tingling and pulsating on the crown of my head…and my room was getting like water.

A. N.

Its vibrating and there is light, but then I see a man like figure standing in the void of space…

S. T.

Felt cold to start then flushes of heat….but felt more like alien entities. I feel its used as a portal


I felt a strong pressure in my head, like my brain was going to explode through my ears. Then, I felt removed, at peace and expectant. Then remote and isolated, but radiant. It’s like the energy is sent through the moon, which boosts it.


Twenty years ago Nineveh Shadrach received a transmission while working with the jinn. It was written in the form of 48 magic squares using the Latin alphabet as placeholders.

These squares formed a single talisman for the purposes of evoking the lunar energy and contacting lunar jinn. It did what it promised.

A decision was made to share a printed version with a select few. The 48 Silver Leaves is not a book on magic, but a magical book.

The whole book from the front page to the last page is designed to be a talisman and a magical key. The book doesn’t contain any instructions or spells, but IS the key to the magic.

Many that have acquired it have reported all kinds of experiences with entities outside this planet. The book pages are to be used with the Moon to open the lunar gateways and mansions as used by the jinn.

This remains for the most daring of magicians …

You can acquire the printed book here: 48 Silver Leaves Printed Book + Audio

The book originally was intended to be made on pure silver. The silver version is for those looking to follow the exact instructions of the jinn and unleash its power as intended.

The silver version consist of 48 sheets of pure 99.99% silver. Each sheet is 6 inches by 5.5 inches. This is 10000 grams of pure silver. The sheets are drilled and bound together with silver threads.

They are engraved during proper lunar alignments and the various names are changed over them.

This grimoire is one of a kind in the history of magic.

You can purchase the book in one complete purchase or in increments via sheets. Your book will only be shipped to you once all sheets have been purchased and assembled. In the mean time, we will send you images of the sheets you purchased to confirm their creation. Due to the nature of this product, there is no refund or return.



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