Let’s face it: Goetia is more popular than Sauron’s Eye.

We can all agree that many folks at one point will try summoning one of these 72 Goetia jinn. It could be out of sheer curiosity or need or both. 

You may be a beginner who’ve heard other respected authors proclaim that these are not demons, but misappropriated ancient pagan gods or good natured spirits.

The nagging question in the back of many beginners minds: What if they were wrong and you summon something you can’t banish?

Let’s say you decided to go for it yourself.

Then comes the challenge of how as there are many tools and preparations to get the job done right. The traditionalists would tell you that you have to dot your i’s and dash your t’s according to the grimoires to get real results. 

The process can be daunting for a total beginner with many pitfalls.

 On the flip side, you could be one of those magicians who refuse under any circumstances to have anything to do with those beings.

Yes, you can choose to ignore them totally, but the community is full of those who don’t, and some wouldn’t even hesitate to summon them against you. 

 What can you do if you feel under attack by one of the Goetia jinn? How do you handle it?

This is why I prepared this unique package to address some of these important challenges.

The first part of the package contains the Hebrew and Arabic spellings of the 72 Goetia jinn. 

You would be surprised to know that majority of magicians still rely on the Latin names of these jinn. In most cases, this is not a problem, but what happens when the Hebrew pronunciation differs considerably from the Latin?

Guess what else? Some names have multiple variations, so which one is the correct one?

Some may think getting the name right is optional or unnecessary, but look at it this way:

If you’re calling Bob and say “Hi George”, Bob may just hang up on you or you could end up with George who would say “Yeah, I can be your Bob for now”.

Personally, I’d like to make sure I got the pronunciation as accurate as possible to limit these kinds of scenarios. 

How do you know for sure what names would work? How could you summon them safely and confirm what the books and experts are telling you?

This is where the powerful magical technique known as Knock Knock comes in very handy.

You can use the Knock Knock beats to test the names.

These binary beats are like radio signal that attract the spirits very quickly.

They have generated a fair share of manifestations in the past when used with the jinn.

All you have to do is play these binary beats on a speaker at night and in the proper settings with incense.

The objective nature of these beats means that you can trust that any results isn’t due to mental biases.

You can quickly feel what kind of being is approaching and put the debate to rest.

It is one of the safest methods and quickest to produce results.

You don’t need to open demonic gates or make pacts or invest in major summoning just to realize you’ve made a mistake.

You will also receive the Golden Mean names for both the 72 demons.

The Golden Mean names are magical words of power that pulls the Jinn and many other kind of spirits to you like a magnet.

It is like receiving a direct and urgent text in your phone. They answer quickly after you intone and chant these names.  

They have proven effective when working with various jinn. They can double the chances for success while halving the time it takes to attain results.

The vibrations of these names have a powerful pull on spirits of all kinds.

The Golden Mean and Knock Knock audio beats are powerful tools and one of the safest approaches before you commit yourself to anything serious.

But, that is not the best part of this package!

The best part is the counter-jinn list included in the package. 

The package contains the name of benevolent and powerful jinn from the Beni Jan tribe.

The names are matched against each other.

You want the benefit that is listed under a goetia jinn’s name, but iffy about calling that jinn?

You don’t have too. You can call the corresponding jinn from the Beni Jan tribe.

 If one of the 72 goetia jinn is bothering you, then you can summon the corresponding Beni Jan name for protection and banishing. 

This package also comes with the Golden Mean names and Knock Knock beats for these benevolent jinn from the Beni Jan tribe. 

That is a total of 144 jinn names at your disposal and the choice is yours.

If you are serious or curious about the Goetia then this is the best package you can get as it can save you hours, days, months, and years of magical labor and false leads. It also give you the best weapon against the nefarious use of one of the most popular system of magic in the West.

It has been four years since I last made this package available. Take advantage of it before it is gone again.











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