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On a quiet and starry night…

I heard the familiar sound of tapping, tapping, tapping.

It wasn’t the raven or the impish familiar of old wizards.

It was the contraption of modern science.

The mobile tapwriter on which billions tap tap tap on its glass for hours.

One such tapper asked me a question:

“Nineveh, I wonder what magical secrets can you share with me??”

“I’ve gone through 35 keyboards and 24 mouse in a span of 20 years sharing all my secrets!”, I tapped back in total bewilderment.

He was like:

“No. I mean stuff that you don’t normally share or stuff not easy to find in old books. GIVE ME YOUR SECRETS!”

I looked at his Qareen that I had just summoned.

“Hold my phone!”

Months later…

I tapped him awake from his deep sleep.

“Hey! I just dug through all my manuscripts and notes and compiled the EIGHT GREAT JINN SECRETS. ARE YOU READY FOR POWER?”

I’m going to ask you now the same thing: Are you?

Here is what I am revealing for those serious magicians who accept no compromise in their magic:

Secret One

Jinn King of the Sun. Yes. It’s al-Madhab.

The royal jinn king. The guy that all the jinn call the guy.

Here is the thing:

You have to know his full name to evoke him properly.

That his name is al-Madhab isn’t a great secret. His full name is though.

This is why we’ll go through an extensive genealogy of his jinn ancestry to make sure you get his attention.

We will go further with names of his important descendants.

You can always get the attention of the dad via his children.

You will get the name of his son and his daughter.

How often do you run across female jinn? This is your chance.

We won’t stop there.

You will also get a uniquely powerful evocation for him from an old dusty handwritten manuscript.

I mean where else are you going to go looking for old powerful magic?

The manuscript is called: Ghayat al-Amani fi Ma’rifaat Qawa’ed al-Ruhani

Doesn’t flow as easily as Necronomicon, but this one is real.

This is not the only rare manuscript that we will be digging through for secret information.

There is another one called al-Kanaash. It is a legend of its own.

I will give you, from that manuscript, the magical empowerment of Sunday with its own unique power names and magic square.

Obviously, you will also be getting a handful of Knock Knock beats to better get the attention of al-Madhab and his descendants.

This secret should give you a powerful edge in working with this jinn king and with benefiting of his many powers.

Yes! The Sun does equal success, power, and shiny gold.


Secret Two

We’re going old school right back to King Solomon.

Solomonic magic is a classic and almost everyone loves the classics.

There are the famous classics that everyone and their mothers know.

Then there are those known only to the esthete of the magical art.

Goetia is a pedestrian classic known to just about everybody in the occult, including high school goths.

The Tomtomeeya on the other hand are appreciated and used by magicians with true sapience.

I am going to reveal them to you with various ways they can help you fix many of life’s problems.

This is old fashioned spell work.

You will also get their servitors’ names, magical timing, spell squares, plus a complete conjuration for them.

Some of this information is only available here for the first time!

Yes, there will be nice bundle of Knock Knock beats to rock this magic like never before.


Secret Three

This next secret dives into the deep well of Arabic magic to reveal a unique name.

Western occultism has the Tetragrammaton.

It is on everything including Goetic evocation triangles.

This secret is about the Decagrammaton.

For all the wizards out there about to seek answers from Google on this:

I’m not talking about combining the Tree of Life sephiroth as an artificial AI system.

Those ten letters in Sufism and Arabic magic have sacred property and magical applications.

Potent they are. Power you will gain. Use them you will.

They appear often in Arabic grimoires.

We will show you how to use them to diagnose cases of black magic or jinn attacks.

This is one of the most underrated and underdeveloped skill among magicians.

We will also reveal some additional secrets of the Decagrammaton that are hard to come by for most Westerners.

PLUS, you’ll discover the names of two rarely known classical jinn.

Those names are not commonly revealed in Arabic manuscripts, so very few magicians know of them.

How to diagnose black magic, power of the Decagrammaton, two rare names of very powerful Jinn, yes, you’re in for a treat.

Knock Knock beats are included as always.


Secret Four

(Sounds of howling wolves in the background)

Things are about to get dark and I mean Count Dracula very dark.

This secret we will be revealing some intimate information about Iblis aka Satan.

How intimate?

How about his mother’s name. The name of his main girlfriend/wife among the jinn.

There are also names of his daughters and sons. 

There are a quiet few jinn names listed here.

There are lots of private information here that the most ardent Satanist wishes they knew, but didn’t get in their morning Temple of Satan briefing.

You might be wondering why you would need to know all this information on Iblis?

The first is because many of those names do appear in Arabic magic books without being identified.

Do you really want to end up with Satan’s second cousin removed in your bedroom by accident?

Knowledge keeps you safe. Knowledge keeps you aware. Knowledge is power.

Then there is the flip side of the coin.

We’re revealing to you the names of the angels that protect you from their influences should they desire to pop up in your life.

Plus, you will receive the Great Angelic Square of Protection from Dark Powers.

Plus, you will get unique magic square for each of those relatives of Iblis.

Those squares include the names of unique protecting angels PLUS individualized Divine names and verses from the Quran.

Forget this tiny little bottle of Holy Water when fighting off Count Dracula in his castle. We’re rolling you a huge barrel here.

Use it to dispel any negative forces affecting your life or just dive in for a nice bath in the spiritual angelic light.

The Knock Knock beats of all these names are included – out of habit.


Secret Five

Five Name to command them all, Five Names to summon them all, Five Names to manifest them all and in the light to bind them.

The Five Names, their servitors, their Golden Mean, their squares, and their Knock Knock files are here to carry you to the Secret Mountain.


Secret Six

You’re going to discover a truly unique system for evoking any jinn.

There are known historical evocations that are taught in hundreds of manuscripts and books.

They are used as general summoning and they do work and work well.

However, they are blind instrument. They are not personalized to any particular jinn.

We believe that getting stronger results and quicker manifestation comes with getting personal.

This system provides a laser-tailored modality for evoking any jinn.

All you need is its name.

Take any jinn name you want. Plug it into the system.

You will get back:

An individualized conjuration for that specific jinni.

A set of servitors to help you with both evocation and manifestation of your desire.

A magical mandala to use during the evocation.

These are all are unique to each individual jinni.

That is right! No two jinn names will produce the same exact conjuration, servitors or mandala.

These unique tools can help you improve any summoning working you plan on doing.

They can be used individually or in conjunction with any classical evocation.

This can save you untold amount of time spent trying to get the jinn’s attention or getting results from retreats.

Improve your chances of success. Save time. Manifest your needs much quicker.

Number six is the first perfect number and this is a perfect great secret.


Secret Seven

These are complex and historical protective magical designs.

One is used for protection during magical working from jinn divers.

This the type of jinn that laughs at your circle by flying down into it.

Unique type of jinn needs unique type of protection.

The other design is to keep bad resident jinn out of your room.

I mean why be bothered while doing magic or going to sleep.

The amulet will help you while you’re snoozing or distracted.

We usually print these as canvases and offer them for $150 each.

We’re going to give you high-quality digital images here as one of the secrets.

Those are not run of the mill magical amulets, so don’t expect to see them elsewhere else anytime soon.


Secret Eight

The Magic Ink!

Yes, I know, it is sounds like the least exciting of all the secrets, but it is a very powerful one.

Talismans, amulets and magical squares all need to be written.

Most go for cheap and get cheap results with their printer.

Others upgrade and do it by hand with a pen.

The serious practitioners want the authentic real deal and use the magic ink.

The problem is most manuscripts only give basic ingredient list for the ink (Saffron, Rose Water, and Amber or Musk).

There is more to it than that and that is a true secret.

The full magical procedure for creating the magic ink is kept hidden or shared very rarely.

You’ll have no more excuses once you discover all the details in this secret.

Take it and go and do some hardcore manifestation daily!

The Eight Great Secrets of the Jinn come with over 2 hours of video instruction.

Those videos are subtitled in 20 different languages such as: French, Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian, Russian and Vietnamese.

Just let us know if we missed your language and we will include it.

The course also includes multiple PDF files full of additional secrets, magic squares, jinn names, angelic names, evocations, and lots of magical goodies.

The course comes with over 80 Knock Knock audio files for all the individual jinn names included.

 Now, this is a bag of magical goodies worth tapping about.

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