Dear Magician,

Morocco is famous for its beautiful sands and rich history of jinn magic. It is in these enchanted lands that you can explore the famed Shemhuresh cave.

Morocco fame extends beyond its cultural heritage and ruins to its rich library of magical manuscripts.

It is in the sands of Morocco that you can unearth some of the most powerful and accurate ancient magical grimoires.

I spend many nights searching for and studying these rare magical gems.

I came across an enchanting talisman during one such evening.

The manuscript is by a well-known Moroccan Sufi Sheikh Mohammed al-Soomoomee al-Suba’aee.

This Sheikh had copied it from older Moroccan sources and there it survived in his handwritten magical text Arawdha Azhara’a.

I confess that I have a weakness for powerful magic. I was instantly attracted to its powerful magic.

Yes, I’ve come across many magical talismans, often involving jinn, so what attracted me to this one?

The obvious answer is because I felt its energy and the ritual is potent.

There is more to this enchantment that makes it unique.

It is designed to magically preserve the success of all your endeavors.

Marriage? Preserved. Political office? Maintained. Social status or position within a firm? Kept. Job? It’s yours for as long as you want.

It doesn’t matter what you care about; this talisman will help you maintain it for a long time.

This kind of life stability is hard to come by.

Most magicians turn to money magic or wealth magic after losing their jobs or suffering a major career setback.

I can’t even begin to count the number of people who turn to spells to change the minds of their loved ones, who had decided to walk out the door.

Wouldn’t be nice to skip the nightmare and just have stability and longevity in your life’s goals without directly subjugating other people’s minds?

I am sure we both agree that the answer is yes!

This kind of magic makes it easier to grow your success in life, because you don’t have to climb back up again after sliding down.

It is easy to use this type of magic to enrich your life in a healthy way without having to constantly resort to calling on jinn for help after every setback.

You can press the delete on the moral dilemma of figuring out who you need to influence and whether doing so is black or white magic.

I cleaned up the Talisman from obvious copyist errors and printed it on a 35×35 inch canvas with archival ink.

Get the cleaned up edition right now and save precious time. Begin to use the magic almost immediately.

The package comes with your own copy of this powerful magical talisman with the full translation of the original ritual.

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This powerful spell wasn’t the only thing that caught my eye in that manuscript.

I am including a powerful evocation that is guarded by the wizards of Morocco.

You probably heard of the Berhatiah and Jaljalutiah and even the infamous Sabaseb.

You’ve most likely never heard of the Sheeniah Conjuration before now.

The manuscript states: “The possessor of the occult codex said he found this [conjuration] in gold studded box with silver lock.”

This conjuration like the previous big three can be used for all manners of magical manifestation and summoning.

However, unlike the other three, it has been guarded by the elders of Morocco.

Get the full copy of the translation of this conjuration + scan of its original magical seal.


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