“Could This Be The Most Powerful
Jinn Conjuration System
I’ve Ever Released…
…In 25 Years?”



An open letter to my long-time and prospective students in Magic,

From Nineveh Shadrach,

What you just read above is not some attempt at sensationalism or attention-grabbing.

If you know anything about me, you know that I dislike hype, especially when it comes to a world I hold dearly enough to my heart that I accept nothing less of myself but integrity…

… and you’ll also know that decades of experience with Jinn conjuration and magic has led my students and I to one incontrovertible conclusion:

Jinn conjuration, done correctly with the right tools and attitude, is the single most powerful system of magic currently in existence, bar none!

You might be wondering: What has jinn magic done for you?

 Allow me to extrapolate from my many “supernormal” life experiences and those of my students, to give you just a small glimpse of how it affected my life and how it can affect yours:

At least three instances of teleportation: Imagine being able to experience teleportation, not just of yourself, but of things, without distance being a hindrance at all…

Actual physical manifestations, seemingly out of thin air: Imagine witnessing that TRUE “manifestation”, literally, the materialization of objects – including objects of your desire – seemingly out of thin air…

A life filled with “unlikely” love and attraction of the opposite sex: Imagine having an unfair advantage in your love life, even if you aren’t blessed with genetic or financial “lucky cards”…

Freedom from the “karmic” confines of your astrology chart: Imagine being able to influence the planetary energies to draw out the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses of your astrology chart, creating a life of certainty, beauty and lucky streaks…

Effortless growth in your business and finances: Imagine no longer wondering how your peers and your competition could manage to outgrow their previous financial milestones while you remained stuck…

Friendships, Influence and Prestige: Imagine no longer being intimidated by the prospect of “social proof” or cultivating circles of powerful friends and associates. You can now wield “social engineering” power like never before…

Yes. It can do that and so much more!

The challenge is to turn the can to will.

If it was that easy, then everyone would be teleporting around like in the movie Jumper.  

It takes dedication. It takes practice. These experiences happened over the course of years and not days.

You need the right system, before any of this is even remotely possible. 

You can waste those years on systems of magic that produces luck luster results or coincidence based benefits.


You can pick a system that has the potential to give you these benefits quickly.

 Now I know a good number of you reading these words are likely going to be very skeptical. That is healthy. I was skeptical too until the results began to overwhelm any doubts that I had left.

And in all honesty, when I first put the Sabaseb Jinn Conjuration package together, I fully anticipated that new-comers might actually account for a minimum of the enrollments… with the majority of those enrollments coming from previous students who’ve directly experienced the destiny-altering power of Jinn-assisted magic.

Yet, I invite you to be pragmatic and… at the very least… give yourself the gift of trusting your gut on this one.

And as for those who’ve already invested in my other Jinn conjuration programs, I already hear some of you asking:


“This isn’t your first Jinn Conjuration Program.
What Makes The Sabaseb So Special?”


Shrewd question!

Here’s an analogy: Imagine traversing vast distances using your average metro train, opposed to using one of those new magnetic “Maglev” trains…

Here’s another one: Imagine drilling into hard surfaces using one of those generic hand drillers, opposed to using a specialized hammer drill…

You get the drift, I’m sure.

You could get a job done in three days, or in three hours. And in comparison to the Jinn of my other conjuration systems, the Sabaseb can achieve their feat, only with a whole lot more power, efficiency and speed!

This isn’t your “GP” version of magick. This is specialized magic on steroids!

And this might lead to the new shrewd question:


Why Release a Separate System of
Conjuration, Instead Of Packaging
It With The Others?”


Well, because I have a responsibility of keeping you safe.

See, here’s the deal: The other conjuration systems are just that: conjuration that can work or not work, depending on whether the practitioner meets certain requirements. But the “harm” to the practitioner typically ends just there: the Jinn ignoring them.

The Jinn of the Sabaseb are, on the other hand, different in that, as powerful as they are, some can also be hostile and even downright dangerous.

And this can pose a very real risk to the practitioner had I just given you a general conjuration prayer to use which calls upon them ALL all at once, in the same manner that other Jinn conjuration systems do.

You see, the Jinn of the Sabaseb are, like human beings, individuals in their own right, with their own likes and dislikes.

In the same way that you as a human being get along better with some humans opposed to others in a social setting, and in a few rare cases, might outrightly feel that some rub off on you the wrong way, so too is the case with the Jinn of the Sabaseb.

Some would take to you and like you immediately, while others… well, not so much. And with potentially very undesirable consequences.


“My Sabaseb Conjuration System Is
As Much A Conjuration System As It
Is A Problem-Solving One”


Here’s how the system works, in stages:

  • FIRST: You will be given the knock-knock beats that call out to each of the individual Jinn of the Sabaseb. I highly recommend that you play these individually and not in sequence, as this first step has the sole purpose of indicating to you the friendlies from the hostiles…
  • SECOND: You will be told of the tell-tale signs that you’ll need to be on the look-out (or more specifically, the feel-out) for that would indicate to you if the individual Jinn responding to the specific knock-knock sound is to be engaged or, in the case of a hostile, disengaged by switching off the knock-knock sound immediately…
  • THIRD: Once you go through the 50+  Jinn of the Sabaseb in this way, you will wind up with anywhere between 20 to 30 Jinns who are friendly and safe to work with. With this third step done, you now have a rolodex of extremely powerful allies that can be incredibly powerful enablers for a truly magickal life…
  • FINALLY: You will be taught how you could combine your rolodex list of friendly Sabaseb Jinn with conjuration s that invites them into your life and allows you to forge mutually beneficial pacts with them.

And there you have it: maximum power, accompanied by maximum safety. And for a very limited time, I am making the Sabaseb Jinn Conjuration system available to a select few shrewd magicians who want to inject some serious arcane power into their art.

Let me recap:

You will receive:

Videos with all the pronunciations of the names

Hundreds of pages of evocations of the Sabaseb jinn

Hundreds of pages of talismans and magic squares for the Sabaseb

Over a hundred knock-knock audio files

 I have another gift for this course. It is something that I haven’t done in years.


You will get a private invite to a live-webinar, where I will answer all your questions.

I will be there for hours to help you sort out any issues you might face.

 To be sure, this approach to the Sabaseb Jinn has never, ever been made public before, until now.

A course like this with the knock knock beats and hours of live instructions usually cost over $300.

However, it is available for a short-time for half-price at just $149.97.

This is both to reward fast action takers, and to make it easier for my loyal student base to take advantage of possibly the single most powerful conjuration system I’ve ever made available.

Act quickly so that you have time to review the materials before the live webinar.

I look forward to serving you, your future, and your growing powers, with the magic on our side.

Nineveh Shadrach


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