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Dear Magician,

What does Cheng Huang Gong, Landvaettir, Tuatha De Danann, all have to do with your house?

Various cultures around the world believed that certain beings reside in spots and locations as residents or guardians.

In Jinn magic, they are called al-Ummar. The literal translation is ‘builders’. 

These jinn don’t build things physically as much as they build the ‘energy’ of the space they inhabit. 

They are hidden and invisible gatekeepers and guardians as well as long term residents.

These specific jinn class are the source of the ancient belief in Genii Loci.

They inhabit homes, caves, mountains, forests, and any place they deem fit.

They can be found in ancient ruins and sacred spots.

They can also be found right there in your house.

 You can count on at least one such jinn hanging around your house just because of your magical practice.

They can be found not just on Earth, but all possible other planets of this Solar System. 

They can potentially be found in over a trillion locations.

Welcome to the Residents of the Solar System.





 What can we possibly do with all those jinn names and locations?

I understand the confusion since most grimoires keep it within a couple of hundred names.

Grimoiric spirits are there to serve you in specific functions.

You can summon one for love, the other for money, etc.

Here is the thing:

Almost all of these grimoires forget about the most influential jinn of all – the one in your house.

The last thing you need when you’ve spent hours and hours preparing for a very important life changing ritual is get it blocked by an uncooperative resident.

A resident jinn can block your magic? 

Yes. Here is how…

He can block other jinn from hearing or receiving the call. He can make you suddenly tired and sleepy.

He can whisper doubt in your mind about the success of the operation.

Worse, he can just pop up and give you a nice boost of presence and convince you that you’ve succeeded.

This way you quit prematurely and don’t try it again.

Many magicians have been tripped by a local resident jinni without even knowing it. 

Basically, it is really important to know who the resident jinn are and make sure they’re on your side.

The ancients understood this.

This is why they emphasized in almost every Arabic book on magic that you must remove the resident.

If you don’t leave and get them to promise not to interrupt you then you’re playing dice with your success. 

How often do you hear beginners say the same ritual that worked for them now hasn’t later? 

They don’t get it, but I hope you do.

Getting to know the resident is important because the resident jinni can:

  • Tell you the history of the place and what might have happened there
  • Reveal hidden objects or secret information connected to the people living there
  • Facilitate magical operations upon request and aid the magicians in the area
  • Connect portal and gateways between different locations or interfere with such gateways

Yes, these jinn can help you. 

For example, 

I am trying to call a Jinn King and don’t have the energy or time to do 40-days evocation.

I can then ask the resident to be a go-between messenger. It can go to the King and pass a message to him and then return with a reply! 

Resident jinn reside in very specific geographic locations, so they have localized presence and power.

The world is big, and this is just one planet.

Why do you need to worry about other planets? Isn’t this one enough?

Here is the thing.

We as magicians practice planetary magic, because it is extremely powerful.

Yes, you can do prayers to the planets and call generic ‘spirit’ names in grimoires.

For example, you can call Hagith for Venus or using the Arabic grimoires Burqan for Mercury.

The problem is that these are terrestrial jinn and not actual jinn living on those planets.

The only way to enlist the aid of an extraterrestrial jinni is to open a portal to those planets.

You get your side open, but what about the other side?

You want to make sure the portal on the other side is not interrupted.

You also need a jinni on the other side to answer your call.

The best guarantee you have is that a resident jinni on the other side of the portal will answer you.

He will ensure the portal is successfully opens AND then respond to you.

This means that you can’t rely on stock spirit names in classical grimoires.

You will need to know the name of the resident jinni on every small piece of land on Earth and on all other major planets and moons.

When you put the list together that is a close to a trillion jinn names.

You need help. This is why I developed a unique software that can do all this. 

You can get the name of the jinn that has power anywhere on Earth with a click of a button. 

Let’s use it to figure out who is the resident jinn of the city of Mecca:

We search for DMS coordinate for Mecca. It is:

Latitude: 21.422510
DMS Lat: 21° 25′ 21.0360” N
Longitude: 39.826168
DMS Long: 39° 49′ 34.2048” E
We insert in into the software like this:

You can use the information to locate jinn on the following celestial bodies:

This is the largest repository of extraterrestrial jinn names in human history.

It is available right now with a click of a button.

Use it to gain control in your life and magic like never before.

Start with your own house and then go beyond the boundaries of Earth to the deepest part of our Solar System.

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