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Shams al-Ma’arif  “The Book of the Sun of Gnosis” is a 13th-century grimoire written on Arabic magic and a manual for achieving esoteric spirituality. It was written by quasi-Qabalistic Sufi Sheikh Ahmad bin Ali Al-buni in Egypt, who died around 1225 CE (622 AH).  This is a golden opportunity to explore this grimoire in-depth and in English. Yes, you’ll be getting an English translation of the text!

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The Shams al-Ma’arif is generally regarded as the most influential textbook of its type in the Arab and Muslim worlds.
Owen Davies, Grimoires: A History of Magic Books

Why the Sun of Knowledge?

The expanded edition of the Sun of Knowledge is a compilation of four volumes jam-packed with occult lore. There’s no fillers. It’s so jam packed there isn’t even clear  sentence punctuation and paragraph breaks. This has been one of the challenges while attempting to do a proper translation. It’s a mighty undertaking to do a word-by-word translation of this old form of Arabic. It’s an almost impossible task to figure out the proper context of the sentences without occult training.

I got my first copy of this book while I was visiting Damascus almost 25 years ago. I was still a teenager and the seller had an inclining of my interest. He pulled the book out from a hidden compartment. What I didn’t know then was that this book has been one of the most banned books throughout Islamic history. It survived the centuries despite various attempts to get rid of it.

I was so obsessed by the book that my grandmother  got rid of it while I was sleeping. She sold it to a used book dealer in Beirut. Ten years later my mom was travelling to the Middle East and went in search of Arabic occult books upon my request. One of the books she picked up was a copy of the Sun of Knowledge. She brought it to me and when I opened it I saw my own notes in the margin. My copy returned to me through chance, luck, or fate.

The book covers many important metaphysical topics. Yes, it does have jinn evocations, but it is much more than that. After all, there are hundreds of manuscripts containing jinn evocations and jinn-based spells. What makes this book stand apart from all others  is its approach to magic as Theurgy.

You’ll find within its pages:

  • Discussions on the mysteries of the letters, which is presented as key cornerstone to magical success.
  • Multitude of magic squares and mandalas
  • Explorations of the 99 names in Islam and how to awaken their powers.
  • Alchemy
  • Geomancy
  • Astrology
  • Variety of spells
  • Evocations

The book covers a wide array of topics within its near 1,000 pages of content.

You might be thinking what use would the 99 names and Arabic letters to me as non-Arab or a non-Muslim?

al-Buni’s approach to the subject is very similar to the medieval Kabbalah. You don’t need to be Jewish nor to speak Hebrew to unravel and tap into the powers of the Hebrew alphabet or Divine facets such as Chesed, Geburah, etc.

Instead of the 22 letters, you have 22+6, and instead of 10 emanations, you’ve got 99+. This is the Arabic Kabbalah.

Ahmed al-Buni, like the Golden Dawn hundreds of years later, connected the dots between the various parts of occultism, such as astrology and evocation, with the 99 names and 28 letters, to form a structured system of Divine magic.

Here’s what you’ll get in the course:

Video Lectures

Over the years, many non-Arabic speakers have been searching and pleading for someone to translate the book to English. There’s been many false promises and no results. Arabs on the other hand struggle to find a teacher that can unlock the book. Many of its passages appear unclear and there are many errors in the squares and some of the names.

We’ll work together through the various materials. I’ll unlock the content as best as I can and show you the errors and how to fix them. We’ll explore the hidden elements of the text and how to turn the passages into an effective working system. This I believe to be the most important part of the course.

HD Video Archive

You’ll get a high quality video recording of my lectures so you can view it again and again at your own convenience.

PDF Documents

You’ll get digital files containing translations of the various pages of the Sun of Knowledge as we go through them together.

MP3 Recording

You’ll get an audio file containing the pronunciation of any of the holy names, angels, or sacred words of power. This way you can get familiar with how to say them.

By Schedule 1-on-1 Tutoring (90 minutes) via Skype or Facebook

I’ll talk to you 1-on-1 at an agreed time via Skype or Facebook and help you with issues or questions related to the materials. I’ll work with you to overcome any obstacle, so that you can start getting benefits from the materials right away.

3 Weeks Free Email Assistance

I’ll answer your emails and provide you with support related to your studies and practices for 3 weeks. The focus will be on the materials in the course. However, we can discuss anything you want.

Hard Copy of the 1st Volume of the Sun of Knowledge 100% Free

You’ll get the first volume of the Sun of Knowledge in hardback format and in English at the end of the year long course. The edition will be dedicated to you by name.

Reserve Your Slot in the Classes Before Sign-Up Finishes.

Sign-up is Limited to Ensure Quality Focus

  • Common Questions

    How many months is the course?

    It is 12 months per volume

    Is the payment monthly or for the whole course?

    It is monthly. Hundreds of hours goes into preparing this course, including the translation process.

    Is this a recurring payment?

    Yes. There’s an initial payment and then a recurring payment for the remaining eleven months.

    Can I cancel at any time?


    Can I start at any time?


    How do I know if the slots are full?

    You will not be able to sign-up for the course.

    Do I have to be a Muslim to partake of this course?

    The course is non-denominational and everyone is welcome.

    Will I receive the hardbook after the first month?

    The hardbook is a graduation piece and will be provided at the end of the course for those who have chosen the appropriate level.

    Nineveh Shadrach

    Nineveh Shadrach

    Translator and Author

    Thank you for your interest in the course. It’s going to be a phenomenal learning experience. I hope you can join us.

    Nineveh Shadrach



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