Happy winter solstice dear magician,

This has been a challenging year to say the least.

As the year comes to a close, it is time to plant the seeds for a better tomorrow.

The time has come again to open the doors to those who want access to the Council of Seven & The Masters.

For the longest time, you weren’t able to get the Council of Seven except via personal request. Even the existence of the Master’s book was hidden from the public for years.

Now I make them available, but only once a year.

If this is your first time to hear about the Council of Seven, then you might be wondering what the hubbub is about.

Pour yourself some apple cider and join me beside the fireplace.

You see, long before mankind was established, the jinn had ruled this world.

They built a mighty civilization and even travelled into the heavens and set up listening posts to explore the stars and gleam messages from beyond.

Does this sound familiar?

One day, they made contact with another more ancient race. Their posts were destroyed as an invading heavenly army approached this world.

The ancient holy books refer to this heavenly army as the Watchers, because they are constantly watching over the heavens and the earth.

We call them now angels. The root of the word angel is derived from the Greek angelos or messenger. These celestial messengers from beyond descended upon our world.

They waged war and broke the hold of the jinn’s empire. Then they oversaw the creation and the descent of the first human upon the surface of this planet. The story details changed through the eons, but the core of it remains.

It was also written that one particular jinn rose to the highest rank among these watchers. He served their dominion faithfully and was even considered one of them. He was considered as an angel himself even though he wasn’t.

All things came to an end when he rebelled and refused to submit to mankind’s dominion over the world. His opposition to this new world order, earned him the label adversary or Satan. He of course seeks to establish his version of a new world order.

However, Satan remained in possession of powerful knowledge that he gleamed during his previous ascent of status. This knowledge included the secrets to extending one’s life span or the reversal of aging. The ancients retold the story of how this serpent has been constantly interfering with humanity’s ability to acquire the knowledge of immortality.

One missing piece of the story was that he wasn’t alone in his elevated status. He was in the company of other jinn. These ancient ones retained their link to the Watchers and continue to learn their secrets.

They go by the name of the Council of Seven.

There are seven ancient masters or Seraphic Watchers who take interest in aiding mankind.

Their most trusted of jinn also are seven aka the Council.

The knowledge that the Council of Seven can impart is beyond your wildest imagination.

Even the briefest contacts have led us to the 360 Celestial Jinn, Knock Knock, Golden Mean, Jan rings, and many other advanced magical methods.

These have helped many people bring about positive changes in their lives spiritually and materially.

My magical knowledge and power have gone through the roof since I first heard of the Council of Seven.

The Masters guidance has been beyond measure. From them we learned things like the Shield of the Magi.

Knowledge is only one part of the precious gifts they impart.

You are untouchable by negative forces with these beings at your back.

The Shield of the Magi has proven itself invaluable when dealing with evil powers.

Imagine with the whole power of the Council and the Master at your back!

You can also have front seat at the table and can learn of upcoming events.

They gave precise dates and time tables for things like the 9-11 event and the 2011 earthquake of Japan and much more.

The connections with various other jinn and knowledge gleamed from this relationship helped me drastically improve my financial life like never before.

I can keep going, but I believe you get the picture.

The challenge people has always had in their search for the greatest mysteries has been two-fold:

  • Identify WHO are the master players beyond the usual suspects seen in occult books
  • Identify HOW to contact these powerful beings

These two books contain much of the knowledge I amassed over the decades in my own journey. They are in effect to my personal workbook answer to these two questions.

For just a week, you can cheat and get a copy of my workbook and save yourself decades of searches and possible dead ends.

Here are some of things I’ve included:

  • The secret nature of the Masters of the Magic Art.
  • The esoteric significance of Vega and Antares in the ascended mysteries.
  • The secret of how to use the Shield of Magic as a Petition Circle of Communion.
  • Discover how to unleash one of the Master’s power for kick ass protection.
  • Unleash the power of the Masters for banishing black magic.
  • Ride the layers of ascension like a chariot with the aid of the Masters.
  • Possess the ritual to connect you with the ancient energy of Melchizedek.
  • Get as a bonus the words of power to awaken and connect you with the Masters like never before.
  • Get as a bonus the ancient Circle of Ali, a powerful talisman of legendary reputation among Muslim Sufis.
  • Get the blueprints for the Magical Tridecagram to help you open a portal to the Council of Seven.
  • Possess the blueprint for Seven Watery Candles and the connection between the Great Name and Council of Seven.
  • Discover the celestial mystery of the Serpent Staff.
  • Learn how to build the Celestial Bracelet of the Seven Sages.
  • Possess the Seven Rings of the Sage Tarkanos, the first of his kind.











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