Almost all jinn possess certain powers or talents that are inherent to their race.

However, the magicians amongst them possess even more power than the average jinni.

They also possess the ability and know-how to interact with humans on a much deeper level.

Explore in this e-book the list of powerful jinn magicians that can come to your aid in your most dire state of need.

Having a jinn magician as an ally is a must if you need to manifest something more dramatic and life changing.

Possess the names of multitude of jinn from this magical tribe. 

Acquire the names of jinn for many different needs and areas of focus and expertise.

Includes are the magical seal for use in talismans. 

Discover and chant the magical names of power to call them forth. 

Improve your evocation results by using these special knock knock beats. Each jinn comes with its own unique beat to call it forth quickly.

Beni Sijharnah Knock Knock

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