360 Celestial Jinn Webinar
I thought your previous seminar was one of your best. It was real, hands-on, practical advice. After kicking around with some of the techniques, I noticed a genuine improvement in my magical experiences. I have found Nineveh Shadrach to be one of the most down to earth online teachers.”
Frater BM


I felt lost going through your Jinn Secret Report II. I was about to put it on my ‘come back to it’ list when I had a major financial emergency. I used couple of the names in a makeshift spell. I was delighted by the results. Thanks for sharing this with us.
Lisa, Fontana

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    If you own a legitimate copy of Jinn Secrets Report 2
    • Live webinar on the celestial jinn
    • Mp3 of their names being pronounced
    • Archival recording
    • Free 1 hour 1-on-1 consultation
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  • P. S. I look forward to meeting you there. I promise you that you’ll walk away satisfied with the powerful methods that I’ll be sharing with you. My experiences with these jinn have so far been fantastic. I look forward to hearing about your amazing stories in the months to come. ~NINEVEH SHADRACH
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