Dear Magician,

Have you heard of the Qareen?

The word Qareen translates to ‘Constant Companion’.

The Qareen appears in the Quran in multiple points as a seducer or whisperer.

In the oral tradition, the prophet Mohammed states that he converted his Qareen to Islam.

What is the true story behind the Qareen?

The Qareen is a form of jinn influencer and watcher.

The Qareen is probably the most common actor in majority of paranormal experiences.

Overall, the Qareen sits quietly and observe. In some cases, the Qareen influences its human charge.

For example, if the Qareen is Jewish then the human charge will find themselves attracted to Jewish culture, mysticism, or even falling in love with a Jewish woman.

If a man and woman fall in love, but their Qareens hate each other, then their martial home will be filled with constant conflicts and distrust.

Advanced Arab magicians often ask their clients to put their names on a piece of paper with their date of birth.

The client is then surprised when the magician details private information that is impossible for them to know.

This is possible thanks to their ability to summon their client’s Qareen.

How about the ghosts of the dead who come through trance channelers or Ouija board?

You guessed it right – it is the Qareen. The Qareen can answer all of these questions and more, because they have observed the human and knows all their secrets.

You might be wondering why the Jinn even bother sending out Qareens in the first place?

The answer is simple: surveillance and control.

It is no different than modern human technology connected to personal information harvesting and targeting. It is done by corporations and the government.

Jinn do something similar. Most often the people are of little interest to the Jinn, so the Qareen observe and reports quietly.

Most people will go through life totally unaware of the existence of their Qareen.

Even if the Qareen opts to influence their human charge, it will just appear to the human as ‘out of nowhere’ interests or coincidences.

However, if the human appears of potential interest or threat to the jinn, then expect more active involvements from the Qareen.

This can lead to extreme paranormal experiences for young humans.

The problem is the Qareen may not always be your best friend or may not influence you in the way you would have wanted.

Going about life without knowing about your Qareen is something non-magicians can afford.

It isn’t something magicians should do.

This is why I developed this comprehensive report to help you make the first contact with your Qareen.

This is a done-for-you service.

I will give you the following information:



  • Your Qareen’s name
  • The Name of Power to Call Your Qareen
  • Best Dates to Contact Your Qareen
  • Planetary Rulership of Your Qareen
  • Magic Mantra to Call Your Qareen
  • Ritual to Learn to Listen to the Voice of Your Qareen
  • Special Evocation to the Qareen using the Jinn King who rules the Qareen

This is an effective and powerful package to get you started.

It takes at least a week to get this package ready and to confirm all the information in it.

This is why I can only accept 3 people for this service every once in a while.

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