Here’s How: Befriend These Four Ifreet Jinn Of Dominion For A Deluge Of Raw, Irresistible Magickal Strength!

Greetings, Distinguished Adept,

You have carved your path in the twilight realm between the known and the unseen.

You have woven spells under the quietude of the moon, felt the pulsating rhythm of arcane chants in the marrow of your bones, and touched the elusive edges of otherworldly power.

Yes, you’ve sipped from the cup of magic, but you yearn for more. Your soul craves a depth that common grimoires can’t deliver, an intensity that modern magic can’t achieve, and a command that typical spirit workings can’t offer.

You’ve had a taste of power, but you crave more – more depth, more intensity, more control.

You’ve sought something beyond the ordinary, a power untouched by time and unscathed by the banal. I understand you, because this is exactly how I feel.

Forgotten by the sands of time, veiled in centuries-old manuscripts, lie the ritual to summon the Four Ifreet of Dominion. Known only to a select circle of seasoned magicians, their abilities encompass the incredible and the unimaginable as mighty jinn often do.

These jinn hold the power to summon and bestow desired objects, dominate the minds of others, retrieve lost items from the shadows of the past, shield you from enemies, and much more.

Imagine that you’ve woken up in a parallel reality, endowed with a skill so rare yet so in-demand that you’ve somehow successfully caught the undivided attention of four powerful, highly connected, deep pocketed, generous billionaire business tycoons.

Imagine that they made their resources in social proof, power, success, financial capital, stakes in the market, et al available to you, right at your disposal.

With access to this much power, can you allow yourself to imagine where you’d be? What your life would wind up looking like? For yourself, for your loved ones, for your personal projects, for your short and long-term visions, your self-concept, your sense of PLACE in the world?

Can you permit yourself to imagine what this could mean for your financial life?

Your love life?

Your spiritual life?

Even your health and stress-free physical longevity?

Well, what if I told you that connecting with the Four Ifreet Jinn of Dominion and securing their interest in helping you is akin to…

Getting Four “Billionaire Tycoons” Of
The Jinn World Pulling The Strings To
Up-Level Every Area Of Your Life?

I’ll bet that nothing in your life will ever remain the same (in all the best ways possible).

Certainly, nothing in mine has.

Of course, as with all Jinn magic, this comes with an important caveat: Are you ready?

Are you ready to seize this power? Are you prepared to shape your destiny and secure the attention, trust, even admiration of four allies of matchless power to usher your step into the realm of the extraordinary?

If you answered “Yes”, and I hope you did, your journey to summon the Four Ifreet of Dominion starts here.

In our exclusive package, you will possess:

  • A powerful evocation, translated from the original Arabic to call forth the Four Ifreet. Each word, each syllable, is an instance of of power embodied in sound. This is why I call them “seed sounds”; they aren’t mere compressions of air. They are literal energy signatures that get picked up by the Ifreet, commanding their undivided attention.
  • Four large, uniquely handcrafted Yantra copper tablets. Each one bears the seal of one of the four Ifreet Jinn of Dominion. These are not found in any commercial grimoire. These talismans are not just metal and inscriptions, but conduits of cosmic energy, keys to doors unopened, pathways to power untapped.
  • Each Ifreet comes with its own knock knock beat, Golden Mean name, and Summoning name. Combine these with the copper tablets, and in their presence put the conjuration I teach you into practice, and you’ll create an unbreakable connection that secures their undivided interest and attention in you.  

Your Chance To Make The Once-Impossible
an Everyday Possibility!



  • Experiencing a deluge of raw power that will elevate your magical workings to heights previously unimagined. This is not a gentle breeze but a tempest of power, sweeping you to the pinnacle of magical prowess.
  • Taking command of the unseen an attaining the coveted station of what the mages of old called a “Mutasarrif” – one that affects literal change in the fabric of Reality, bending it to their will. With this, you are not just a magician but a puppet master, a maestro who conducts the orchestra of cosmic forces.
  • Amplify the all-important psychic connections that makes contact with the Jinn even possible… and deepen your communication with the Jinn realm. The Tablets don’t just create a link, they establish a irresistible beacon for communication, infusing your words with a resonance that the Jinn simply cannot ignore.

With this package, you are taking advantage of a potent addition to your arsenal of magical implements that sets you apart from the mundane. This is your insignia of distinction, your badge of superiority, your mark of the extraordinary.

With this package, you gift yourself with an exclusive membership into an elite circle of magicians privy to the power of the Four Ifreet of Dominion. This is your rite of passage, your initiation into a brotherhood that has kept this secret veiled for centuries.

Now, as for the investment, here’s a question: If the asking price for receiving the undivided, exclusive access to four billionaire business tycoons – all four of them conspiring in turn to take your life to the next level – was $10,000, would you take it?

I know of folks who spend several times that amount on university degrees, “masterminds”, seminars, coaching calls, and more, without attaining a fraction of what this promises.

Yet you won’t pay anywhere near that. I want to make this affordable, but only for a very exclusive group of my most ardent student-adepts, for just a single investment of $600 $400, plus $70 shipping. 

Act Now to Take Advantage of a $200 saving.

As demand for the Four Ifreet Jinn package continues to grow, our ability to handcraft these exquisite copper tablets becomes increasingly limited, making this a genuinely a limited-time offer for those ready to seize this unparalleled opportunity.

In magical workings, a respect for TIME is everything. “The Universe likes speed”.

In the theatre of the cosmos, each passing second is an act.

Don’t let this moment slip through your fingers.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary chance to unlock the secrets of Jinn magic and command unparalleled power in your life.

Place your order before the window closes to secure your spot.

Don’t merely be a spectator; it’s time to script your own narrative.

Possess the Four Tablets and let the curtain rise on a new era of power, dominance, and unrivaled command in your life.

Embark on this journey with us to make the unseen seen, the inaccessible accessible, and the impossible possible. The Tablets of the Four Ifreet of Dominion are not just a purchase, they are an investment in your spiritual evolution and magical prowess.

This isn’t just about what you acquire, but who you become. A master of the cosmic, a commander of the unseen, a distinguished magician seated in the echelons of those who have dared to explore the uncharted.

The world of spirits is waiting, the Four Ifreet of Dominion are ready. Are you? 

With deep love and infinite gratitude,

Nineveh Shadrach


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