Dear Magician,

Ten days from now a major planetary event is destined to occur. I’m talking about the Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter.

This event occurs once every twenty-years. Events with such time gap may not be observable again in many people’s life time.

The closeness of this 2020 conjunction hasn’t been observed in 800 years.

This is indeed a once in a lifetime celestial event and it comes on the heels of a very difficult year.

Many people are struggling and gasping for change. This event promises powerful transformation for those who know how to take advantage.

If you’re thinking of putting this power into action, then the time to act is right now.

The problems that many people face lie in the what, how and the when.

The event doesn’t occur at the same time or even day for everyone.

You need to find out the exact time for your city.

This the problem of when. Then there is the problem of what.

The internet is abuzz about this event, but the information online is superficial.

There are not many experts discussing what this event really means for you personally.

Then there is the problem of how to fully awaken its power magically.

Many people will resort to basic planetary evocations or rituals that are online or in modern magic books.

The experienced adepts will turn to more ancient classical astro-magic methods like the Picatrix.

The last thing you want to do is half-ass it or be shooting in the dark when it comes to once in a life-time opportunity.

This is why I am sharing with you my planned master ritual for the great conjuration.

I wanted to break open the dam and let loose this conjunction’s energetic deluge.

I do this with the help of angels and jinn.

Here is a glimpse of the revealed mysteries:

  • The Great Conjunction as seen from Earth and the Sun. How you view it matters.
  • How did this conjunction affect us this last year and what can we expect in the near future?
  • The spooky coincidences that form a pattern between this conjunction and presidential elections in the US. If you care about US politics, then you may want to know this.
  • The right time to do this ritual for each time zone. Make sure you don’t miss it.
  • The complete ritual I intend to use to awaken the power of this conjunction. I mean business, so expect me to go all out on this.
  • The talisman that captures the power of this conjunction that you can hold unto to keep the energy manifesting in your life.
  • Online videos to help you with the pronunciations. You can now do the ritual without worry about saying things correctly.
  • Knock-knock audio files for the various names so you can punch through any resistance.

 As a bonus, I consulted jinn astrologers for tips on both the power of this conjunction and the ritual itself. Discover everything that I’ve learned as I share everything.

It’s time to raise the magic and make it happen. I hope to hear about your success stories.

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