The Noble Quran: Special Edition Includes Each Verse’s Angel

The Quran needs no introduction. AS the most Holy Book of Islam, its chapters and verses are used in various forms of spiritual practices. They’re used for meditations of the heart and for Divine magic. Many Arabic magic books detail repeated recitations of specific verses for all manner of benefits. Verses of the Quran are recited to call forth the jinn as well.

The problem is that the Ruhaniat books instructions often conceal the names of the angelic servitors of the verses. The seeker may gain this information from his or her master, but it isn’t publicly revealed. This often leads to disappointment in the hearts of seekers that rely on books and materials circulating over the internet.

This edition of the Quran changes things by providing the full Arabic text the Quran with its 6200+ angelic servitors. The angel of each verse is inserted next to the text for easy reading and as a reference. You can read them out loud with their angelic khodams to awaken their power and spiritual energy. You can use individual verses for specific goals or practices. You can also recite the whole Quran with the 6000+ angelic khodam and then call them to answer your need. This will produce immense and immediate changes in your life.

This edition also includes the value of the verses as well. This is helpful in creating talismans, magic squares, and in knowing how long to repeat a verse and its angelic servitor during extended meditation practices.

The Arabic edition is followed by the English edition. The English edition contains the translation of the Quran and the English phonetics of the angels. This Arabic-English edition is one of its kind in the world.

Join us in the webinar as we explore the ruhaniat of the Quran and its servitors.

We will look at the 6,000+ angels that can be worked with for spiritual development, material prosperity, and protection from enemies. A list of this size can be overwhelming, but after this webinar, unleashing their power will be at your fingertip.

We will discuss which verses serves which function. I will show you how to convert these holy verses into living magical incantations. This is something you normally don’t see in books.

We’ll weave the spells together step-by-step with the aid of the angels, magic squares, and talismanic script.

Discover the Elemental key to the Quranic verses as well as how to identify the five jinn servitors for each verse

Integrate the verses with the Golden Mean to give it an extra boost. Yes, the Golden Mean file of the Quran will be sent to you after the webinar free.

While billions of Muslims recite the Quran for devotional reasons, you’ll be reciting it as a Divine Spear of Light to fashion your reality with the aid of holy power.

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