“The Magick Mirror Of The Moon is a complete GAMECHANGER!”
A. Bahrani, Jinn Evocation Student

New Scrying Tool Allows You To Bypass Your

Brain’s “Scryer’s Fog” And Add Elite-

Level Clarity To Your Communications With

The Jinn… And The Beyond!

From: The Sanctum of Nineveh Shadrach,
All Passionate Practitioners and Aspiring Apprentices of Magic,

Dear Seeker of Ancient Mysteries,

What comes to mind when you read the phrase “an unfair advantage”?

Let me share my immediate reaction: it’s a wave of intrigue!

After more than two decades of intimate and evidence-based contact with the Jinn, along with countless hours of interviews and over 10,000 written pages dedicated to these majestic creatures…

…I’ve had my fair share of experiences. Believe me, it takes something truly remarkable to capture my attention.

Yet, even I was blown away by the intense, extraordinary levels of clarity of communication that took place between me and The Beyond, when I put the Enchanted Mirror of The Moon to one of my stringent “stress tests”.

Results? Dr. Strange would be spellbound!

Now here’s the crazy part… I first came up with the conception for the tool purely to add to my arsenal of already successful tools. I was expecting success levels to be on par “with the usual awesome”.

And in hindsight, I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised by the added intensity. After all, I did base my conception for this tool on the workings of some of the most successful scryers who ever lived, including the mathematician, scientist, astrologer and occultist John Dee.

Dr John Dee PROVED That The Tool Is

As Important As The Scryer For Maximum
Clarity And Results!

Dr John Dee, renowned for his Enochian Revelations, was relentless in his quest for genuine scryers. But, just as important was his pursuit for the right tool. His had interesting names like “The Devil’s Looking-glass” and “The Black Stone into which Dr Dee used to call his Spirits.”

He didn’t use any run of the mill scrying tool. His came straight from the Aztecs themselves.  You see the Aztecs used obsidian mirrors for scrying. Their design was gifted to them by the god of magic Tezcatlipoca (“smoking mirror”).

It should come as no surprise that obsidian holds a direct connection to the jinn themselves.

But here’s the secret that sets our mirror apart: it’s not just about the materials being linked with the jinn. The entire design is infused with the essence of their realm, making it the true secret sauce that is completely absent from nearly all mirrors available today.

This is the missing piece that unlocks the full potential of your interactions with the jinn, offering a level of authenticity and power that is unmatched.

Peering through ancient jinn manuscripts, I passionately brought my vision to life, carefully evaluating every detail, then sent the schematics to a fellow magician tool-maker from the verdant highlands of Scotland, with over twenty years of experience shaping magical tools.

You can only imagine my excitement when he sent me what we’ve now fondly Christened at our temple the Enchanted Mirror of The Moon. I mean the entire thing looks and feels like a magical work of artisanship.

Just gorgeous.

But… then came the RESULTS.

Even at the risk of sounding like the success of this tool has gotten into my head, please allow me to say this: I have strong reasons to believe the power of it could be on a level unlike anything even Dr Dee could have dreamed of.

Let me give you a short detour – actually three reasons – that demonstrate why the phrase “an unfair advantage” might not be enough do this incredible tool justice.

Reason #1:

It Adds Exponential Clarity to
Human-Jinn Interactions!


Do you know what the hardest challenge of Jinn magic can be?

It’s not the dedicated effort and commitment required during the conjuration. It’s not even requirements such as lifestyle adjustments, dietary changes, and managing work schedules and timetables.This hits you in the face even after you finally succeed in capturing the attention of the Jinn you are seeking to evoke.

It’s the disheartening experience of no solid communication. Even when you think you are getting something, the messages, visuals, voices, and guidance they offer can get overshadowed by the normal stream of thoughts in your mind. While this can be a common frustration in magical workings involving the Jinn, it doesn’t always have to be like this.

The real game-changer lies getting the profound connection and crystal-clear communication with the Jinn you have just evoked. Imagine that from now on every message, vision, voice, and guidance they offer is as vivid and distinct as a brilliant beacon amidst a sea of thoughts.

While it’s true that this level of clarity can sometimes elude us in magical workings involving the Jinn and other intelligences, it’s time to rise above these limitations.

We have the power to unlock the untapped potential and transform endemic frustrations into awe-inspiring experiences. It’s time to discover a new level of connection and embark on a transformational path where the extraordinary becomes your reality. 

And this takes us to…

Reason #2:

It Provides a ‘Safety Net’

for Your Interactions with the Jinn!

Here’s the truth: Jinn are as intelligent and individual as they are majestic and powerful.

Each Jinn is has a unique personality, along with all that entails: They have their own likes, dislikes and downright pet-peeves.

See, the Jinn don’t communicate or do you favors for free. There is always a quid pro quo: For what they do for you or communicate to you, they require an investment in return.

And like any contract, the terms must be communicated and understood with the utmost clarity for things to hold.

And in my experience, few things tick them off and threaten the fragile balance of amiable communication with them more than misinterpreting the messages that they agree to communicate.

At times, this could even be dangerous if it leads to misunderstandings. Especially misunderstandings around the “contracts” you create with them.

With the Enchanted Mirror Of The Moon, the incredible clarity added to the communiques between the Jinn and yourself will add this safety net, ensuring you’re both on the same wavelength and that everyone benefits.

Which leads us to…

Reason 3:

Forge Unbreakable Jinn Alliances that

Propel You Towards

Unprecedented Achievements and Triumphs!

Building trust and reputation with the Jinn – think of it as ‘street cred’ – is another key advantage of the Enchanted Mirror Of The Moon.

Imagine the possibilities when jinn contracts are consistently honored, where each new agreement surpasses the last, and where you become an esteemed confidant of the Jinn, all made possible due to the unparalleled clarity provided by this tool.

You will forge an unbreakable alliance… and with that, an unfair advantage! Over time, they will know you more intimately, and “honor” will be a regular, constant reference point between you and them. With it will come “street cred”, and increasingly easier conjurations and evocations.

A lot can be written about the specific advantages this kind of relationship with the Jinn can confer to your life. From normally unattainable boons to finance, career and matters of love, to personal and spiritual growth and fulfillment.

But here’s what I am going to do instead. I will leave it with you to trust your magic on this one, and before that, explain the genius behind…

Direct, Unbreakable Link
To The Moon and The Jinn:

A Scrying Mirror Like Nothing
Ever Created Before

Ouija boards. Channellings. Mirrors. If you walk among magicians (from novices to elite level) for any length of time, you will soon realise that over 90% of successful “contact-making” experiences trace back to one of those three.

And of these three mediumistic arts, one stands unrivaled in its enduring legacy. The Mirror has stood the test of time, earning its esteemed position as the most the most tried-and-true instrument for connecting with the unseen forces.

Yet, scrying Mirrors are not created equal.

And repeatedly putting the Enchanted Mirror of the Moon to my stringent “stress tests” have demonstrated without a shadow of a doubt that the tool is as important as the user.


Each facet of this magnificent mirror carries the weight of ancient wisdom.

Seven sides, each empowered by an ancient magical name, a corresponding jinni, and their potent sigil.

But that’s not all – on the mirror’s back, a profound level of empowerment awaits, with 18 additional names of the Moon and their corresponding angels.

Together, these sacred engravings create a symphony of celestial and jinn forces, form a powerful portal and vortex.

The mirror is also infused with a Quranic chapter of great esoteric significance dealing with the Laylatul Qadr, the  “Night of Power” – a  night, brimming with unparalleled spiritual potency, that occurs  during the final nights of Ramadan, casting a radiant glow upon all who embrace its divine energy.

Through this infusion, the mirror beckons forth mighty servitors, ready to serve as your unwavering allies on your mystical journey. They stand ready to assist you, empowering your manifestations and unveiling hidden realms of enchantment.

This mirror can be used in conjunction with any conjuration and evocation system, like the Berhatiah, or the Sabaseb.

It can even be used in combination with other tools, like the Solomonic ring. In fact, this counts as my own favorite method of putting the mirror to amazingly effective use:

Like a key and a lock, this mirror can be paired with a Solomonic ring to further enhance communication and visionary experiences, merging two sources of power into an even stronger tool.

Yet used on its own, it’s still like turning coal into a diamond: the enchanted Enchanted Mirror of the Moon transforms potential run of the mill visionary experiences into that next level of profound, life-changing communications with the jinn.

Now before letting you know of the investment you could make to secure your own, please remember that this mirror is…

 Artisan-Made And In
VERY Limited Supply!


Actually, as of the moment of this writing, only three mirrors are left at the Temple, and by the time you are done reading this letter, they could very well be gone.

Originally, my friend decided on a $800 asking price for the Mirror.

But seeing as this is a first-time release, you will be getting it in at a once-off investment of $500, plus $70 for shipping and handling.

Once the mirrors are gone at this price, I do not know when my friend (who is already bogged down with other projects) will be available to create new ones.

And even if we do decide to create future mirrors, depending on the enthusiasm for this first-wave, the price could well go back to the originally agreed-upon $800 (excluding shipping).

So if you’re reading this and the “buy now” button below works, it means you’re in luck, and… you’re well on your way to experience magic with a clarity and power and intensity you might have never experienced it before.

So don’t wait. Give yourself the permission to step into a new cadre of elite-level magicians enjoying peerless command over the Spirit World, along with all the “unfair advantages” that can create in your physical world.


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After this, everything will change.

All my love and blessings,

Nineveh Shadrach

PS- Never forget, the TOOL is as important as the OPERATOR. There is a reason why this tool was communicated to us directly from the Spirit World: This is clarity in scrying taken to a completely different level, resulting in matchless power.

PS- Only THREE are available, and once they are gone, they are gone. So there is no better time to put in your order than RIGHT NOW!


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