Come join us as we explore the potent conjuration of the father of the Jinn
Be prepared to unleash the power and experience the world beyond our veil
Conjuring, Summoning, Evoking, Calling on the Oldest of the Jinn
Combine the magical names to manifest specific results quickly
Discover how to get hundreds of servitors to help you get things done
This is hardcore magic for serious magicians of all levels

minutes in this webinar replay

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    • Recording of the Live webinar (8+ hours)
    • PDF of all Jan + Servitors + Power names
    • PDF of the talismans and sigils
    • Mp3 of their names being pronounced
    • Archival recording
    • Free 1 hour 1-on-1 consultation
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    Get the golden mean names of Jan and his aides for an extra magical punch during evocation work.


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