Dear Magus,

Imagine being in possession of a secret key that can help you transform from:

  • Poverty to wealth
  • Sickness to health
  • Loss of status to success
  • Weakness to power
  • Bondage to true freedom
  • Loneliness to fulfilling relationship

You probably know this name already. All you need is a step-by-step blueprint to make it happen like magic.

I am talking about the 72-fold name or the Shem Ha-Mephoresh.

The name with a sacred place in the heart of mystical Judaism.

It’s one of the longest standing pillars of the Western Mystery Tradition.

Imagine tapping into the name that signifies the salvation of the Jewish people from the evil forces pursuing them and using it to break the chains holding you down.

There is a reason that no serious work on the Kabbalah has ignored this significant name.


You probably saw the books on the angels of the Shem ha-Mephoresh.

Their sigils are copied from the French sources.

Their attributes and benefits are linked to the Zodiac.

If you believe the story ends there, then you’re about to be delightfully surprised:

Picture this:  the most complete system of the magic of the Shem ha-Mephoresh in existence that is also one of the best kept secrets.

If you’ve been having lukewarm results or if this name hasn’t earned #1 spot in your magical tool box, then it’s time for a different approach.

We went back to the ancient roots.


The 72-fold name was derived based on teachings of the literal Kabbalah.

The other name for literal Kabbalah is science of the letters.

The Arabs like their Hebrew cousins invested in developing a complex system of magic involving the letters of the alphabet.

These techniques and methods were passed on in ancient manuscripts.

We can use these techniques and methods to unlock the full potential of the Shem ha-Mephoresh beyond anything we’ve seen before.

If you’re thinking “I already have the names of the angels, Zodiacal degrees, and sigils. I am set to go. thanks” then you may want to take a pause.

How often have you heard of people using the published work to report mind blowing experiences?

On the contrary, there are lots of reports of challenges and even negative experiences.

How is that even possible?

Did you know that the original source of the popular sigils for the Shem angels denounced them after almost a decade of use as demonic?

Yes, magicians opted to ignore his warning and denounced him even he was their source.

What almost no one knew is that those were sigils of a specific jinn.  It may sound strange or unbelievable. However, I promise you once you discover the jinn name and the secret of these sigils that all your doubts will vanish.

Those kinds of minefields are exactly why a solid system of working with the energies of the name and its servitors are essential for magical success.

You deserve a system that isn’t a copy or rehash of printed English sources, but based on centuries old secrets of the honorable art of literal Kabbalah or science of letters.

 Here is what I am going to reveal to you in this video course:


  • How to really tap into the power of the verses that formed the name. Don’t just rely on superficial application.
  • The 72-fold name and its form for ascension and form for manifestation. Bring your desire all the way up to the heavens then thundered it down like Zeus into manifestation.
  • The complete angelic names based on ALL the formulas of the science of letters. We’re talking over 700 angels.
  • The name of the jinn in the misunderstood sigils and how to really use them.
  • Authentic and safe sigils for the 700 angels based on standard methods of both Middle Eastern and European magical techniques. You never have to worry again about the safety of what you’re using again.
  • The various safe jinn connected to the name and their individual evocation.
  • The robe of the Shem ha Mephoresh and its powerful symbolism fully revealed.
  • The design for the belt and cloak of the Shem and how to consecrate them.
  • The magic squares for the Shem and how to use them for meditation and for evocation.
  • The powerful Shem pyramid altar of evocation and the mantra to awaken its might servitor.
  • How the verses can be used to extract special chants of power for money, love, health, success, attainment, and many other desires. This is not something you’ll find anywhere else.

Plus You Will Receive: 

Get the knock knock beats for all the jinn listed in the course. Use these shamanistic audio sounds to attract a host of jinn to help you with your manifestation goals.

Plus You Will Receive: 

Get the evocation for all 720 angels of the Shem ha Mephoresh

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The First Three To Register Will Receive As Bonus:

The evocation chant & knock knock for the Jinn of the well known seals attributed to the Shem Angels.

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