The Big Secret of the 360 Jinn

The Holy Book of Islam tells us that the Jinn were created before mankind from smokeless fire.

It speaks of the creation of Jan.

Then it talks of the fall of Iblis after the arrival of mankind and the transformation of Iblis into Shitan (Satan).

Isaac said Jubir and Othman told me: that God created the jinn and commanded them with the construction of the land. They used to worship God for a long time. They then disobeyed God and spilled the blood. Amongst them was a king (angel?) called Yosef and they killed him.

God sent against them angelic troops that were in the skies of this world. These troops had amongst them jinn and amongst them was Iblis. He was leading a company of 4,000.

They descended from the sky and genocide the children of Jan upon the earth and removed them from it. They chased them into the islands within the oceans. Iblis and who was with him (from the jinn) resided upon the earth and they enjoyed their residency.

The children of Jan made a home not just on remote islands, but also outside of the earth itself.

This is effectively known as the ancient Jinn epoch vs the new Jinn epoch.

The new one emerged with Iblis and his descendants and companions.

Most of the magical grimoires today involve working with Jinn from the new epoch. Many of the kings and names that appeared in medieval texts are tied to the descendant of Iblis or allied tribes.

Are there still jinn from the old epoch around? Are there any of them that are still good and righteous?

Yes, you see the secrets of this old kingdom are kept alive and maintained by seven powerful jinn that are almost unknown to mankind.

They are known as the Council of Seven, while Iblis is known as the Green Dragon.

The last known location of the Council of Seven resides somewhere in Tibet.

They travel using portals or gates tied in to the Moon. The secrets of Moon Mansions is part of the old epoch knowledge.

This is why short of brief description or names almost no one knows anything about them.

Witches turn to the Moon to draw down its power, but they don’t realize its importance to the jinn.

Some believe the Jinn have made a home inside the Moon itself.

The Beni Ghilan from the new epoch are the powerful magicians of the jinn. They connected with the star Algol and their leader is Ghoul.

The Beni Sijharnah are the magicians of the old epoch.

There are seven kings in the new epoch that correspond to five planets in addition to the Sun and Moon.

There are thirteen kings in the old epoch that correspond to eleven planets in addition to the Sun and Moon.

In a bit of irony, Surat Yosef in the Quran has this verse:

[Of these stories mention] when Joseph said to his father, “O my father, indeed I have seen [in a dream] eleven stars/planets and the sun and the moon; I saw them prostrating to me.””

The word used is Kawkeb, which means planets, but it in antiquity some called stars Kawakeb.

You can see now how the materials on the Council of Seven, the Jan and the 13, and the Beni Sijharnah all work together.

You will soon be introduced to the names of the Jan tribe that reside on the Moon and how to begin to activate Lunar Gates.

This leaves one of the most important factions of the Beni Jan. The Keepers of the Pathways.

Those are three hundred and sixty jinn that circle the earth. They open portals between us and the cosmos.

They turn an otherwise general evocation or magical working into super laser that penetrates the veils.

From all the Beni Jan, those are the easiest to reach and quickest to lend in support and aid.

They are the first ones I recommend people work with, because they will open the door to the entire old epoch magic.

You can summon them direct or ask them to summon also on your behalf.

It’s combining jinn and human magic together into one power sphere.

Their talismanic keys can be used to call them direct or to activate celestial gates.

They can be used in variety of spells and can also be used as powerful protection against all manners of negativity.

Last week, I’ve announced the group buy on engraving costs for a set of 360 talismans.

The deal was capped at twenty-eight magicians.

There are only a few spots still open.

First come first serve…

The price is 0.62 cents per talisman for engraving cost per talisman. These are double sided talismans, so it is 0.31 cent per side.

The talismans themselves are worth their weight in gold to a discerning magician.

This offer will not be available for ever. It’s over once the slots are filled or the clock ticks to zero.



Offer Expires








Q1) How much will the materials cost or shipping cost?

A1) It depends on the materials and their thickness. It also depends on where you live and your preferred shipping method. We will give you options and you can choose. We need 45-60 days to make sure we found and negotiated the cheapest deal.

Q2) What is your markup on engraving, materials, or shipping?

A2) ZERO!  We make not a single cent from this group buy.

Q3) Do I have to pay the rest all at once?

A3) You can pay the actual cost of the materials and shipping all at once or in installments at your convenience. No rush and no push.

Q4) Can I take advantage of this offer later?

A4) I’m sorry, but no. Once this group buy is finished, engraving cost will be market price of $10-15 for the set. We can only negotiate this deal once. You can pay $224 now or you can pay $3600-5400 later.

Q5) If you’re making no money, why are you doing this?

A5) We’re doing it, because we care and we want to help people turn their lives around. We believe these jinn keys are very helpful tool in this regard. We would like to see good people achieve success in all areas of their lives.






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