Dear Magician,

 I want you to imagine for a moment that you are the president of the United States of America.

You are sitting in the Oval Office surrounded by your advisors.

You’ve just been informed that President Putin has less than 48 hours to live.

He knows it too.

He has decided for the Samson option and ordered a secret decapitating nuclear strike on all his enemies in NATO.

The only way to save millions is to act first by ordering your own nuclear first strike.

Your Secretary of Defense and head of Joint Chiefs are looking pale.

“We don’t have anything to back this up,” they tell you.

Of course, they don’t!

You think to yourself: It will be too late, by the time the proof is out.

You trust your source. Purson has been your go-to goetic spirit for years.

Do you act on the vision you received in the mirror by Purson and order a nuclear strike?

Do you listen to your human advisors who only rely on human intelligence and hold back?

The destiny of humanity is in the balance! What will you do?

The scenario may seem ludicrous.

However, let’s face it, many magicians today rely on guidance based on these spirit communions via mirrors and other scrying devices.

Thousands of humans have spent tens of thousands of hours of their own lives doing Enochian magic based on Edward Kelly’s own visions in the glass.

The destiny of humanity may not be in the balance, but their individual destiny is.

Mirrors and crystal balls like the Ouija board are a tool of communication.

You would be wrong to assume that no one will make a life altering decision based on a Ouija board communication.

People do that every day and magicians do the same with their scrying.

But, surely, not politicians and world leaders!

In antiquity, powerful world leaders made use of magicians and astrologers for that same exact reason.

They sought access to secret knowledge that will give them the upper hand.

That was given to them by their magicians, who had children scry ink dots on their tiny palms.

Do you really believe that not a single world leader today is secretly making use of such an edge?

You would be right to be challenging me at this point:

Nineveh, you are the anti-smoke and mirror guy! What gives?

My issues are not in the methods, but how people are using it and seeing it.

Thirty years ago, someone asked me to scry an answer for them.

I said sure. What is the question?

They said – nope – we are not going to tell you the question.

I had less than 5 minutes to scry an answer to a question that I knew nothing about.

If I answered correctly that meant that my ability was legit and that the spirit in question was legit.

If I answered incorrectly that meant either my ability was still not strong enough or that the spirit that I was talking to was part of my own ego.

I answered correctly.

This showed me both the power of the method and the importance of testing yourself.

For years after, I’ve seen magicians scry without verification and testing and then follow on the advice they received with sometimes disastrous results.

You need the right tool and the right approach or you will condemn yourself to decades of ego delusions.


The Grimoire of Mirrors is my little contribution to helping you achieve your best results.

The Grimoire of Mirrors is based on ancient set of names that appears in various Arabic grimoires.

They are listed in al-Buni’s books and the books of many other master magicians.

They are called the 7 Names of the Moon.

They form the basis for a unique system of beneficial magic used in medieval times.

The system combines these names with angelic and jinn powers to manifest all kind of positive life events.

You will discover the 7 Names of the Moon from al-Buni and other classical sources.

You will discover the secret behind their origin and formation.

You will possess their unique magic squares.

You will discover the unique jinn attributed to them by ancient Arabic magicians. Get their Golden Mean and Knock Knock beats.

You will discover the unique servitors of the NIGHTS according to ancient Arabic grimoires. Get their Golden Mean and Knock Knock beats.

You will then get the additional 17 names of the Moon not revealed anywhere before. Get their corresponding Jinn servitors and Golden Mean plus Knock Knock beats.

You will also get 99 additional mirror names and their servitors and Golden Mean and Knock Knock beats.

I will then share with you a classical Arabic magic evocation that uses the 7 Moon Names and their servitors that is easy for any beginner to do with minimal tools.

I have combined all this to give you a powerful scrying ritual that you can use for effective communication in any kind of jinn or angelic communion.

Discover also how to fashion a powerful magical mirror with limited crafting ability.

Get the Grimoire of Mirrors before the bonus offer expires and also get:

The mirror names for many popular jinn found in Arabic books.

A diagram that hints to (but not reveal) the design of a magic mirror like you’ve never seen before.





Disclaimer: The Book of Mirrors doesn’t teach scrying or how to develop vision abilities and the success attained will depend on your own personal ability.

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