Dear Magician, 

 When was the last time that you’ve looked up at the Moon and felt its power?

We’re so used to it being there that most people just give it a few second gaze.

 The Moon is more associated with Witchcraft than ceremonial magic these days.

Yet, the ancient Arabic magicians built their system around the Moon.

They looked up to it to determine the timing of their operations. 

The Jinn themselves rely heavily on the Moon in their own magical power and abilities.

The ancients listed seven powerful jinn kings that are a pillar to their magical system. 

I am sure you’ve run across their names repeatedly.

Three of these kings get very little attention in Arabic books.

One of them is al-Abyadh, who is associated with the Moon and Monday.

His name means ‘the white one’. 

One of the reason for his obscurity is his quiet nature.

You need the right tools to approach him or the connection will be hard to establish.  

What are the benefits of working with such a reclusive jinn king?

Let’s consider the power and domain of the Moon.

The Moon rules over emotions and emotions rule over people. 

The road to power and wealth is through the ability to influence people’s emotions.

Our politicians and elites understand this just too well.

Successful magicians know this too, while amateurs seek to use brute force and bend people to their will.

 The Moon rules over the time and age. The secret to longevity and agelessness start with the Moon.

 The Moon rules over water and by extension the blood.

The key to strong health starts in our blood and bodily fluids.

The Moon rules over reflection and illusion and by extension mental health. 

This also covers psychic abilities and ability to see and hear the unseen.

The Moon rules over tides and reversals and this extend to reversing black magic, misfortune, and negative flows.

Mastering Moon magic is no-brainer for anyone wanting a happy, healthy, successful long with good position among the people.

It is also no brainer that any jinn related to the Moon can boost all those areas in your life.

 The Jinn King of the Moon can help you with:

Ancestral inheritance

Guarding what belongs to you

Affecting the emotional responses of others

All things related to your house and your family

Receptivity from people around you to what you want.

Responsiveness from other jinn and spirits

Safety and security

Turning the tides

Inspiration in dreams and astral magic


Establishing a bond with him can provide you with security against enemies, make it easier to sway people to your side, and turn the tides in your life.

Most people turn to jinn who are aggressive and fiery and who operate out of domination. 

You can gain a lot more from working with a jinni who is able to influence people’s emotions and gain their favor.

You know the old saying? You can catch more flies with honey then vinegar? 

There is another little known fact about this jinn king.

He is one of the companions of the prophets of Islam. He is a pious and good natured jinn king.

This means he is safer to work with for a light worker.

Obviously, you will need the right tools to succeed.

Let’s start with his talismanic canvas:



This portal is printed on canvas 35inch by 35inchs with archival ink.

You will also receive the evocation of this king from classical Arabic manuscripts.

Plus, his knock knock beat and golden mean words of power.

You will also receive the powerful summoning name based on a secret jinn method never before made public.

Play the audio, call him by the secret names, and gaze at the magnificent portal.

His army of servitors are legion.

I will give you another rare gift.

It is the historical names of 15+ companion jinn of the prophet of Islam.

These are all powerful and mighty and pious jinn and very few grimoires even mention them.

Get their names, knock knock beats, golden mean, and summoning names.

These are powerful and pious jinn to work with under the domain of this king.

You may just experience a great covenant and witness even greater magic.

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