“It’s Like Being Reborn…With

A Better Natal Chart!

In Just Thirty Minutes Of Listening Per Day,

You Too Can Draw The Intelligence Of The Planets

To Reshape Your Reality.


From: The Soon-to-Be Island Tower of Nineveh Shadrach
To: New & Current Students of Planetary, Protection and Angelic Magic


Dear Students,

 All it takes is listening to these “sound-seeds” (more on them in a moment) for just thirty minutes per day, and then chanting a ten-second “power phrase” you will learn about after each listening.

 And the result?

 I invite you – no, dare you – to imagine what life would feel, look and sound like when powers older than life on this very planet intervene and quietly rearrange the “chess-pieces” of your daily circumstances for the better… right before your very eyes.

 I am talking about circumstances that encompass every theatre: Your finances, your love life, your family life, your social life, your spiritual life…

 Reading what I am about to tell you might have your sceptical mind firing on all cylinders…

 Or it might cause you to think: “The premise sounds incredible… but… wouldn’t that be a little unfair on everyone else?”

 Listen: Life is not fair

There are inexorable forces that separate the Donald Trumps, the Elon Musks and the Jeff Bezoses of the world from the janitors mopping the floors of their mansions, their towers and their gold-plated toilets.

 There are folks born weak-bodied, weak-willed, prone to disease, and there are folks who seem blessed with an unfair edge in strength, health and fitness well into old age.

 There are children who just can’t grasp mathematics in school to save their own lives no matter how hard they work, while other prodigy kids breeze through calculus like it’s a Grade 2 storybook.

 There are malevolent actors on the world stage who break every rule in the book, and yet seem to enjoy financial and romantic pleasures they’ve not earned, while good-meaning, hard-working, honest human beings wallow in lack and quiet desperation.

 And yet, we all breathe the same oxygen, share the same dreams, cultivate the same hopes and shed the same tears…

 So what gives? Why should life be seemingly unfair? Here’s the cold hard true:

 “Luck” Is Neutral

 I prefer calling it “Reality”. So said another way, Reality is neutral. It has no agenda, and is neither for nor against you. Sometimes, this “neutrality” tends to tilt in our favour. Other times, it is experienced in painful, even life-threatening, ways.

 Now here’s the good news: Reality is fluid, and responsive.

 Why? Because it is underpinned by driving forces determined by planetary placements on one’s chart at the time of birth, that are potentiators of our individual destinies.

 Just as everything else is comprised of energy and information, so too is LUCK.

 The ancients recognized that the components that make up “luck” (energy and information) are configured by the placements of the planets in the cosmos at the time of one’s birth.

 Thinking about it, and reflecting on how incredibly responsive the human brain (elasticity) and human DNA (epigenetics) are to incoming environmental information, should not our scepticism leave at least some room for the possibility that the ancients were onto something?

 Here’s what I’ve come to recognize in my own experience, as well as those of my students, as well as reviewing many thousands of pages of literature that spanned many cultures:

Planetary placements ultimately determine both the length and quality of the life-track that follows the formation of new neural pathways in an infant’s brain… practically from the minute they draw breath outside a mother’s womb.

Now here’s where it gets exciting: The sages of old – who occupied a world not yet bogged down by distractions that erode modern man’s focus – spent much time in deep meditation and contemplation, connecting to cosmic and planetary forces.

 Over the course of many centuries, through experimental trial and error and revelations, they came to recognize that with the right tool, one could fundamentally shift the nature of a given reality (including LUCK), by changing the information-component of that reality.

 What tool is that? Mantras of course!

  Sound Is The Key

  By pioneering certain combinations of sounds into “mantras”, the sages of old were able to tap into different energy streams, drawing on them like one would draw water from a well to nourish a garden.

 From the destiny-shifting body of teachings they’ve left behind, I discovered a remarkable combination of sounds that I call Planetary Mantras.

 These Mantras connect you with the Rouhaniyyah – or Intelligence – of each of the planets, allowing you to…

 Tilt The “Unfairness” Of Life In YOUR
Favour And Attain All The Desires That Your
Kind, Deserving Heart Is Entitled To!

  Here’s an inkling of the possibilities:

  • Is your romantic life lacklustre? Imagine what life would look like when you experience every day with the Venusian chart of a romance-pulling Casanova… or experience heightened attraction with the romantic partner you’re already with.
  • Have you been hounded by physical ailments and slow recuperation? Imagine a far more cooperative body, a quicker bounce-back from physical upsets, and heightened energy levels with the Solar chart of a longevity sage in perfect health…
  • Do you feel like some people easily overstep your boundaries? Imagine the newfound assertiveness and confidence coursing through you with the Martian chart of a powerful martial artist or charismatic leader.
  • Do you sometimes feel like uncertainty pervades everything you do? Imagine a Jupiter in your chart so strong that you experience every day illuminated by aha-moments and ready wisdom that allows you to generate luck and “correct action” in the right time at the right place, on command.
  • Finding difficulty connecting and understanding people? Imagine a Moon activated in the best possible placement in your chart, allowing you to get people on a deeper level, paving the way for bliss in your interpersonal skills. What would that do to your social life? How would that dissolve any remnant of social anxiety you may still have?
  • Finding challenges attracting new clients to your business or cause? Imagine a Mercury placement in your chart so auspicious that clients and well-wishers now come to you without your having to chase anymore…
  • Difficulty learning lessons from past mistakes and seeing repeat-patterns? Imagine Saturn’s energy allowing difficulties and reoccurring patterns to finally dissolve like salt in water, freeing you to pursue whatever your heart desires without self-sabotage and sudden hurdles.

And here’s the best news of all…

 You Can Shift Your Destiny By Bringing These New
“Planetary Alliances” To Your Side…

… Without Spending Gruelling Hours In Practice!


That’s right. The mantras have already been pre-recorded for you, chanted with their correct pronunciations by a native speaker trained in the expert pronunciation of the words (called “Qaari’”).

Here’s how it works: Let’s say you wish to experience what life would be like with an increase in personal charisma and leadership.

You refer to the list of pre-recorded MP3s. You will see that there is an MP3 for each of the planets, in each of the houses, in each of the signs.

 You simply pick the recording of Mars in Capricorn in the 10th House, and then, you listen to it for 30 minutes per day, for up to 30 days.

And then watch in amazement as you experience people deferring to you, smiling at you more, wanting to add you to their networks with greater frequency.

Or… let’s say you wish to attract a significant other who is serious about marriage and raising a family. Simple: Just change track to the pre-recorded MP3 of Venus in Libra in the 7th House, and voila!

At 30 minutes of attentive, relaxed listening per day, Reality will re-arrange itself and place events and circumstances in your direction in such a way that draws your ideal romantic prospect closer and closer to you.


The Permutations Are As
Endless As Life’s Possibilities!


And the best part? The effects will last for up to 6 months, at which point you can repeat the same relaxing exercise again.

Now, my friend, I invite you to carefully think of the ramifications of a life lived this way for a moment.

What would that do to the decrease in your stress and anxiety levels over what tomorrow could hold?

What would that decrease in stress and anxiety – hallmarks of a life lived in quiet desperation – do to your mental and physical health? To your longevity?

What would that decrease in fear and anxiety do to your capacity to step into life and to SHOW UP without hiding anymore.

What would your life look like knowing when you show up as the best, most authentic version of yourself, knowing that your world – aided by the planets – is taking care of you, in the most intimate way possible?

What price-tag would you place on a package that delivers all the above and more?

Now I get it: “all the above” is still a bit further ahead, and right NOW, we need to start somewhere that’s both realistic and affordable.

And so when I checked in with myself, I felt that releasing the Planetary Mantra Package for an introductory $397 was fair.

I am hoping you’d agree, especially when you consider there are more expensive courses out there that tackle just ONE life area (and, in my humble opinion, not half as powerfully).

I mean consider what you are getting for my asking investment:

144 Pre-Recorded Mantras, Each 30 Minutes Long: designed for you to listen to for 30 minutes per day, infusing your own matrix with the activated energy of the planets… ($997 value)


The Planetary Mantra Instructional PDF: Clear instructions on exactly how to use the pre-recorded MP3s, and the “power phrase” (I call this the “charging”) you are to verbally utter at the end of each 30-minute mantra listening session. This activates the energy of the specific planet. As well, the PDF will include within information about how each planetary placement in a sign will impact your life, so that you pick the right planetary mantra that’s right for your specific purposes. ($49 value)

The Planetary Mantras In PDF: Don’t want to listen to the PDF and instead wish to read and chant the mantras yourself? No problem! This bonus document lists each of the mantras for your own practice. ($49 value)

Planetary Mantra Sigils Of Focus: I’ve created 84 gorgeous and powerful Sigils (one for each planet in each of the “houses” governing your life), and let me tell you, do not be surprised if, upon looking at them, you feel a jolt of energy. These sigils bear the names of the angels and the jinn governing the “rays” of these planets through the “lens” of the twelve zodiac signs they transit. Simply listen to the mantras while holding print-outs (or canvases) of these sigils in your hands, or placed on your altar. Over time, they will be “charged” with the energies of their respective planets, and your connection with the spirits of the planets will take place more deeply and quickly. ($149 value)

Nineveh Shadrach’s BEST Planetary Mantra MP3 Outtakes For Life, Love & Wealth: At a loss as to which of the MP3s to pick? I’ve taken out the most powerful of the mantras and created three hour-long recordings – one for love, one for wealth, and one for general life-flow – in my own voice, with the correct pronunciation, to infuse your life with the most potent destiny-altering sounds in these three key areas. Just listen with intent, and reap the rewards! ($297.95 value)

Altogether valued for over $1500 regular price, reduced to a short-time $397 enrolment fee.

But as a special introductory offer, if you are one of the first 30 students to enroll, you can have the entire Planetary Mantra package for a one-time fee of just….


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I will part with this trivia: Business magnet and billionaire J.P. Morgan once famously said that millionaires don’t need astrologers, but billionaires do.

He thought that there was more to the market than timing, and he used astrologers to help guide him in that timing in his businesses and investments.

Speaking of timing, let me ask you, when do YOU think would be a good time to experience living life lived with a “better chart”?


Yours In Power & Possibilities,

Nineveh Shadrach


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