Dear Fellow Magician,

Shield of the Magi is one of the strongest protections against malicious jinn.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that even though most jinn are helpful and friendly, evil jinn also exist.

These evil jinn delight in tormenting random people and causing trouble for magicians.

You don’t need to do anything to cause it.

Evil jinn tend to inject themselves into your life on their own prerogative.

You might be thinking that you can handle this easily.

Sadly, this isn’t the case. I’ve seen experienced magicians struggle and others quit magic all together in hopes of making it stop.

An ounce of protection now can save you endless headaches later.

The Shield of the Magi isn’t a banishing. It is a block. It is a literal wall that keeps them out.


One fellow magician was doing regular evocational workings with all manner of spirits. Taking my advice, he placed the Shield of the Magi in his own working space. He opted to put it on all four walls.

He then proceeded to summon Hagith. The spirit didn’t appear inside of his working space as normal. However, there was a lot of banging on the walls and creepy noises and howling outside.

He then removed one of the shields and the spirit appeared and the noises stopped.

He was confused, because he thought Hagith was a benevolent spirit. The problem is that sometimes when you summon a spirit, something else appears in its name. If it is evil or malicious then the Shield will just keep it out.

It keeps you safe even when you don’t think you need it.

The challenge is in properly erecting it. Most people draw it in the air or mentally, which is only temporarily effective.

The real key is to have it covering the walls of your working space or your bedroom.

This means that you will need it drawn on a large piece of cloth.

This can be a technical challenge for most of us.

You don’t need to worry about it anymore, because now you can get a 50-inch by 50-inch Shield of the Magi canvas printed with archival ink.

All you have to do is place it on the walls of your working space to seal off the area.

We have been talking about the protective nature of the Shield of the Magi, but it has other properties.

I had created a metallic form of the SoM for my own personal wear. I quickly discovered it has healing abilities.

I wanted to do a general test, so I put an ad on the paper for free Spiritual Healing session.

I had over 30+ people show up. I didn’t tell them anything about the Shield or what I wanted to test. I wanted it to be totally blind experiment.

I chanted and evoked nothing. I simply placed the Shield on each of their Chakras for five minutes.

More than 70% reported feeling a difference or a charge. One person said he was near suicide and was skeptical when he came in, but he felt so transformed that he wanted to do this regularly.

The Shield of the Magi has tremendous power that remains untapped and unexplored by majority of practitioners.

This is why I have two gifts for you. I am going to share two secrets when you get your own Shield canvas.

The first secret is how to use this Shield to super charge your psychic abilities and empower your magical work. This is something I didn’t share in my books before. I’ll reveal how to use your new canvas as a powerful energy charger.


The second secret is on how to use the Shield of the Magi to petition the ancient benevolent watchers themselves to help you in your spiritual and magical life. They revealed the Shield of the Magi and in a way it is a portal to these ancient powers.

This is your chance to apply the Shield of the Magi power for:

Protection – Personal Empowerment – Contact with Ancient Powers

You only need one Shield of the Magi for personal empowerment and contact with ancient powers.

However, if you want the full protective benefits in your working space then you will need four of them.

For the next 14 days you can save 40% on the cost of a set of four plus an additional $80 on shipping.

You can get the full protective benefits of the Shield of the Magi right away.

Input: SOM20 at Checkout to Save 20% on This Package!








Shield of the Magi (Single)

50 x 50 Inches


Shield of the Magi (Full Set of Four)

50 x 50 Inches


Shield of the Magi (Full Set of Four)

20 x 20 Inches



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