Dear fellow magician,

 When was the last time you did your chant?

Yes, that is a bit like asking a Christian when they last attended mass.

Most magicians engage in chanting without calling it that and they do it a lot.

A chant is basically a sacred phrase that has magical powers that is repeated to manifest something.

This could be a religious experience, a spiritual empowerment, or pure magic in action.

You can call it evocation or names of power or a summoning or whatever you like.

In effect, it is a magical chant, that you do and you believe will manifest something.

We can also call it a mantra, but mantras conjure images of mystics out of touch with the world, repeating the same phrases ad infinitum in the hopes of enlightenment.

Many Western magicians might argue why bother when they can just summon spirits to do their bidding.

Hindu magicians and mystics believe mantras can do a hell of a lot for you in this world form banishing bad luck to generating wealth.

Does that work in practice? Sometimes.

The chant is one half of a coin. The other half is the magical activation of the chant.

You need both halves before you can cash that coin and get your prize.

It is amazing how few are aware of this and even less who have both halves.

This is what makes this course so unique.

I will give you both halves for 99 different chants for spiritual and life mastery.

Enlightenment? Covered

Money and wealth? Covered

Inner peace? Covered

Love and affection? Covered

Personal power? Covered

Yes, 99 different mantras for 99 different areas of your life.

It is the ultimate pack for full life-mastery if you apply it diligently.

The only thing missing is the magical ingredient – your will.

Your will to pick it up, your will to practice, and your will to keep on applying it through your life.

The chants are designed using the Golden Mean numerology.

They have no intrinsic linguistic meaning, but are created to awaken the energy using the harmonics within the universe.

They can be used by anyone. I have included multiple videos for pronunciation training.

You can follow me as I teach you how to pronounce each word in those chants step by step in multiple videos.

You have the unique activation for each chant with both its angelic and jinn servitors.

Yes, that is almost a hundred angels and jinn names for you to call and summon in every area you need.

I am also giving you the knock-knock beat for both the angels and jinn. 


That is nearly 200 knock-knock files.

I will also give you the water activation ritual for each of these chants.

The water activation ritual imbues your physical and energetic body on a very tangible level with the powers awakened.

They come with the magical square for each of these chants to help further concentrate the power during the water charging process.

So, let’s recap what you will be getting:

99 powerful chants for every area of your life that you can imagine

99 angels and jinn to call upon to manifest these powers in your life

99 short evocations to activate these mantras

99 different water rituals using 99 different talismans

Multiple videos with pronunciation training to make it easy for you to master these mantras

This is one of the most complete chant packages, that not only give you out of the box solutions, but also teaches you a very powerful procedure.

You can then adapt the same exact process to any other chant from any tradition and finally get them to do what the ancients promised.

But, for a short time, I am going to add a little candy to this overflowing sweet pot. 


I am going to give you a rare angelic conjuration and the name of the angel that leads the Throne Angels

This is based on an untranslated Persian manuscript in a private collection. Check this page from the manuscript:

The bonus will be available only until the clock runs out.









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