“Month-Long ‘Waits’ For Ritual Magic Results…

Shortened To A Few Days?


YES! All Thanks To a Strange Ancient Drawing

That May Be The Closest Thing To A Magical ‘Worm Hole’.”

From: The Temple Of Nineveh Shadrach,
To: Current And Prospective Students of Magic,


Let me start with a nice and sweet real-life analogy to give you an inkling of the magnitude of this.

Imagine the difference between getting your Vitamin D from the Sun’s reflection in the mirror, versus bathing your entire body naked under direct high-noon Sunlight.

That is the difference between accessing watered down levels of magical energy (levels that would still take you a while to successfully access after long periods of focused chanting, meditation and sensitivity-building)…

… and using what I now call the “Magus Gates Wormhole” to open the floodgates and practically saturate yourself and your ritual space with full-spectrum magical currents.

Different, yes? And boy did I get a first-hand lesson in just how “different” when I first used the Magus Gates in…


A Week-long Ordeal I Will Never Forget.

It took place many years ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday.

See, I was only beginning to experiment with the Magus Gates.

I had learned about them and their original construction by the enigmatic Babylonian Wizard-King, Enmerkar (before he disappeared).

I asked my teachers – The Watchers – for guidance on constructing the original Magus Gates.

The originals were believed to be carvings with sacred cuneiform inscriptions on “spinning black rocks”.

If I told you their reasons for opting NOT to guide me on constructing the originals, you probably wouldn’t believe me.

Suffice it to say, I had a compelling reason to respect their wishes, and instead, opted to create a watered down “prototype” version of the Gates… with the aid of the Jinn.

This version comprised of 2d drawings on natural fabric.

Anyway, the drawing completed with the aid of the Jinn and my ritual space set up, I decided that I was going to open a portal to the star Sirius.

I had worked with that star system before, magically connecting to it by other means, and all I wanted to do was to find out if using these knock-off drawings of the original stone carvings would make any difference.

The result?

Moments into this experiment, and I had to frantically shut down the gateway!

And… that did NOT help what followed.

By the time I sealed it off, I had already absorbed so much energy from that star system, my then-wife Frances refused to sleep with me… for days!

There was palpable, oven-like heat, radiating a whole foot in all directions from my body…

… and it might well have gotten a lot worse, had I not made my frantic “timely” decision to close off the opened gateway to the star system (and the subsequent, frequent ice-baths) …


… And All That, Despite Connecting To Sirius Using A
Knock-off Version Of The Original Magus Gates!

 Oh, but it gets stranger.

See, the Watchers decided to give me the space-time coordinates to a point in the distant past, and to use the tool to connect to the events that took place there.

Even after my intense experience with Sirius, I figured, since their coordinates were set at time in the past (ancient Sumer), I’d just get impressions or visions of a “human” event at best, and none of the keister-burning I got from connecting to a star.

Instead, what I got was the realization that outside that veil people were alive and about. But, not just!

Whoever was behind that veil was able to take control of the gate and was using it to travel to my time.

All I could do was watch in shock and a bit of horror until it dawned on me that I really needed to shut it down immediately. The potential of a physical breach was not hypothetical.

“Does This Really Allow Me To Access The Past?”

This is when I realized that the even 2D-printed version of the original Magus Gate was absolutely nothing to be underestimated or trifled with.

I will admit, a part of me feared that there would be potential for abuse, and that’s why, in my book (Magic That Works) I decided to give exercises for creating an astral version of the Magus Gate.

But that was then, more than twenty years ago, and here we are now, with far more experience and safety checks.

I can now report with good news that the Magus Gate… especially with my instructions followed faithfully… can very safely and effectively take you to heights in your magical practice that you’ve probably never dreamed of.

Here are some of them:

  • Want to embody the Fire element for workings dealing with leadership, inspiration, love and charisma? Open a portal to the realm of the Fire and tap into its Ruhaniah to infuse you at an intense level, allowing you to vibrate with Fire for success in each of these life areas.
  • Want to embody the Water element for workings dealing with longevity, staying power, purification and healing? Open a portal to the realm of the Water and tap into its Ruhaniah to take cleansing and healing rituals to hitherto unreachable depths.
  • Want to embody the Wind element for workings dealing with heightened intellect, refined intention-setting and connection with Life Force? Open a portal to the realm of the Wind and tap into its Ruhaniah, and experience your cognition, intuition, rightly-guided intentions and even your qigong and meditation receive initiation-level boosts.
  • Want to embody the Earth element for workings dealing with grounding into MORE of your ‘self’? Open a portal to the realm of the Earth and tap into its Ruhaniah, and then experience the false masks fall off as you attain a deeper ability to quickly integrate with the fragments of yourself that you’ve given away, solidifying into more of your authentic, empowered REAL self.
  • Want to know if a certain distant planet or star system’s energies will help or hinder you? Open portals to the planet or star system and take advantage of the intensity (an ‘intensity’ made possible only thanks to the portals) to know almost instantly if they are allies in your quest for excellence or hindrances to be ignored…
  • Want to access the full-spectrum energies of Venus, Jupiter, the Sun, the Moon, Saturn, Mars and Mercury for an amazing edge in love, life and wealth? Open a portal to these planetary allies, and access levels of their energies NOT possible by mantras and chanting the names of the Jinn alone, and embody their vibrations for faster, deeper integration and greater success.
  • Want to become your own Nostradamus? Want to predict winning stocks? Or get answers and clarity on past events and historical figures that even the most sophisticated historians aren’t privy to? Open portals in time both past and future. You can be your own historian or prediction wizard, and figure out answers to historical facts that are lost to human consciousness.
  •  And SO much more!


It is probably not at all a stretch to say the Magus Gate package I now offer for sale may be the most game-changing tool for ritual success I’ve ever offered.

See, creating the Magus Gate in print-form – correctly modeled in 2D after the original, in the RIGHT “body size”, complete with the dragon and cuneiform script – requires a degree of artistic ability that will prove too cumbersome for the vast majority of my readers.

It took this magician THREE years to make his own set. Check out what he says in the video below. 


It is such a consequential, result-amplifying addition to your ritual space, that you want to go the distance and create a gorgeous, evocative Magus Gate. If you want to save on three years of labor and want something for you, ready-to-go, then continue on reading. 

You will receive a 48 inch by 48 inch Magus Gate printed on natural canvas. Along with the Magus Gates, you will be given a PDF that’s an updated version of the instructions on how to activate the Magus Gates, found in my seminal book: “Magic That Works”.

When you consider that the results you get from your magical workings with the Magus Gates are results that normally take far longer (therefore requiring greater resources emotional, financial and material) to attain, you’ll hopefully agree that the $300 asking price for a single Magus Gate is fair.

And hopefully, you will agree that it’s only fair I raise the prices once the initial promotional period ends.

But for now, I’ve decided to offer each Magus Gate at…

An Action-Taker Special Of $149

Best part? You can have your choice from one of the three Magus Gate packages:

And now, it is decision-time.

You can take a magical walk spanning days from your starting point to your destination.

Or you can take the car and arrive at a fraction of the time.

The Magus Gates are the four wheels of that “car” taking you there.

Yours in Power,

Nineveh Shadrach

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