Dear fellow magicians,

I think we can both agree that the occult has a public face and a hidden face. You can go to many media sites for discussions and videos on magic. Many magic books are only a click away.

Yet, there remains part of the occult that is truly mysterious and an uncharted territory. It’s the new frontier of discovery, a place very few occultists venture, because very few can find their way there.

What I am about to share with you is both public and hidden. It’s only a click away. Yet, where this will take you is truly to the new frontier. Are you ready to embark on this enchanted journey?

You might be wondering: “Where could this realm be hidden at?”

 An old adage of “the best place to hide something is in plain sight” applies here more than ever before. What is more plain to our sight than the Moon?

Billions have turned their gaze to this dusty rock. Its power is over reaching.  Everyone heard about the connection between the Moon and the tides. It goes further. Animal studies revealed that these lunar cycles affect hormonal changes in insects phylogenesis, fish reproduction through the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis, and even the taste sensitivity of laboratory rats.

These are cool sciency facts, but what about magic?

No matter what magical tradition you look at, from the Daoists and Shamans of the far east to the Afro-Brazilian and Native American traditions of the west, the moon played a crucial role.

The same goes for Arabic magic. The moon has 28 mansions and so does the Arabic alphabet. Each letter was connected to a mansion and this connection played a role in much of the principles of this ancient tradition.

Arab magicians would organize their spell working and evocations around the proper mansions to get the maximum benefits and results. It has been their magical clock and without it they weren’t certain of their results.

Ever wondered why some spells works well at some points and fail at other points? They would argue that it all had to do with the flow of the Moon.

If you want consistent results in your magic then the Moon matters.

One of the most successful systems that I have taught has been the 360 Celestial Jinn Magic. It reliably produced tangible benefits for everyone who has used it. The reason is simple – it is tied to an astrological clock.

The celestial clock controls the tides of magic and it’s on those waters that our ships sail.

Now believe it or not – this is still the old frontier.

You see the importance of the Moon isn’t exclusive to just humans.

One of the greatest secrets of antiquity is the importance of the moon to the Jinn.

Jinn control of lunar gateways is of such importance to them that it remains one of their most guarded secret.

Exploring these secrets is what drives me as a magician.

This is why I set upon the development of a master gateway combining the 48 silver leaves with the lunar alphabet.

 The 48 silver leaves hold the key to the new frontier, this much is certain.

 If you never heard of it before you can listen to it here:


Each silver leaf has 56 letters, which is 28 x 2.

 One set for the light side of the moon and one set for the dark side.

 The lunar letters represent the light shining at exact degree angles across the moon.

 The numbers of beams and their degrees would depend on the letter and its mathematical value.

 We can represent this via a 2-d image of the surface of the moon being split.

We then combine it with pages from the 48 silver leaves to form a magical talisman.

We then combine all the 48 silver leaves to form the master gateway.

The big question is what to do with this? Right?

My experiments with the 48 Silver Leaves has revealed the following:

Each word or name corresponds to a very specific period of the lunar phase.

For example:

When the Moon is between 11° 44′ 16″ Virgo and 12° 48′ 32″ Virgo you can open the gateway with the name Tolpruna.

You need to possess both knowledge of the exact timing and the right MASTER KEYWORD from the 48 Silver Leaves.

 I believe in testing my research by asking random people to try things and then to give me feedback.

 I decided to hit someone I was chatting from on Facebook, and the lucky winner was: Arman Z. Bahrani. 

 Arman is not even a student of mine, but being the good sport that he is, he enthusiastically agreed to be my “guinea pig”.

 I will tell you in a moment about the “Lunar Gateway” practice that I gave him to do, but first, let’s hear from Arman about his results:

“Hi Nin!

Okay man, where do I begin? That was trippy! I’ll share my experience in writing, and you’re absolutely free to share it on your website, in the hopes that it will help others go ahead with giving this the try that I feel it definitely deserves.

So here’s how we started. Ninevah and I were discussing business, and then we segued into the mysterious topic of “Lunar Gateways”, and how each gateway has its own Mansion Name and invokable “Master Key”. He asked me: “What time is it in Australia?” I answered “10:30pm”. “Perfect” he replied, and then gave me the appropriate ‘Mansion Name’ and “Master Key” invocations associated with the phase of the moon, and instructed me to repeat them a specific number of times.

“What will happen?” I asked, skeptically.

Nin replied with “Just do it, and let me know the ‘place’ this will take you.”

Now you have to understand, I am very well-aware of the notion of “tons of practice, before tangible results”. I’ve spent years researching and practicing in such areas as radionics, qi gong and sorcery.

So I was definitely skeptical…

… until I followed his instructions at my altar the first time. I felt awkward pronouncing some of the parts, but I kept at it, and as I did, to my amazement, I observed a “vapor” like figure, a presence, dead-smack in the middle of the altar. It looked like one of those heat-waves emanating from a hot road in the desert.

“Interesting”, I thought, but nothing else came up of. I went back to Nin, and asked him if I needed correction in pronunciations, and if I need to “restart” if I mispronounced anything. “Don’t fret” he said. “Continue from where you left off.”

And I believe that this time around, knowing of this assurance is what allowed for the results that followed on my second try, and boy was it trippy!

As I continued to invoke, I felt “nudged” by a presence to close my eyes. That’s when some really bizarre sensations began taking hold. First, my body: I felt an immediate physical ‘lightness’, like I was taking off to be teleported some place. With my eyes closed, I could feel a shining orb that definitely felt like the full moon – only a ‘sentient’ version of the moon, and actually brighter – hover above the crown of my head. And I felt a “knowing” of a presence, as though there were a sentient being in that room with me, and along with that, an energy “downloading” into me, moving along the front of my body, probing, searching for tension, filling, empty, releasing.

And it beckoned be to surrender to it.

I stayed in that space, and as I began grounding, I felt the same physical sensation wash over me as though I was having a full supermoon bathe, naked, in the thick of the night on my patio, after a very heavy rainfall that cleared the night’s sky.

To me, that was an immediate result that matched any “advanced progress” in any other of the esoteric arts, as far as I am concerned, and I am now a believer.”


Shortly after I had another volunteer from Russia.

He went out in the freezing cold (-24c) and tried doing the work with just the Master Keyword.

Unlike Arman he came back disappointed that nothing physically manifested.

He was expecting a jinni to come down descending from the Moon, which is an unrealistic expectations for a first try.

However, like the masters of old often say in their books: jinn covenant for many starts in dreams.

That night he had this dream:

Salam aleykom!

Today I had an amazing dream that I found myself in the Middle Ages, near some old and large mosque. I went into it, but there was a yellow curtain inside, behind which no one could enter. But I decided to try, and lo and behold, I was allowed to pass.

Behind the curtain stood an old man in a turban and a black beard, holding a staff of gold. He was very surprised that I went behind the curtain because no one is allowed there.

In the center of the prayer hall, right under the dome in a circle, stood 4 people in turbans and beards. They joined hands and began to read some Arabic prayers. A lot and a long time. After about 10 minutes, a luminous circle appeared around them, and in the center a column of white light rises to the dome of the mosque.

The mosque began to smell of flowers and freshness. It was just indescribable and great.

And then a man with a rod turned to me. He said that it would be nice if I joined those four people and stood in a circle. Which I did.

After completing the ritual, I bowed to them and thanked them for the invitation to the circle.

And he began to leave the mosque. Then the eldest of them said that they needed to collect only 10 people.

But so far there are only 6, and he asked me to bring 4 more reliable people. I said ok, I’ll try. And on this I woke up.

Murad Khasnov

The men in his dream were jinn servitors.

They came in dreams, because it wouldn’t be practical or safe to appear in the snowy streets of Moscow.

What Murad didn’t know at the time of his dream was that indeed six people had acquired the Master Gateway.

He is helping bring four more reliable people to this new frontier by sharing his expeirence publicaly.

Arman and Murad are both new to this frontier.

Their results were achieved on their first day of practice with only the master key word.

We can only imagine their stories had they been doing this for months with both the master key word and the master portal!

Will your results be like Arman’s or Murad’s?

Are you one of the 4 alluded to by the Jinn?

Where will this new frontier lead you?

I can tell you from personal experience is that it leads someplace beyond our imagination.

The magic of the past either evoked a particular entity or awakened a certain celestial  or infernal power.

What sets this magic apart is that it opens a portal to a location and this location is shrouded in mystery.

The yellow curtain of the Sun hides it from our eyes. No one has been able to get their before.

It is a place that the jinn consider sacred (mosque). A place full of magic (chanting) and where intense powers are unleashed (circle of light and beam).

 I have kept the system simple to use. 

Place the canvas Master Portal on the wall.

Chant the right Master Key.

Play the audio of the 48 Silver Leaves in the background.

Three simple steps.

At first you might get dreams, later you will get more and more manifestations, and maybe one day you will find yourself there physically.

What can you gain from the beings of that realm? What mysteries will you uncover? What magical powers will you develop?  How can it change your life? How can it change our world?

I don’t have full answers myself, but I am planning on finding out for myself.

I hope you’ll join me in this exploration full of amazing potential for magical wealth.


    It Is Now Your Turn To Awaken
    Lunar Power In Your Life In
    A Variety Of Ways:


    The package includes:

    • The Master Portal printed on a canvas 36 x 70 inches.
    • An mp3 of the 48 Silver Leave song that you can download and listen to at any time.
    • A pdf file of each of the 48 silver leaves pages in the lunar alphabet.
    • Images of the lunar alphabet for your personal use.
    • A pdf file containing the Master Keys and their time of use.

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