Berhatiah conjuration is one of the most powerful of ancient conjurations. It appears in hundreds of manuscripts and has been in use by practitioners for thousands of years. 

Most manuscripts focuses on the conjuration itself. One rare example provides a multitude of rituals and practical spells. 

It goes further by including multiple earthly jinn who are obedient to this conjuration.

The manuscript also includes sigils and angelic name that are used to evoke and enlist the aid of these powerful jinn. 

This book provide a faithful translation of the manuscript, the names of the jinn, and their sigils. 

This isn’t a guide to the Berhatiah itself, but a field handbook for when you need to cast spells and raise powers.

The book comes with a bonus addendum. Get the Golden Mean for each of these jinn and their unique magic square. 

Also included is the Berhatiah conjuration fully modified to work with each of these spells and jinn. This way you can just use it as it is and don’t have to struggle to make it work from multiple sources.

Improve your evocation results by using these special knock knock beats. Each jinn comes with its own unique beat to call it forth quickly. 

  • Forbidden Rituals of the Ancient Conjuration of Power Knock Knock

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