THOUSANDS of years ago…

Wise men and women spent countless hours using ancient grimoires to manifest real magic.

Today hundreds of men and women, just like you, continue to pursue real magic for spiritual illumination and better living.

My name is Nineveh Shadrach. I’ve been researching and practicing sacred magic for 25+ years. I would like to welcome you to our humble online abode.

My story is probably not that different from yours. I started out searching and testing things on my own. Some things worked and lots didn’t.

Years later, I joined a Golden Dawn group and rose up in ranks. Eventually, I got tired of the politics and I got tired of the mental approach and esoteric theater.

I was ravenous for more. I’ve searched in the East and in the West for the secrets left by the ancient magicians. Decades later and with many mind blowing experiences to share around the campfire, I’m still driven thanks to a powerful motivator.

It is the belief in real practical magic that produces tangible results.

I found what I’ve been looking for in a 1000+ years old system.

You might be thinking? Does it work? Does it involve demons or some form of the dark art?

I get it.

There are many people online promising you quick power via the dark side or demonic evocations. There are also many magicians who will tell you straight out that it’s all in your head and it’s a form of psychology.

Don’t be mislead by the fact that black magic is the most popular and profitable forms of magic. Don’t be disheartened because many vocal magicians have become jaded and skeptical. I’ll tell you why:

Many of my students have witnessed mind blowing magical results without doing anything dark or summoning demons.

Many who’ve used my materials or were with me have seen ‘spirits’ lift objects, talismans swing on their own, and there were three confirmed cases of teleportation. That’s not all, but if you want to know more, then you’re going to have to hang around.

Yes, it sounds outright unbelievable, but it is magic. It is the magic promised in ancient texts. The only difference between us is I already experienced it and know it to be true. I didn’t listen to the naysayers who tried to convince me that it is all b.s. or that it is a result of ancient drug use or it is just a blind for something psychological.

Yes, I was determined to continue to push things until I succeeded. You see I was of mind that it is better to be thought of as a fool and continue to push the boundaries then be considered like everyone else and give up. The promises of the books of old came true for me and many with me.

I’ll be sharing with you all my powerful secrets and methods through thousands of pages and hundreds of hours of video instructions. All is left is for you to put it to practice.

Let me be clear: The promises of these ancient grimoires are TRUE, but they’re also difficult for most to attain. I don’t have these amazing manifestations daily and I don’t promise you that you’ll get them in a day or a month or a year. I’m not there to guide you by hand, so I don’t know what you’re doing. All I can give you is genuine materials, regular assistance, honest claims, and much loving support.

10,000+ have our materials. Here is what one of them had to say:

Sacred White Magic is the Most Powerful Elixir of Ascendance, Mastery, and Transformation.

The Elect Sought It. The Sages Transmitted It.

Experience It.

I can guarantee you that our materials are:


Free of Black Magic Methods


Designed To Work Only With Good Angels and Jinn


Tested And Used By Us


Fluff-Free Based On Ancient Real Magic

I’ve used the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram for years. But, when shit hits the fan, I turn to the Shield of the Magi taught by you guys. Nothing gets through. J. Wilson

Ceremonial Magician

I was shocked when I first saw my money talisman spin all on its own. I thought you guys were just pulling my leg. It feels like an electric current up my arm every time I touch it. Kimberly


You came recommended to me by my temple chief. At first, I wasn’t sure how the energies will mix. I can see now that his recommendation was well founded. Thank you for sharing such potent methods with the rest of us. I haven’t had such intense experiences in a long time. Timothy


white magic witch

 You’ve met our mentor Nineveh Shadrach. Now, I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Cheryl.

I’m a member of the staff of the Magic Society of the White Flame.

We care and it’s important to us that you know that.

All of us are dedicated to providing you and other sincere seekers with the tools to grow your magical experiences and to have a better life.

Our team has invested hundreds of hours into translating ancient grimoires and putting forth advanced and rare magical materials.

We are dedicated to all of our apprentices and that includes regular personalized instructions in the secrets of the powerful and ancient art of white magic.

By the way, I  prepared a special gift package that I hope you’ll like.

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