Not your usual ‘empowerment’ protocol. Revealing for the first time ever…

The Ancient Secret Spiritual Technology” For Permanently Increasing Your Magical Powers

And Achieving Life Mastery In Your Personal Goals

An open letter to all my old and prospective students
From Nineveh Shadrach’s Magical Library,


Let me start with this: My calling this material “Every Magician’s Key to Power: The Golden Path Made Easy” is not an attempt at hyperbole.

Nor is this an attempt to grab attention by using cool sounding power-words in the title.

This material has been given this title with precisely one outcome in mind: growing your Power.

In fact, I am intuiting that… for the magical progress (and lives) of many of my students… this might be the most consequential body of teachings I’ve ever made available.

In just a moment, I am going to explain how this differs from anything I’ve ever put out there before. But first… why call it “The Golden Path”?

Because in the same way that the Sun is the central influencer of solar system, its center of gravity and prime giver of planetary power and Life itself, in as little as forty days from the time you put this material into practice, you too will take center stage in the influencing of your world, and start living a life reserved only for the most powerful affecters of reality.

Things will materially and spiritually tend to go your way with the inexorable motion of a waterfall in response to gravity.

And in that state, you will practically eradicate any notion of powerlessness, victimhood and uncertainly from your life, as you begin to manifest formerly “unreachable” possibilities (seemingly on autopilot) in ways that will astonish you and those around you.

Now, the let me give you an inkling of what the accumulation of this power can do in both the material and the spiritual…


First: The Power Of “Social Leverage” 

Over The Material World


On a practical level, when this material was first brought to humankind, it was intended to be used to cultivate status and social power.

Why? Because individually, we don’t live in a vacuum. Nothing worth achieving and celebrating in life tends to come out “done alone”. Even the life of a “solopreneur” is virtually impossible done alone without other humans providing the means.

Of course, things can be done alone, but more often than not, you could take a lifetime of persistence and focus to achieve them.

OR… they can be done with the help of a bustling social circle filled with capable friends, adoring fans and powerful influencers in your network. Entire worlds can be willed into existence!


  • Imagine: Being the hub of social activity, with an upward spiral of new friendships, improved family connections and powerful networks…
  • Imagine: Cultivating a healthy relationship with “power” as a social construct, allowing you to tap into the depths of its potential without losing yourself to its pitfalls…
  • Imagine: Cultivating one of the most under-discussed aspects of personal and social power: the capacity to be your own sovereign, unfettered to the bidding of others, immune to their attempts at influencing you…
  • Imagine: Being able to “switch on” the social charm, and still (if you choose) opt to live the life of the elusive introvert, knowing you can always go back to a more socially active setting if you choose…
  • Imagine: Living a life where you are no longer intimidated by the presence of others, no matter where they are on the success or social totem-pole, knowing that the influence you’re capable of wielding over them…


Second: The Power Of “Spiritual Leverage”
Over the Field Of Possibilities


Now, onto what I think is even more important and consequential, especially for your magical progress:

  • Imagine: Living a life secure in knowing you have developed the “street cred” necessary to hold the benevolent attention of “Friends In High Places”; beings of unbelievable power who will be far more responsive to your conjurations…
  • Imagine: Living a life secure in knowing you’ve cultivated spiritual power in a matter of months that many spend years and decades in ancient teachings like Qi Gong and Tantra to cultivate…
  • Imagine: Living a life of freedom FROM desires, due to experientially being able to manifest those same desires by the mere power of your willed thought (when you know you can have something, you desire it less, and can be free of that desire if you choose). Speaking of which…
  • Imagine: Taking your manifestation powers into overdrive, allowing you to tap into the Field of Potentialities and drawing in your ideal reality into the material world…


And here’s the best part:

This Is “Portable Power”: It Becomes
A Part Of You, Allowing You To Carry
It Whenever You Need It!

In fact, let me make a bold promise: Within a year of dedicated, sincere practice of this material, you might effectively free yourself from ever having to conjure the Jinn or the Angels for your needs (mundane and spiritual) ever again.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Jinn conjuration is still among the most powerful and important life and magical skills you could possibly develop, especially if you wish to manifest very specific “niche” scenarios for which human help (ie. an empowered social life) won’t suffice.

This is why I still stand by my other systems that focus on conjuring these majestic beings and petitioning their help.

And petition them you will even in this system, in the actual practice itself.

In fact, the material I’ve put together contains the oldest (and possibly the most accurate) version of the Berhatiah conjuration ever put to paper. This version of the Berhatiah is – to my knowledge – available nowhere else in English.

I’ve also included a powerful set of names that are over a thousand years old, which are used in angelic evocations. 

There are plenty of ancient magic secrets revealed here to impress any hardcore classical magician.

But once you cultivate the spiritual power from this material past a certain threshold, you will embody the very will that you’ve formerly relied on in the Higher Beings to use to create your ideal reality.

You will cultivate TRUE self-reliance and spiritual independence. And this is what makes this material different from anything I’ve ever offered before.

So here is what you are going to get:

  • “The Keys To Power” document, giving exact step-by-step system, along with the evocations, the power names, the correct pronunciation of the names, magic squares and everything else you need to get this to work.
  • A simple practice you can do with your pillow before you sleep at night that will effortlessly imbue you with the spiritual power while you sleep…
  • The specific 12 names, derived from among the “99 Most Excellent Divine Names”, whose ruhaniat (spiritual essence) you’ll need to embody in order to achieve social charisma, sovereignty, influence and dominion, their translations, and the sacred names of the Angels and Jinn acting as their servitors…
  • The how-to audio of the pronunciation of the names, along with never before released vowels for the oldest rendition of the Berhatiah conjuration (not your typical Buni version) and angelic evocation.
  • Knock Knock audio files for summoning the 12 Jinni of Power
  • BONUS #1: Never revealed before… the steps to activate a very special “spiritual tech” given to humankind by the Watchers called “The Watchtowers” around the Earth, allowing you to travel to those locations of power.
  • BONUS #2: Same as bonus #1, except you will be given the tech to activate Watchtowers on a planet in the Sirius star system!


Now bear in mind:  You might be thinking  – at this point – that I am over promising on this offer. Look, I am not promising to gift wrap your dreams in exchange for money. I am offering you techniques and spiritual technology – the blueprint – for your own empowerment. The rest is totally up to you. 

This is intended for the very shrewd, very rare few, and while many will be called, few will make the decision to act on changing their life. This has always been the way of the world.  So, if you feel called, then I will say to you what I always say to my prospective students: Trust your gut on this one and do the d*mn work!

And then astonish yourself with all the potential answers to this magical question: “How good can life get?”

You’re invited to the means to create the answer you desire most.

Looking forward to serving you on the other side,

Nineveh Shadrach


I usually charge $79.95 for my courses + $99 for my knock knock package. This is a total of $179.95.

However, I am going to give you a discount due to current economic situation.

Save $79.95 and get both packages in one.

I am also going to offer something very unique during this week and only this week. 

I am going to give you a magic empowerment and jinn evocation that includes the God of the Jinn. 

The God of the Jinn is ultimately the same as the God of mankind.

However, when you do the magic from this perspective, your jinn magic takes on a whole new level of power. Try it and see for yourself. 



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