence of a natural social butterfly and charmer, when you connect with and deepen the Moon’s EQ-enhancing energy in your life with this Sigil…
  • Feel your Heart wear “courage” like a second cover, when you use this Sigil to connect with the Spartan energy of Mars and infuse more of its incisiveness and dominance in your Life…
  • Use this Sigil to connect more deeply with Jupiter and make constant companions out of success, prosperity and belief-defying “good luck”…
  • Mend the cracks in your foundation of “Self”, grow into more of who you are, and watch “unsurmountable” challenges melt like salt in water. This Sigil, and the enhanced connection to Saturn it creates, are all you need…
  • Lightning-fast thinking? Profitable ideas that formerly evaded you? A tycoon’s entrepreneurial spirit? Use this Sigil to connect with Mercury, then kick back and watch in amazement…

The Sigil in the experienced hand is enough, but what if you need more guidance?

I got you covered there too…

Here’s what you are going to get:

The Canvas of the Sigil of Truth: This will be printed on high end canvas on large size and mailed to you, which you can then use as an altar-piece to amplify your workings beyond what you thought possible. ($199.95 Value)

The small size of the Sigil: This is second canvas is printed on quarter size of the first, allowing you to place it under your bed for added “Subconscious” connection to the planets and the Watchers, receiving more of their energy and guidance. ($70 Value)

PDF instructions: I am including a translation of a rare Tahateel manuscript that gives you evocations, jinn names, angelic names, and many applications of magical spell work. You will get a copy of the original manuscript + accurate page by page translation ($39.95 Value).


Knock-Knock Beats for the Tahateel planetary angels and Jinn: Knock-knock beats are a science of using sound (in the form of knock-knocks) to connect to unique energetic signature of a specific spirit. Think of it as a “fingerprint in sound”. When a specific spirit is conjured, playing the knock-knock beat sound in the background offers a greater chance of success connecting with it. ($99.95 Value)


You’re probably wondering how much I am asking for this package is.

 I know that these are trying times for many (thank you COVID!), so I am not going to ask for $409.

Right now, as a launch-special, I am offering the whole package for the usual price of a single extra large canvas at $199. So, yes, save $200 and get everything as long as the clock is ticking.

Final question: Knowing the potential of this magical piece, and knowing that this offer won’t last at this current price, when do you think would be a good time to make this investment in the magical life of your dreams?

Yours in Authentic Magic,

Nineveh Shadrach

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