“Why Predict An Uncertain Future With Divination, When…

You Can Use THE WISHMASTER DECK To Create The Future Of Your Dreams!”

Dear Friend,

In the interest of public service and transparency, I must start this letter with a disclaimer:

Don’t be alarmed by the palpable “vibes” or physical sensations you will probably experience the moment this mysterious, energetically charged deck of cards reaches your hands.

Those strange sensations might include light tingling in your hands… or a sensation of the cards somehow heating up as you hold them… or a distinct feeling of someone present in the same room you keep the cards at…

Whatever they may be and should they occur, it is my sincere hope that you will consider this a miniscule price to pay for the gigantic “Reality Engineering” power the cards in the WISHMASTER DECK will place in your hands.

See, you are about to gain a whole new level of “magical notoriety” with friends, loved ones and even the friendly strangers who normally exchange polite smiles with you… but will now feel a moth-to-flame draw to you that they cannot explain…

And how could they not, when… at a time the rest of the population lives in an uncertain world…  they witness you exuding a new level of poise, charm, visceral certainty and confidence… and a seemingly uncanny ability to engineer favorable possibilities (even where others typically give up hope)?

Little would they know it is all thanks to the ability of the WISHMASTER DECK to safely tap into the energy of…


72 of the Most Powerful “Wish-Masters”

Known to Mankind


I will tell you about them in a moment, but I invite you to slow down as you read the words of this letter and consider the possibilities for a moment.


  • Attracting the attention, admiration and love of that secret “crush” who formerly ignored you, or whom you thought was out of your league…
  • Getting promotions and pay raises at work, even if you experience “bad days” at work, and inertia in your performance…
  • Creating financial windfalls for your business, without implementing new strategies or increasing advertisement…
  • Connecting the right people, at the right time, with the right guidance, to up your game in any area of your life…
  • Chancing upon one good luck streak after another in your parking, at the auction, at the store, or in just about any “normal” day-to-day activity…
  • Reuniting with formerly estranged friends or family members, even if years had passed since you’d spoken to them…
  • Watching with glee as the bully or narcissist who used to feed on your energy get their just fill of “unfortunate events”, editing them out of your life…
  • Witnessing former “enemies” and bad actors in your life become your friends, allies and champions… without your uttering a word…
  • Experiencing an effortless deepening in your spiritual practice, and the opening of your innate psychic potential, intuition and healing powers…
  • Enjoying a “mysterious” boost in creativity, allowing you to exquisitely, beautifully break through the plateaus that haunt writers, visual artists, musicians and other hobbyists in the creative arts…
  • Astonishing leaps in your learning speed, allowing you to pick up new skills and hobbies with ease…

These (and much more) are made possible when you learn to leverage the power of the “Wish-Masters” – or to be precise – 72 specific spirits called the Jinn.

Their names and their descriptions were first seen mentioned in an old 12th century Spanish manuscript, which I first stumbled upon by complete accident in…


A “Fateful” Discovery At The University
Of British Columbia That Birthed

Get this: The manuscript, called “The Medicine of Solomon” once belonged to a Spanish nobleman who resided in Toledo, Spain.

Turns out that the nobleman was extremely protective and secretive about this manuscript.

I mean why else would they discover it “buried” in a wall of one of his homes, long after his death?!

What’s more important (and more consequential to your future) is the manuscript eventually made it across the centuries to the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada, and ultimately in my hands by complete accident when I stumbled upon a stack of books.

I proceeded to restack the books, and the FIRST of the books that I picked up was the manuscript!

I will not delve into detail here about the workings I’ve conducted since that discovery (and the subsequent, frantic photocopying of each of the book’s pages) with the mysterious class of Jinn mentioned in the book.

Why? Because quite frankly, some of the stories will sound unbelievable… even to a practiced Shaman!

Suffice is to say, I was enthralled enough by the results my workings produced, and I was compelled enough by the ability of these Jinn to advance the so-called “The Law of Attraction” to heights undreamed of by the general public…

…that I devoted my first published book to talking about them, called “The Book of Deadly Names”… and for good measure… devoted nearly 3 decades of my life actually working with OTHER Jinn as well.

These workings continue to this day, and by “workings”, I am not talking about mere academic dabbling that frankly most Temple leaders and “authorities” on magick are trapped in.

I am talking about actual tests, and a very thorough tracking of results.

And my tests working with the 72 Ifreet Jinn of “Medicine of Solomon” revealed that the safest way to leverage the power of these powerful wish-masters, with maximum results, was through a talismanic connection, and a magick board.

Hence, the WISHMASTER DECK was born.

Within the deck are 72 cards, with each card serving as a talismanic connection to the energy of each of the 72 Ifreet Jinn, complete with a beautifully illustrated image faithful to the original description of each Jinn in the original “Medicine of Solomon”.  

The illustrations were done by fellow student and talented Canadian artist Marcel Chenier, along with the accurately transliterated name of the Jinn on their respective image-cards.

Along with the deck, you will receive clear instructions on how to use the cards and the board to safely leverage the powers of these 72 majestic beings, allowing you to reshape reality into the future you want.

Let Others Use The Tarot To “Predict The Future”.
 To Create It!

As soon as you order, one of my few boxes left that include the card will be dispatched to you. So to wrap up, here is what you are getting…

  • 72 high quality cards – each card featuring the name and drawing of the Jinn to serve as a talismanic connection (printed on 12pt 320gsm black-core matte card stock with UV coating. These are jumbo sized cards 5 x 5.5 inches…)
  • One medium red bag to store the cards…
  • One large magic board for the summoning and spell working portion of the instructions included…



  • Clear instructions on how to use them for maximum results…
  • Download link for a free set of 72 encoded sounds, one for each Jinn – called “Knock Knock beats” – that you get to play in the background that the Jinn will identify with as you commence with your working.


The WISHMASTER DECK will change your destiny and place you on more favorable lifelines. Period.

But… you must hurry!

 The initial batch sold out within couple of months in 2021! 

By popular demand, we are printing a (2nd edition) run of only 40.

Remember, this is a physical product. It’s not a “digital product” that never runs out and therefore I am not going to play a false scarcity game with you. Supplies truly are limited.


How Much Is A Charmed Life Worth To You?

Re-read the benefits above. Now, take each benefit and ask yourself: “What price tag would I place on this if I could enjoy my life with this new possibility?”

Because – and here’s a sobering reality – over the next few weeks and months (and even days) most people will wind up spending way more than the asking price you’re about to see here on things they don’t need…

… the mounting costs of coffee, alcohol, junk food, movies, video games and other escapist habits… all so they could cope with a life of inertia where nothing really changes.

A life of quiet desperation.

But not you. Having read this far, I know you are a shrewd visionary who believes in investing in yourself… and I know you are pragmatic enough to take advantage of every tool Destiny brings your way to give yourself an “unfair advantage” and win at the game of Life.

So let me make it a no-brainer.

When I first spoke with my publisher, we initially agreed to a $499 price-tag for the whole bundle which, considering the destiny-altering benefits, is (I hope you’ll agree) a steal.

But I got to thinking of the first wave of students of this craft whom I’ll end up calling my “Wishmaster Family”… the stories they will send me, the testimonials they will share, the notes of gratitude, the bewildered emails of amazement… and thought to myself… I could do better.

And so for this current promotion, you aren’t paying $499, or the initial discounted figure of $427.

Oh we can do better: You won’t pay $399 either, nope, not even $299. For a limited time…


FOR JUST $149.95


But once this second batch of the WISHMASTER DECK  is gone, it’s gone! It could be couple of years before a third run happens – if ever.

Current stock since the last update maybe significally lower than shown.


Fair enough? Let’s get to answering some questions:

Why did you choose those specific jinn for this deck?

The selection was based on the following criteria:

  • There are individualistic descriptions of each of the jinn
  • They are historical and date back to the 12th century or older
  • They are strictly part of the Solomonic corpus of materials.

There is nothing else like it in Arabic texts that I have come across. Most Arabic grimoires only list names without specific descriptions. There are very rare manuscripts that fulfill the criteria of being part of Solomonic grimoires. The source for this deck is the only one that meets all the primary requirements for a historically based Jinn Deck.

I wanted the first Jinn deck to be based on solid historical ground from an esoteric perspective. It also increases its collectable value.


Aren’t those jinn extremely powerful and dangerous?

The answer is yes on both counts. However, this applies to many of the jinn kings listed in Arabic grimoires. You want something powerful, so that is actually a positive. Any jinn can be dangerous, but that depends on how they are called and treated. There are many people working with demons in the West and no harm has come to them. I am not advocating that you do, but I am pointing out that things need to be kept in perspective.


Aren’t those jinn purely malevolent evil beings worse than even demons of Goetia?

The manuscript source is a medicinal treatise that focuses on curing diseases inflicted by jinn on humans. Therefore, it lists the harm that each of these jinn can inflict and how to treat it. Think of it like a possession handbook vs a magical grimoire.

Some of the jinn names are derived from known Islamic demonic names. Some are commonly found in many Arabic grimoires and are summoned in many evocations. One curious name is al-Marikh, which is Arabic for planet Mars.

You are under no obligation to use a card you don’t feel comfortable with. The cards themselves will not manifest anything just sitting in the box. The choice is yours whether or not you want to activate a given card.

This is one of the reasons that I added the Knock Knock package. You can use the Knock Knock beats to safely get a sense of whether a given Ifrit is one that you would consider safe for you. If it isn’t safe then you can immediately shut down the Knock Knock beat and abstain from using its card.


Are you showing us how to summon these jinn from Book of Deadly Names? 

I was approached in the past by a publishing house to write an evocation book for the jinn in the Book of Deadly Names. I refused and another author obliged and the book Smokeless Fire was born.  I have not changed my perspective. The instructions will not be calling these jinn directly with any evocations, but instead it will focus on jinn that have dominion OVER them that are under the command of the four sons of Jan.


What else can I do with this set?

The set consists of the deck and board. The board is an equally important part from a magical perspective. It contains many angelic names and is connected with the four Elders from Beni Jan. The techniques in the instruction and the board itself can be used in the future with hundreds of other jinn. We will later create modern cards for other Jinn and release them in small sets and even individually. You wouldn’t need to buy the board again and you can pick and choose what card you want to invest in. Future cards will be issued in limited runs, which will give them collectability value as well.

Please Factor In 4-6 Weeks Before Item Is Shipped Due to Our American Distributor

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