Dear Magician,

Have you heard of the Sun evocation?

Your first instinct would be to say yes. But hold on a minute…

You see, I am not referring to the planetary evocation of the Sun.

I am referring to an ancient evocation dating back nearly 700 years.

You can find it in the manuscript Shoomoos al-Anwar wa Koonooz al-Asrar by Ibn al-Haj al-Talmasani al-Maghribi (737H or 1336 CE).

The author gives this evocation a central piece in his book.

He narrates his own story where he searched for powerful magic for over ten years.

He eventually found it in the hands of an Iraqi magician who was also a city ruler.

The author then begs him to reveal something of his own experimentations. To his shock and surprise, the magician takes him on a ride that only takes an hour, but then lands them on an island with a white city. The city is full of the daughters of the jinn.

The magician claim to fame is Sun evocation, which is based off the Sun Surah in the Quran.

The evocation has two powerful servitors. The first is the famous Master Metatron.

I have translated the evocation from the original manuscript. I have also added powerful keys in red to take it a whole other level of manifestation.

You can further unleash the power of this conjuration with the possession of the various angels of each verse.

Discover also the blueprint for protective circle to help keep you safe as you awaken mighty forces.

You probably wondering what are the practical applications for this conjuration and how to make it work?

The manuscript gives clear procedures for each purpose.

It will show you how to use this evocation to do the following:

• Benefit from jinn manifestation with the aid of a specific angel from the 7th heaven.
• Learn secrets that you can’t acquire in any other way with the aid of the conjuration’s servitor.
• The ancient art of transforming paper to gold or rocks to rubies. No need for complex alchemical knowledge.
• Invisibility to the general eyes
• Opening locks
• Blessing in all manners of agriculture
• Levitation
• Walking on water
• Manifestation through teleportation of food, gems, and money
• And more

You probably thinking that these are impossible acts. It is true that they are mentioned in many grimoires of old both in Arabic and English. However, we never hear of any successfully completing them.

I haven’t personally tested every application listed in the manuscript. However, I do know from multiple experiences that teleportation or fetching is possible for the jinn.

The reason that many fail to achieve these results isn’t because they are impossible, but because they don’t possess the right magical keys to persuade the jinn nor have they built the proper relationship.

I know the jinn can potentially do all of what is listed in the manuscript. The question is will they do it for you?

Frankly, I have no idea, but I do know this. You can now possess the same famed conjuration with all of its keys. The rest is between you and the jinn.


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