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Master Ata Webinar March 19, 2016 10:00 AM PST

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Samples of the Original Grimoire

I thought your previous seminar was one of your best. It was real, hands-on, practical advice. After kicking around with some of the techniques, I noticed a genuine improvement in my magical experiences. I have found Nineveh Shadrach to be one of the most down to earth online teachers.

Frater BM

What’s Included

  • Master Ata Sign Up Book Upgrade (Early Bird Option)

    • Hardcover Book with the Translation and Original Pages Face to Face
    • Free Shipping on the Book in North America and Europe
    • Available Only To Early Bird Signups Before 3/7/2016
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  • Nineveh Shadrach

    Nineveh Shadrach

    Thank you for your interest in the course. It’s going to be a phenomenal learning experience. I hope you can join us.



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