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Thank You For Your Purchase

Your digital file will be sent via hightail.com within 48 hours. Please allow extra time during the first week of a new offer. There are often many orders to process at once.

If you haven’t received your file within 7 days, please contact us immediately via Facebook

We receive delivery confirmation. But, we can’t guarantee that you will see the email. Please, check all your folders. Add the hightail email address to your contact / white list to ensure that no email gets lost on its way to you.

Archival webinars and video courses will be hosted on your personal private membership page. You will receive the login URL and password within 72 hours of purchase of a webinar. If you already have an established page then your webinar will be unlocked on your page within 72 hours. If you don’t receive this information within 7 days or if you’re unable to access your video, please contact us via Facebook asap.

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