Grand Key of Solomon the King

Grand Key is the one of the most important of the classical Solomonic Grimoires. Its pages are filled to the brim with both angelic and jinn evocations. Many of the Solomonic grimoires owe their origin to European occultism. This one doesn’t despite many of its Hebrew and Syriac names.  It’s a must have for any Solomonic magician or anyone looking for an ancient grimoire with powerful evocations.

Berhatiah Ancient Conjuration of Power

Berhatiah is probably the most famous conjuration in history of magic. It has appeared in hundreds of manuscripts over the span centuries. It is considered part of the Solomonic tradition. Its legend places even further into a long-forgotten past. Its fame lies in its ability to successfully summon any spirit or jinn or manifest many of the desires of a dedicated magician. No wizard or practitioner should be without knowledge of this conjuration. This book contains many of the secrets to unlocking plus a translation of an opus by Ahmed al-Buni on this conjuration.

Book of 48 Silver Leaves

This is a book that isn’t a book, but a magical key. The 48 Silver Leaves hold great power waiting to be awakened by the magician. The book contains the actual leaves themselves. It is to be used as living talisman to open a gateway to the hidden world that can only be opened by the magical names within its pages. Mere possession of this book has been known to attract jinn to either encourage or warn the magicians of what could be unleashed by what lies within it.

Jafr Tables (4 Volume Set)

The key to the treasures of wisdom lie in the comprehensive Jafr Tables. These Jafr tables were mentioned again and again by esoteric masters including al-Buni himself in the Shamsu al-Ma’aref. Century after century, these occult masters kept telling the world of its wonders and ability to reveal secrets of the world. Still, without the Jafr Tables, the system was just beyond the reach of people like you and me. These tables were so huge that they couldn’t be reproduced easily on parchment. Even after the advance of paper and ink, it would have taken a scribe many years to finish one copy without error. Unless you were rich or had a lot of free time, the key was out of your reach – until now that is. For the first time in 13 centuries, we are proud to present the Jafr Tables in four volumes hardbound and spanning more than 3000 pages. You don’t need to be a master of Jafr to appreciate the historical value of this opportunity. Owning your copy of the Jafr Tables is precious. Being part of esoteric history is a priceless opportunity.

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