Manifest Unlimited Celestial Energy for Illumination, Wealth, Love, Strength, Expansion, Psychic Power, and Victory

This unique talisman is designed according to advanced planetary magic principles, which are rarely shared with the public.

Regular astrological talismans are often limited in their designs to general planetary magic squares and sigils.

This results in a copy and paste design for mass consumption.

However, we are unique individuals with unique planetary patterns.

A generic planetary talisman of Mercury may be helpful for improving one’s income. However, a Mercury talisman based on one’s own unique astrological map would be a much smarter choice.

This is an example of an astrological chart for a John Doe:

Each of Joe’s planets are aligned with specific planetary and zodiacal energy. It’s a like a fingerprint, and the same goes for you with your astrological chart.

Here is a critical point:

If you create a generic Mercury talisman, it will manifest through your own Mercury alignment. It is your birth filter. This has the potential to magnify and manifest both the positive and negative qualities already affecting your life. This is why people get mixed results from such talismans.

Its time to do things differently.

We’ll cast your personal chart and locate the exact degrees and signs of your planets.

The key is to enhance the positive energies working through you AND to minimize the negative planetary influences.

This is done by channeling the celestial forces that are TRINE to your planets.

For example, if your Mercury is in 8th degree of Aries then we awaken the powerful energies of Mercury in 8th degree of Leo and Sagittarius.

You can now experience a full blast of positive Mercurial energy that is laser targeted to your own personal imprint.

We will do this for all 7 planets ruling all major areas of your life.

This will lead to drastic improvements in all areas of your life.

You may be thinking that this might take years or decades to capture the planets in 14 degrees.

You would be right!

This is why we will hot wire the process by evoking the jinn directly associated with these degrees.

This provides you with 14 powerful jinn servitors tagged to you based on your natal chart.

PLUS, the Beni Jan Masters of the Gateways can open portals and gates at ANY TIME to these planets and let their cosmic energies flow to you.

We will further boost your talisman with an angelic working table engraved on its back.

This design combines mathematics and geometry in accordance to the celestial code embedded in nature.

Each shape represents a number and has a long history of magical use.

The shapes are arranged to spell out the first 100 digits of the magnificent PI.

This Golden Mean energy uses geometry to further infuse the talisman with power.

It is a magical principle that by name and images are all powers awakened and reawakened.

The names of the Jinn and the symbols of the PI merge together to form a dual power talisman.

Each talisman is engraved on 10cm by 10cm Sterling Silver.

Silver is chosen for its higher thermal then electrical conductivity and for being the best of all metals for both.

The names are recited over the talisman x100 times and a basic evocation is done over it. However, its your talisman, so its up to you to fully awaken its power. An instruction booklet is included to help you get started.

The cost of the talisman is $199.95, plus $50 world wide express shipping.


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Please note that while many practitioners are happy with their talismans, we cannot officially guarantee your own feelings or experiences. Because of this and because we cannot resell these talismans, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns on them.

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