16 Minutes Of Easy Magic A Day

Keeps The Bill Collectors Away

The bills are piling up.

Business is struggling to make a profit.

Projects are stalled with lack of funding.

Cash flow is tight and the words ‘Can I afford it?’ keep popping up.

Stress. Stress. And More Stress.

Hard to enjoy life when money worries act like a cruel demon.

Time to watch the superheroes on TV to chill out and relax.

Spiderman lives with his mom in a tiny apartment.

Superman works as a reporter in a newspaper and gets yelled at.

Batman is rich, because he was born into money. However, you almost never see him hosting a board meeting for Wayne Enterprises.

He fights crooks in the alley, but doesn’t give shelter to the homeless there.

No one is going to save the poor from their poverty – not even in fantasy TV.

In the morning, those bills will still be there.

You’ve done everything right, but things aren’t working out.

You’re not spiderman, superman, or batman, but goddamn it, you’re a magician.

You have the power to change it, but the question lies in how?

One popular method is to summon a spirit and ask it for aid.

That is actually the number #1 request that I get from people.

“Do you have a jinni that can help me with money?”

My answer usually is work with the 360 Celestial Jinn + Planetary magic.

The system requires dedication, skill, practice, and time to master.

You bet the follow up question is:

“Do you have an easier way?”

My answer usually is work with the name Baduh. It takes only a few weeks of mantra and evocation to unlock the name.

I’ve heard from people who have had amazing results with both methods.

Promotions happened. Income doubled. Opportunities opened up.

Yet, people struggle with time, energy, and ability to put in the work to unlock these methods.

They need something that they can do quickly every day to keep the positive energy of wealth flowing.

The answer is simple. Number magic is the best solution.

Baduh is a result of number magic after all. It is derived from the corners of the 3x3 magic square.











 B (2) D (4) U (6) H (8)

The name Baduh appears in ancient Arabic manuscripts as the primary power name for both love and prosperity.

I combined the power of the name Baduh with the universal divine signature of the Golden Mean to produce 31 numbers for wealth, prosperity, and good luck in life.

It takes less than 20 minutes a day to fully activate the number to begin working in your life.

Here is something else that is cool:

Numbers are so innocuous that you can do this magic right there in the open and no one would even notice or blink.

You’re having a business meeting or job interview and need that boost?

You can do it right then and there and no one will think you’re weird or strange.

You don’t need to master jinn summoning.

You don’t need complex tools or incense.

You don’t need knowledge of astrology and timing.

You don’t need to be an adept or master magician.

These methods are so simple that regular people on Tiktok are doing them!

They have no training whatsoever and are just going about it haphazardly.

They are still reporting success.

You will have an advantage over them due to:

  • Getting a set of numbers based on legit magical principles not random social media shares
  • Getting magically sound methods of activation – do it right for max benefits
  • Getting advanced secret elements that will turbo charge your number magic

 The beauty of this system is you can use it in conjunction with any other method of prosperity magic that you rely on. It is tradition and current neutral.

It is something you can do while waiting in traffic or at the cashier’s line.

Why be bored when you can have prosperity energy flowing through your life?

The book contains everything you need to get started right away growing your own money tree.

As a bonus, the first five to get a copy of my book will also get the list of Grabovoi numbers for wealth and their magical words of activation. 



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