Fellow magician,

I hope you are doing fine and that you and your loved ones are safe.

Sad to say that the world is going through a dark period.

We all believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The real question is what it will look like once we get there.

Somethings are beyond our control, but many things are not.

Magic is the one leg up we all have during this period of transition.

This is the time for positive magic.

We were all caught unprepared with this pandemic.

We can’t afford to be caught unprepared for its aftermath.

We need to pull our big guns for the magic of prosperity, happiness, well-being, and growth.

I have been working on a special tool to help us all during this phase.

I invite you to join me to put the Great Baduh Talisman to work as a beacon of good energy during these uncertain times.

You probably remember my story with the name Baduh from my book on Love, Healing, and Prosperity.


If you are unfamiliar with the story, then let me share it with you again.

My partner told me, one fateful night many years ago, that we had less than $50 before Rent Day.

Panic time! Then I said wait, wait, let’s go to the store.

We went there and I bought us some ice cream.

I mean we were in a tough spot, so why not just enjoy ourselves.

When we got home, I started doing work with the name Baduh.

I gave that same ritual in Love, Healing, and Prosperity.

Couple of days later, we went to the post office and there was a money order waiting for us.

Thousands of dollars were in our mailbox with the most peculiar explanation.

This esoteric group had ordered a large volume of books a year before. Yes, a year, and we had already delivered it to them.

For some unexplainable reason, they felt the wholesale price they paid was insufficient.

They sent us another money order for the same amount, and yes, for the same exact books that we delivered a year ago.

They chose of their own volition to double pay thousands of dollars and send it just in time for our rent.

If this isn’t the time, to make use of this kind of magic, then when will that be?

I didn’t chose the name Baduh by accident. This holy name / jinn king name has a special place in Arabic magic books.

My encounter with Baduh was many years before that.

I was reading a magic book and contemplating a service to Baduh six months down the road.

A few minutes later, my partner rushed to tell me that we had a visitor in the bedroom.

She had a very large planter hanging from the ceiling. This thing was no small pot.

It was spinning super-fast. The windows were all locked. There was no air blowing.

I asked her if she knocked it by accident and she said absolutely not.

It was spinning so fast that I couldn’t imagine an accidental knock would be enough.

I said out loud that if a jinn was present then it should stop the spinning and spin it the other way.

The plant spinning came to a screeching halt and it began spinning the other way just as fast.

It was a servitor of Baduh.

Apparently, there was no need for the service. It was there within the hour.

It was a positive and pious jinni with luminous presence.

I know when the times are tough that I can count on their help.

I hope so can you.

Don’t get me wrong. You may very well still need to put in the time to make that first contact.

It will be worth it.

I have always recommended from personal success two tribes of Jinn for prosperity and success.

The first are the 360 Celestial Jinn from the Beni Jan.

The other are the servitors of Baduh.

The talisman will come shipped to you on large piece of Canvas 25×25.

The talisman will be printed using archival ink for durability.

I will also send you the ritual that I use to activate it. It should be easy to do.

Many of us are stuck at home during the lock down.

Many of my non-magical friends and relatives are depressed and anxious. They see their dreams coming to a halt and their plans scuttled by this pandemic.

I don’t plan for this to be my reality and neither should you.

We are magicians.


Physical Package will include:

Talisman printed on 25 inches by 25 inches canvas with archival ink.

Digital Package will include

Unpublished Baduh ritual for prosperity and success

Golden Mean for all  32 servitors

Knock Knock audio beat for all 32 servitors

Golden Mean for the five powerful jinn (Saboor, Kalood, Tabaar, Bashaar, and Washeen).

Knock Knock audio beat for these five powerful jinn

 Use these tools to enlist 32 jinn from the Baduh tribes and 5 powerful jinn elders. 

 The five jinn at heart of the talisman alone can drastically transform your fortune in life.

 Combined with the 32 servitors of Baduh you’re set in to have your personal army of jinn all working toward your success.

Of course, beside the Talisman, you need to be able to convince them and build a relationship.

The tools included in the package should put you on the right track for that.

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