Unlock the Ancient Secrets: 28 Lunar

Talismans for Every Aspect of Your Life


Dear Fellow Magician,

In the heart of the city, the masses move wearily, each step laden with the day’s burdens and silent dread. But among them strides a solitary figure in stark contrast: a magician clad in a crisp suit and tie, gliding through the bustling crowd with a serene smile that hints at an inner peace.

While others show signs of stress and anxiety, this magician carries a calm demeanor that seems almost out of place in such chaos. He harbors a secret that keeps him centered: the power of the moon. Above, the moon traces its quiet arc, casting a secretive silver glow. To this urban sorcerer, the moon is a profound ally, its phases offering him a mystical language that empowers him to calm chaos and instill courage in the fearful.

With the moon as his guide, the magician walks with confidence, mastering the invisible forces that shape destinies, always at peace amidst the urban tumult.

Introducing our Lunar Tablets: it’s a comprehensive array of 28 distinct keys, each designed to unlock different doors to the cosmic energies of the Lunar Mansions. Each tablet is designed to target specific areas of your life, from wealth and health to love and protection. You hold the power to orchestrate the outcome of your own destiny. Each tablet is printed on 12×12 inch cotton canvas, adorned with authentic talismanic designs to connect directly with celestial forces. That is a whole complete set of 28 printed canvases

Here is a small sample: 

Imagine slipping a ‘Wealth Attraction’ tablet into your pocket or placing it in your workspace. Within days, you might notice a surge in client inquiries and financial opportunities, as if a magnet for abundance has been activated in your life.

Or consider a ‘Vitality Tablet’ radiating healing energies, fortifying your body and soothing your spirit during times of health struggles.

And for those feeling the sting of loneliness or the challenges of love, a tablet designed to warm the heart and draw love could be your answer, turning solitary nights into moments of connection and warmth.

You are the director, commanding the lights, the sounds, and the action. And the best part, these tablets require no advanced skills in talismanic construction or charging. They are a simple process of plug and play magically speaking.   

Unlock the Power of Lunar Tablets:

Your Keys to Shaping the Life You Desire


Here are some of the benefits you can gain from using these Lunar Tablets. Let’s explore what they can do for you and how they can be used to enhance key aspects of your life:

For Personal Growth and Harmony – Transform Hate into Love: This enchanted piece works to soften the hearts and minds around us, turning every spark of animosity into a warm glow of understanding and compassion. It’s a tool for those seeking harmony and personal growth within their circle.

Deepen Connections: Whether it’s to strengthen bonds of marriage, rekindle old friendships, or build trust with colleagues, this artifact serves as a beacon, enhancing the depth and quality of relationships.

For Protection and Peace – Neutralize Enmity: Shield yourself from the shadows of ill-will. This talisman acts as your personal guardian, deflecting negative intentions and protecting your peace.

Ensure Security: Keep your loved ones and prized possessions safe. This tablet is like having a watchful guardian at your gate, ensuring that harm stays well away.

For Health and Vitality – Attract Healing: Draw on the purest energies for physical and emotional healing, making recovery from illness faster and filling your life with vitality.

Control Disease: A proactive shield for your health, this tablet helps manage and mitigate health conditions, keeping you and your family resilient against illness.

For Prosperity and Success- Seek Wealth: Activate this tablet to attract financial prosperity. Watch as new opportunities for abundance flow effortlessly into your life.

Guarantee Victory and Conquest: Whether it’s a legal battle, a new venture, or personal goals, this talisman ensures your path leads to success.

Each tablet is designed with a specific purpose, crafted to bring about the change you need most. With 28 unique talismans to choose from, you can tailor your approach, selecting exactly what aligns with your current aspirations and obstacles.

Take a moment to consider what you need most: Is it love, protection, health, or prosperity?

Whatever your heart desires, there is a Lunar Tablet ready to help bring that desire into reality. Each talisman not only serves a unique purpose but does so by drawing on the timeless power of the lunar mansions, combining ancient wisdom with practical magic.

Do not let complexity hold you back. Choosing the right talisman is straightforward: think about what you want to enhance, protect, or attract into your life, and select the tablet that resonates with that desire.

The statement about the lunar mansion of al-Butyin and this is its description: It has the letter ‘Ba’. When the moon is in al-Butyin, which is hot and moist, a noble spirit descends by the permission of Allah the Exalted, suitable for matters concerning men rather than women. Work talismans in it, and alchemy is correct, as is every esteemed craft. It is suitable for the initiation of sciences, making of rings, engraving, and numerology, healing of diseases, and management. Anyone born under it lives a happy and wise life, is loved by people, and their incense is oud, saffron, and mastic, and Allah knows best.

Picatrix (Ghayat al-Hakim)

Books like the Sun of Knowledge and Ghayat al-Hakim start off talking about lunar mansions. This highlights just how important these mansions are for magical practices, often more so than planetary hours.

You see, lunar mansion energy is always there, ready to use. It’s like a tide; you don’t have to conjure it up, you just ride with it, much like a sailor uses the wind.

However, while these old texts tell us how crucial it is to work with the lunar tide, they don’t really show us how to actually grab onto that energy for immediate benefits.

That’s where our 28 Lunar Tablets come in. Each one is carefully crafted to connect with one of the lunar mansions. They act like magnets, pulling in the mansion’s natural energies.

By bringing these Lunar Tablets into your everyday routine, you start tapping into these subtle yet strong lunar energies. It’s not just about syncing up with cosmic rhythms; it’s about transforming your life: enhancing everything from personal growth and relationships to success and safety. 

Our Lunar Tablets are derived from the ancient manuscript “Shomoos al-Awafaq” (The Suns of Magic Squares), an authentic Arabic source rich in tradition and classical Arabic magic. We have painstakingly corrected any typographical errors and transformed the text into a format that is not only potent but also portable.

These tablets combine the timeless wisdom of classical and authentic magical squares with modern art, specifically designed to embody and capture the unique qualities and energies of each lunar mansion.

The vibrant images on each tablet serve a dual purpose: they are perfect for carrying around to maintain a continuous connection with these powerful energies, and they also provide a focal point for meditation, helping you to immerse deeply in the traditional magic they represent.

This fusion of ancient magic and contemporary artistry makes the Lunar Tablets a powerful tool for anyone seeking to harness the profound energies described in classical Arabic lore.

1st Special Bonus Just for You:

The Lunar Mansion Mastery eBook

When you take the decisive step today to own one of these powerful Lunar Tablets, you’ll also receive an exclusive gift that isn’t available anywhere else: our Lunar Mansion Mastery eBook.

Discover within its page:

Detailed Profiles of Each Lunar Mansion: Learn the specific influences and powers of each mansion, giving you insight into how to best use your tablet.

The Angels and Jinn of Power: Each mansion is governed by its unique celestial entities. Get to know these powerful servitors, their names, their qualities, and how they can assist you in harnessing the energies you need.

Strategies for Effective Use: Practical advice on how to align your actions with the celestial rhythms to maximize the benefits from your tablets.

Remember, these secrets are a gateway to understanding and leveraging the ancient wisdom that has been reserved for kings and sages. And now, it’s available to you.

2nd Special Bonus Just for You:

Lunar  Tablets

Manifestation Rituals

Every great tool needs a manual, a guide to unlock its full potential.

As a special bonus, when you order the Lunar Tablets today, you’ll receive your essential guide to activating and maximizing the power of your tablets.

Inside, you’ll discover:

Detailed Rituals for Each Tablet: Learn the specific steps to connect your tablet with the celestial energy of the moon and use it in a unique spell for its purpose.

Whether you need to attract wealth, secure love, protect against harm, or heal from past wounds, you need these secret rituals designed for your specific tablet and desired outcome.

This eBook is your key to wielding their power effectively. The secrets within ensure that the energy you draw from the Moon is not just fleeting whispers but a profound roar that shapes reality in your favor.

This bonus eBook is offered exclusively with your purchase of the Lunar Tablets today. It’s not available for sale anywhere else and adds incredible value to your purchase.

Each of our Lunar Tablets is a true masterpiece, carefully printed with archival ink on high-quality canvas. Ordinarily, each canvas retails for $29.95, adding up to a total of $830 for the complete set of 28. Yet, we’re offering these potent pieces at a phenomenal discount. Currently, the entire collection is available for just $399.95, a significant markdown from the regular retail price.

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This moment is your chance to seize control and rewrite your life’s story with the ancient wisdom of the Lunar Mansions, all while achieving substantial savings. But like the fleeting phases of the moon, this offer is transient.

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