Dear Magician, 

I ‘d like to share with you an amazing story of genuine magic in action.

Many years ago I had a Jinn visitor. Nothing unusual there.

The visitor asked me to contact one of the Solomonic Ifrits.

It wasn’t the first time I was asked to make this contact.

Curiosity got the best of me.

 I put the Ring of Solomon ring on my finger and called on that Ifrit.

I felt the connection strongly and intensely.

He asked me to write a sequence of digits on a piece of paper.

I did just as he asked and instantly the paper became very hot to the touch.

This wasn’t the first time I saw this happen.

It happened before when a jinn king activated the paper form of the Ring.

I realized immediately that this sequence of numbers was the covenant’s key.

He will respond and aid me at any time that I would write those numbers down and for whatever reason.

This Ifrit also appears as an inscription on the classical Solomonic ring.

He is linked to the terrestrial Sun King Al-Mazhab.

Witnessing a regular printer paper instantly turn hot to the touch, after writing a sequence of numbers, is a magical feat that most modern magicians would dismiss as impossible.

I am sure many regular scientists would agree as well.

We know better, right?

We know that in reality it is nothing compared to what those jinn can do if they unleashed their full power.


This is why I compiled this special package.

It contains a uniquely designed talismanic portal for evocation of the Jinn King Mazhab.

This portal is printed on canvas 35inch by 35inchs with archival ink.

You will also receive the FULL name of the King.

You will possess his genealogy all the way to Jan.

You will receive my personal list of powerful names of evocation.

You will receive an audio form of these names merged with the unique Knock Knock beat to speedily evoke him.

Play the audio, call him by the secret names, and gaze at the magnificent portal.

His army of servitors are legion.

You may just experience a covenant greater than mine and witness even greater magic

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