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Shadhili Sufi Magic Webinar

Join us as we explore one of his most famous magical treatise: al-Sir al-Jaleel also known as the Guarded Jewel.

Through the pages of this treatise we find many techniques and methods based on Arabic and Islamic magic for:


  • Solid protection from all harm
  • Pushing away all kinds of maledictions
  • Connecting with leaders of the community
  • A bag of endless money manifestation
  • Connecting with a princely servitor for all kinds of life assistance
  • Powerful jinn ritual which promises a magical self-illuminating ring
  • Forbidden secrets of how curse your enemies with all manner of afflictions
  • Prayer of Openness and Closeness for Spiritual Empowerment
  • Powerful Sufi spell for love and attraction
  • Talisman for knowledge of the unseen and all hidden mysteries
  • Water divination using the jinn
  • Secret Mystical Circle of Power
  • Much more…


Sir al-Jaleel is one of the oldest Arabic manuscripts that evokes the angels in the quarters long before the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. It is short on theory and heavy on practical down to earth magical methods that relies on Divine names, Quranic verses, and good spirits.

The webinar replay comes with the original Arabic book plus complete translation into English.

This is a must have for any serious practitioners of Arabic magic and those looking for authentic Sufi magic.