Dear Magician,

Have you ever seen the number 786 at the end of forum or social media posts?

It is the Gematria for a phrase, the Bismillah, that starts every chapter in the Quran.

It means “In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, and most Merciful”.

This is one of the most important religious statements in Islam.

It is often used in Sufi meditations and extended Zikr.

From the Kabbalistic perspective, it evokes the Divine Emanation of Chesed or Divine Goodness.

Orthodox and mystics Muslims use it to awaken the Divine benevolence in their daily lives.

Before we go any further, let me say that it would be a mistake to dismiss this as valid only for Muslims.

Why? Because you don’t need to belong to any faith to awaken the power inherent in words.

I didn’t need to be Jewish to make use of the Hebrew names in Middle Pillar or the LBRP when I was in the Golden Dawn.

During my Golden Dawn days, adepts of the Inner Order would put in hours of Om Namaha Shivaya Om.

This is the beauty of working with magical and spiritual phrases like this. They are awakened by the beliefs of millions, but they can be activated by anyone.

Ruhaniat books have presented a variety of ways to get these benefits.

For example,

You can repeat it 21 times when you sleep to protect yourself from demonic attacks or thieves.

You can repeat it 50 times in the face of an oppressor to safeguard yourself from his evil.

You can recite it 100 times over a pain for three consecutive nights to speed up the healing.

You can recite it 113 times over a cup of water and give it to someone to induce love and affection toward you.

You can write it 101 times with Saffron and rose water and then incense the writing with Benzoin, Qost, and Aloes wood to create a talisman for financial prosperity.

These are all folk spells that are often seen in Arabic books. They make use of the science of letters to awaken the spiritual powers of holy phrases.

Read further if you are curious about a special talismanic package that you can use to awaken the power of the Bismillah.

This talisman and its accompanying ritual can be used in all manners of positive magic from:

  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Prosperity
  • Dream guidance
  • Victory over your enemies
  • Much more

This packages comes with a 25 inches wide talisman printed on Canvas with archival ink and shipped by FedEx.

But there is more to this package than this unique and powerful Talisman. I compiled and translated the following additional bonuses to further your experience with this magical canvas.

Bonus One

Receive the special ritual of angelic and jinn activation of this fabulous Bismillah Talisman and awaken its power.

Bonus Two

Get the special Bismillah conjuration translated from an old Jinn Grimoire by luminary master Ali Abbu Hai Allah al-Marzoqqi.

Bonus Three

Receive the evocation to the Jinn servitor Reehan, which is an aide of an immortal and powerful Jinn King.
Discover the name of this King.

Bonus Four

Discover the design and ritual involving a mirror to contact Reehan that can be used with this talisman.
Gain accurate information and guidance in all matters.

Bonus Five

Get a powerful ritual for sending a jinn messenger in your form.
It will deliver a message to or bring you justice from someone who has harmed you.

Bonus Six

Possess the powerful ancient incantation of manifestation that starts with Tabrana Gheena….
Very few people know of this incantation.

Open many new doors, contact new jinn, improve your life, manifest your wishes, and deliver a warning to your enemies.

I am confident that you will be pleased with the strong magic in this package.

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