Ibn Sina (Avicenna) (c. 980 – June 1037) was a Persian polymath and described as the father of early modern medicine. He has written nearly 450 books.  Avicenna’s corpus includes writings on astronomy, alchemy, geology, psychology, physics, and metaphysics. 

One of the mysteries attributes to Ibn Sina are the Tamaghees names. 

Ibn Khaldoon the famous historian mentioned them in his magnum opus. He said that recited before sleep enabled him to have prophetic dreams and discover many amazing things.

These names work together with the Ashyaloh names that are connected with spiritual beings in high places. These names are used for initiation and spiritual empowerment.




Join us as we explore the secrets of Tamaghees and Ashyaloh names in this video course.

  • Discover their Great Hermetic secrets
  • Learn how they are used pull someone into your dreams
  • Receive the ancient ritual to contact their servitors
  • Find out how these names were used to make powerful contact with the Ruhaniah 
  • Unlock the doors to awakening the elemental nature of your Guardian Star
  • Possess the name of a powerful jinn king that has been guarded for centuries


This video course contains knowledge and secrets often reserved for highest of initiates. However, it’s true value is in the hands of the novice seeker, who can use the mysteries revealed here to attain a high level of mastery. 


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