Dear Magician,

A couple of years ago, I created a set of jinn seal talismans for the most powerful servitors of Jan.

They were painted on Canvas. I then laid them in my wooden chest for future use.

I got so used to relying on my Solomon and Jan rings that I had almost forgotten about them.

Then the unexpected happened. I did something I hadn’t done in over a decade.

I accepted two new local apprentices for weekly personal training.

They may have been experienced in magic, but they were beginners in jinn magic.

I had to go back to the basics and that meant beginner’s tools.

Then it hit me and I reached into my wooden chest to pull my canvases.

I realized, to my horror, that they had suffered from discoloration and fading.

I was disappointed that something had happened to my jinn seal talismans.

Then it struck me.  I looked closer.

I quickly realized that the discoloration had formed patterns.

It was a combination of smoke and winged beings with faces.

This was no random discoloration. 

Something unusual has happened to my jinn seal talismans.

Who are these jinn? 

These are the 13 Princes or Elite Servitors of the father of the Jinn. 

They possess great magical knowledge unknown to mankind. 

They rule over hundreds of thousands of jinn. 

Here’s just a taste of the magical results you can experience from working with the Jinn to enhance EVERY area of your life, such as…
  • Manifestation The Jinn possess the uncanny ability to bring any wish you desire into the physical universe. Harness the mighty power of the Jinn to supercharge your manifesting abilities far beyond the Law of Attraction or anything you’ve tried before!
  • Money and Wealth  Discover hidden opportunities you might have otherwise never noticed for gaining wealth, financial abundance and windfalls of cash. You might win the lottery, receive an unexpected check in the mail, or reach a new level of success!
  • Love and Romance Matters of the heart are no mystery to the Jinn. Gain another’s favor, attract a lost love into your arms, even find your soulmate. The Jinn are powerful beings who can transform your love life into a living dream of magic and wonder!
  • Health and Wellness Regain or maintain vibrant physical health, overcome medical conditions, alleviate crushing stress, utilize their cleansing power to wean yourself off of harmful drugs or even prescription medications!
  • Authority Rise through the ranks of your company or workplace, suddenly get a promotion, become the top dog in your business or industry, become a leader!
  • Reputation Command respect from your peers, co-workers, boss or anyone else. Achieve monstrous success in all endeavors, obtain the legendary “midas touch”
  • Legal Matters Win any legal battle, gain the favor of judges, lawyers and the courtroom, never worry about prosecution, litigation or defending yourself again!
  • Genius and Creativity  Attain the brainpower and creativity of a genius, gain the spirit of innovation and increased knowledge in all areas of science, invent new technologies!
  • Wisdom Receive true wisdom to resolve any conflict, solve any challenges, bring peace to any situation, gain new understanding and super human perspective
  • Psychic Powers Achieve untold psychic power, activate spiritual forces and bend them to your will, gain absolute control over the very elements of creation itself!
  • Celestial Magic Learn the secrets of the stars, planets, moons and their celestial movements in the sky, gain insight and wisdom on their effects in your life!
  • And Much, Much More!

 Then the three of us started the training practice.

The first apprentice began chanting, while following my instructions on the jinn seal talisman use.

He started shifting the name to a different jinni’s name that was unknown prior.

I would correct him and he would shift.  I would correct him again and he would shift again.

He stuck to the shifted name and I began to feel powerful presences around us.

It wouldn’t be long before full on physical manifestations would take place.

Normally, I would go for the full results, but this was a training and not a full-fledged jinn evocation session.

I tried to get the apprentice out of his eyes wide-open trance, but he wouldn’t disengage.

I tried three times to physically stop him, but he wasn’t responding.

I eventually had to use magic to sever the jinn’s hold on him.

He appeared dazed and actually didn’t remember much of what happened or even the shift in the name.

My next apprentice took over. She is more experienced and had worked with me before in jinn evocations. 

She began to breathe heavily and moan loudly half way through the activation.

She was shaking all over and was about to collapse in a heap on the floor .

I had never seen her do that before.  I rushed to hold her up and steady her.

She recounted seeing all manner of dancing lights over the jinn seal talisman before feeling a powerful force almost push her to the ground.

I took the final round and I started working the jinn seal talismans.

My feet were firmly rooted.  The magical flow was exceptionally intense.

I could feel the power echo around me through the room.

It was like a powerful vortex has opened and was taking over everything.

What took me by surprise was that the jinn seal talisman was heaving up and down like a breathing chest.

I had gotten so used to relying on the power of evocation and my rings that I didn’t realize that I had neglected an amazing tool of great power that was taught to me by the jinn.

I sat down to discuss with my apprentices their experiences.

One of them commented that my face kept changing. She pointed out that for a time my hair reached my shoulders, which is impossible for my hair type.

She approached me afterward and pointedly told me these jinn seal talismans are dangerous for the inexperienced.

I almost agreed with her and promised her that I would never share them with anyone.

I say almost, because I realized that that the horse has long left its stable.

I have already shared the Jan ring, Solomon ring, and the Great of Pyramid of Power.

It would be meaningless gesture for me to keep this from you.

On the contrary, the right decision would be to make this tool accessible to you, especially if you’re working with the Jan tribe or possess the Jan ring.

These are also a powerful starting tool for those who wanted to contact the Jan tribe, but don’t possess the ring.


I prepared a special kit for you and here is what is included:

  • Thirteen Jan jinn seal talismans. Each is printed on Canvas 15 inches by 15 inches
  • Special power names audio file to use during the activation
  • PDF instructions filled with my step-by-step my secrets on how to awaken their power.

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