“Become A Magickal Astronaut!

Two Ways Turning Thousands Of Star Systems Into Your Very Own Energetic Playground Amplifies Your Magickal Skills Beyond What You’ve Ever Imagined

From the Stargate of Nineveh Shadrach

Dear Magician,

When the idea of “progressing with magickal practice” is conjured up, what comes to mind?

If you’re anything like the typical, intimidated student that approaches me, it’s this: many hours of grueling, repetitive work.

Which is why you’d be forgiven for feeling daunted and less-than-enthusiastic the moment you turn the first few pages of a typical grimoire.

Yet what if I told you that you could inject literal other-worldly fun into your magick to reward the journey – the process itself – and have that fun-factor improve your magick in two ways that take your powers and speed of progress well-beyond the average practitioner?

I will tell you about those two ways in a moment, but first, allow me to address the “fun-factor”…

Let’s see if I can express in words just what the excitement you’re about to open up yourself to with my STARGATE MASTER method feels like.

Remember that child-like excitement that moves up to your solar plexus and fills you up with wonder when you’re in exciting new territory?

New sights, new sounds, new temperatures, new contrasts between light-and-dark, new tactile sensations… just waiting to open up to you with their secrets to  reward your uninhibited curiosity?

You and I already know that recreational activities such as movie-going, video games, music and story books continue to feed trillion-dollar enterprises because they tap into this very emotion…

Well, allow me to make a confession (with a warning)…


Exploring New Star Systems Using My STARGATE MASTER METHOD is THIS Much Fun, And Can Get Addictive!


There have been times when I’d want to hurriedly finish up whatever mundane task was at hand, just to resume my journey of magickaly “traveling” the cosmos with full gusto.

“I can’t wait to visit them again”. Imagine hearing this phrase echo in your heart with child-like playful impatience coursing through your entire body every time you gaze up at the clear night sky.

I could say SO much more about the fun factor of the STARGATE MASTER method, but I do not want to spoil the surprise.

For now, let’s explore TWO ways this can have profound, irreversible implications for your magickal development, placing you in a league all your own.


Way #1: You Will Taste REAL
Freedom From Your Limitations


I don’t think I need to tell you that “Freedom” has become “Freedom Inc.”

An entire multi-billion dollar industry has risen up from the demand for clear traumas, stories, stuck emotions and limiting beliefs that fuel them.  

People spend thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, to rid themselves of their perceived limitations, via therapies, “healing protocols”, shamanic journeys, rah-rah motivational seminars and even medication.

I’ve known people who routinely spend that much per year like clockwork.

And I understand why: It’s not a secret that when we are cleared of stuck, limiting, disease creating thought-forms gnawing at our fondest dreams and draining them of hope like invisible leeches…

… when we are no longer held back, we dare to mentally conceive more, allow for more, expand for more and do more, and life’s vault of blissful possibilities finally opens up for us.

We begin to experience life for the magick that it really is.

Unfortunately, what I also see happening – and this is the “dark side” of the therapeutical world no one tells you about – is that people turn themselves into a witch-hunt!

I mean this literally. They start walking on egg-shells around themselve, always on the look out for the next negative feeling or limiting belief that pops up for fear of affecting their “vibes”.

If you ask me, playing whack-a-mole with yourself is no way to live! Especially when there is a short-cut!

That’s right. Believe me now and hear me later: There is a visceral healing that automatically takes place within you when the whole Universe reveals itself to you for what it truly is: an open playground.

The immediate physical 3D earth-bound reality and the mundane within it no longer retain the signifance you’ve given it…

“I’ve been worried all my life for THIS spec of dust?!”

Yeah, I’ve asked this same question myself. It’s an inevitable question you’ll ask too when you make STARGATE MASTERY a part of your magickal journey.

This is FREEDOM literally felt, smelt, touched, tasted, rather than written about and intellectually masturbated to.

Once you experience this, once you experience the world – your world – as SO much larger than you ever thought it could be, you’ll feel old jealousies lose their grip, old hang-ups dissolve like salt in water, old sticking points disappear from your life, replaced with empowering new beliefs with practically zero effort, as though they were all already there within you all along, waiting for your permission to emerge.

Think of what this increase in your vibrational frequency will do for your sensitivity to the magickal currents… for your progress to undreamed of levels of magickal empowerment.

So, you’ll hopefully forgive me for my overflowing excitement when I call The STARGATE MASTERY system the most important bit of magickal work in a thousand years!

Yet this is only the first way your magickal work will enjoy a permanent boost right along with with fun. Here’s the second way:

Way #2: Accessing The Cosmos Gives
You An Unfair “Energy Advantage”!


Let me be clear: This isn’t your quick garden-variety recipe for love, money, or control.

Think about it this way. The entire world magical corpus rests on two pillars. The first is that of the Elements. The other is that of the Planets and Zodiac.

The Elements are key from the Golden Dawn elemental initiations to Wiccan celebrations. The names of the Elements are different in the East, but it is no less valuable to the magicians and yogis of Asia.

The same goes for the planets. Grimoire after grimoire have proposed different ways of working the planets for everything from attaining social prominence to love life to prophetic dreams.

There is no doubt that any magician who has mastered the Elements (Geocentric) and the Planets (Heliocentric) have attained a high level of practical power magically speaking.

Yet, what if I told you that you can go past those two pillars and climb to the summit?

What if, instead, you have the ability to harness the power of almost 100,000 stars?

Think about the power of our Sun alone, and how tapping into its energies can impart healing, charisma, social standing and other “sunny” traits – and an overall radiance – to your day-to-day. Now, imagine the power of 100,000 Suns, each with their own unique energetic signatures!

Every stellar body, you see, has its own unique Ruhaniah signature, and you can tap not only into its Ruhaniah, but also that of all planets and moons and possible life in its orbit.

With the energies the 100,000 stars and hundreds of thousands of planets and double that in moons all at your finger tip, the world literally is your oyster and your playground.

On one hand, you can explore those stars and be a spiritual astronaut. You can explore beyond our world the vastness of our milky way through gateways.

On the other hand, you can harness their Ruhaniah magically and channel them directly into your life to manifest things beyond your imagination. I mean think of all those magicians working lower-level spirits or calling on base Elementals, while you channel extra-terrestrial powers like no one else before.

I get it. That is a lot of stars and you don’t have time to work 100,000 of them.

You don’t have. You can work whatever you want. The advantage of having 100,000 is the almost limitless choices.

You can explore where you want and when you want.

You can link with a star that works for you and the odds are you will be the only one tapping into it.

If you have 72 demons to summon and 100,000 magicians, odd are these magicians are summoning the same demon, and sometimes against each other!

The same can’t be said when you think that there are 40 or 50 magicians with 100,000 stars to choose from.

Your star magic will almost never be diluted by cross purpose or conflict.

And there you have it: Two ways my STARGATE MASTERY system can permanently (and for the better) affect your magickal progress. Think of these as pouring two drops of dye in a washer containing your clothing items.

This is what enhanced pespective does (and enhancement that can only making the cosmos your literal energetic playground can bring): Its effects on the fabric of your day-to-day living, and your magickal progress, will be permanent.

This is what makes this digital Magus Pocket Guide to Star Gate Magic so unique.

It is divided into all known constellations and even undefined ones.

Just pick the star you want and do the evocation to connect and awaken the Ruhaniah.

The evocation has all the details you will need to make it work!

Yes, this guide is more than 200,000 pages long.

It is absolutely the biggest Star Magic book in history.

The normal price for this massive encyclopedia of evocation is $199.95.

However, I am giving an introductory 50% discount for the first 10 people to get their copy.

You might want to hurry, because this kind of magic has never been unlocked before, and the raw power waiting in the heavens is unimaginable.

Don’t be left behind.

Get your keys to spiritual and magical freedom right now.

Yours in Cosmic Power, and Cosmis Freedom,

Nineveh Shadrach

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