The Berhatiah is one of the most quoted evocation in Near Eastern magic. Almost no Arabic manuscript or book dealing with magic is devoid of praise and mention of this ancient conjuration. It’s said to have been used before the flood and then transmitted over to King Solomon. The legends around it are many and it has received many titles of veneration and respect.

The conjuration attracts jinn to the mage and manifest numerous terrestrial and underworld spirits. Some have felt a level of empowering like never before with any other kind of conjuration as if they have tapped into an ancient stream of magic. This conjuration has given many budding apprentices taste of what it would be like if they had the power of legendary wizards like Merlin or King Solomon.

Knock Knock Jinn Beats are a unique and cutting edge tool to help modern magicians in their jinn summoning. The results have been nothing short of astounding. This is your chance to enhance your magical results as well as be part of an elite small group who are putting this to use.

Save hours of work by getting this done for your package of knock knock beats for the Berhatiah Conjuration. Just play them on your speaker to attract the jinn to you relocation like moth to the light.

This package has over 500 minutes or 8 hours of audio.

The package includes knock knock beats for:

  • Berhatiah Names
  • Berhatiah Names (Golden Mean)
  • Berhatiah Servitors
  • Berhatiah Servitors (Golden Mean)
  • Berhatiah Focused Names of Power 
  • Berhatiah Focused Names of Power (Golden Mean)
  • Berhatiah Power Names for King Berjwan
  • Berhatiah Power Names for King Berjwan (Golden Mean)

Combine these knock knock beats with the conjuration and names to turbo charge the magical manifestations.



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