Unlock the Mystical Realm with a Tap:

Discover the Power of Jinn Invocation through Knock Knock’s Binary Audio Mastery


Dear Seeker of the Hidden Realms,

In the tapestry of time, there lies an ancient secret, a method of connection so potent, an arcane power tool waiting to be rediscovered.

Today, we are revealing this secret to the modern world. This is your exclusive invitation to unlock the mysteries of a realm veiled in the mists of the ages.

Imagine effortlessly connecting to the wisdom of the ages, feeling the presence of the jinn guide you to insights and opportunities that were once hidden, with just one tap.

With Knock Knock’s groundbreaking binary audio files, the ancient names of the jinn are not just spoken; they are woven into a rhythmic symphony of knocks.

This language, more primal than words, reaches out into the fabric of the unseen, beckoning the jinn with the clarity of a starlit sky.

As you stand on the cusp of the unknown, ready to bridge worlds and unlock ancient mysteries, ‘Knock Knock’ audio products present you with a key forged from the very essence of discovery and innovation.

Our advanced binary audio files are not mere sounds; they are the culmination of understanding the profound impact that sound has on our reality, a concept that both ancient wisdom and modern science uphold.

The Power of Sound on Matter: Inspired by Hans Jenny’s pioneering work in “Cymatics,” with every note played, feel the vibrations shaping your surroundings, drawing you closer to creation’s secret rhythm that directly enhances your daily life.

Cellular Dance of Well-being: Recent studies, like the one published in “Scientific Reports,” reveal that bacteria respond to mechanical stimuli such as sound vibrations. This suggests a universe where sound is not passive but an active participant, much like the names of the jinn reverberating through ‘Knock Knock’s binary rhythms.

Cosmic Connection: Just as NASA utilized binary encoded messages on the Voyager Golden Record to communicate with potential extraterrestrial life, ‘Knock Knock’ employs binary sound patterns in the hopes of attracting the attention of the jinn, inviting a connection as profound as the quest for interstellar communication. 

Brain Plasticity and Sound: The transformative power of sound on the human brain is substantiated by research on music and brain plasticity as suggested by the findings in “Frontiers in Psychiatry.” Awaken your mind’s full potential with every listen, as our audio files nurture your brain’s plasticity, paving the way for stronger telepathic ability and deeper connection with the jinn.

Gone are the days of lengthy rituals and the need for years of occult training. Knock Knock provides a bridge, a shortcut through the complex tapestry of traditional invocation practices.

By broadcasting the binary sounds derived from the names of the jinn, our audio files are designed to resonate through the barriers between worlds, inviting these powerful beings into our space in a fraction of the time. 

Cut Down Ritual Time: Swap hours of traditional ritual practice for moments of focused audio invocation. Knock Knock’s binary beats streamline your practice, making it efficient and manageable, even for those with the busiest of schedules.

No Expertise Required: Feel intimidated by the complexity of ancient rituals? Worry no more. Knock Knock’s binary audio files are user-friendly, requiring zero prior experience—just press play and let the frequencies do the work for you.

Any Device Goes: Whether you’re away from your sacred space or without traditional tools, any audio device can become your conduit to the jinn. Knock Knock ensures your practice can travel with you, unrestricted by location or circumstance.

Enhanced Invocation Power: Amplify your spiritual practice with audio files that resonate at the very frequency of the jinn. Deepen your connection to the unseen world and potentially increase the efficacy of your invocations.

Affordable Access to Ancient Magic: Save on costly ritual materials and guidebooks. Knock Knock’s binary beats offer an affordable gateway to the ancient art of jinn invocation, ensuring your spiritual path isn’t hindered by financial constraints.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a curious newcomer, Knock Knock’s audio files require no prior experience.

Embrace the opportunity to shape your destiny, to tap into a well of power that has been whispered about in occult secret societies, written in ancient manuscripts, and now delivered to you through the vessel of sound.

We invite you to be part of this extraordinary experience, to hold in your hands the power to beckon the jinn, and perhaps, to discover what answers back.

Package One

7 Jinn Kings, 4 Ifrits, and Council of Seven


Step beyond the veil of the ordinary and into the extraordinary with Package 1, where you are granted the keys to not one, but two extraordinary realms of power.

Summon the Legendary Seven Jinn Kings: With this package, you’ll harness the intricate Knock-Knock Beats — a sonic compendium designed to invoke the famed Seven Jinn Kings, each a sovereign of mystical prowess chronicled in countless Arabic magical texts. From the mighty Maymon Ibn Nukh to the enigmatic Shamhuresh, these are the names that echo through the annals of arcane lore, now accessible to you.

Encounter the Elusive Council of Seven: Beyond the kings lies an even more clandestine gathering — the Council of Seven, a group so rare and shrouded in mystery that their contact with humanity occurs but once every millennium. It is this scarcity that elevates the Knock-Knock Beats from merely precious to absolutely invaluable. For the true seeker, these beats offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to engage with entities whose existence is unknown to the majority of mankind.

Command the Four Mighty Ifreets: In addition to these, the package also includes the unique tones to call forth the four Ifreets, formidable spirits of fire, once bound to the legendary King Solomon. Your command over these beats will bridge worlds, connecting you to powers that have shaped myth and legend.

Authenticity in Every Note: Variations exist within the ancient manuscripts, and we honor this diversity by providing you with several auditory versions for the invocations, mirroring the historical nuances found in the sacred texts. This attention to detail ensures a genuine encounter with these storied beings.

Designed for the Intrepid: This package is not for the faint-hearted. It is a tribute to the brave, the curious, and the bold — those who are unafraid to explore the depths of the unknown. If your spirit yearns to unlock the secrets of ancient power and connect with beings that reside beyond the typical reach of sorcerers and sages, then Package 1 awaits you.

Embrace the distinction, the rarity, the pure essence of arcane mastery — summon the Jinn Kings, engage with the enigmatic Council of Seven, and chart a course through history’s most hidden chapters.

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Package Two

Zodiac Jinn Mastery Collection


Unlock the cosmic potential with our Zodiac Jinn Mastery Collection, an unparalleled assembly of DFY (Done For You) beats tailored to each of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac.

This meticulously crafted package offers a comprehensive suite of beats for connecting with the 30 distinct Jinn of each Zodiac sign — from the fiery ambition of Aries to the mystical depths of Pisces.

Embrace the celestial power with:

Aries Jinn Beats: Channel the pioneering spirit and dynamic energy of Aries through these powerful auditory keys.

Taurus Jinn Beats: Harness the steadfast reliability and sensuous rhythms of Taurus for your material gains.

Gemini Jinn Beats: Engage with the dualistic nature and intellectual charm of Gemini to unlock duality in spellwork.

Cancer Jinn Beats: Delve into the nurturing essence of Cancer to secure and protect your emotional wealth.

Leo Jinn Beats: Invoke the regal and brave aura of Leo for authoritative presence and heart-winning endeavors.

Virgo Jinn Beats: Utilize the meticulous and service-oriented Virgo beats for precision in your magical practices.

Libra Jinn Beats: Balance and harmony are yours with Libra, ideal for spellwork aimed at partnerships and fairness.

Sagittarius Jinn Beats: Explore the philosophical and adventurous beats of Sagittarius for expansion and discovery.

Capricorn Jinn Beats: Employ the disciplined and ambitious vibes of Capricorn for manifesting success and recognition.

Aquarius Jinn Beats: Connect with the innovative and humanitarian Aquarian energy for spells that bring change.

Pisces Jinn Beats: Tap into the empathetic and intuitive beats of Pisces for deep spiritual and emotional insights.


Whether you seek to open gateways with the planets, amplify your material abundance, or weave powerful spells for love and money, the Zodiac Jinn Mastery Collection is your key to the celestial domain.

Each beat aligns with the unique vibrational frequency of one of the 360 Jinn that serve as your guide and aid in the 360 Celestial Jinn course.

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Package Three

700 Jinn Master Collection


Step into the mystical world of the Jinn with our most comprehensive Knock Knock audio collection yet.

The 29 Hours or 1,750 Minutes of Jinn calls is your ultimate sound gateway to the realms of power, knowledge, and spiritual awakening.

Each beat crafted to resonate with the profound energies of a plethora of male and female from across different tribes and heritage.

Hermetic Jinn: Explore esoteric wisdom through 70 jinn possessing the secrets of the Hermetic tradition.

Spiritual Jinn: Attune to the ethereal with 70 jinn who attained spiritual transcendence.

Magical Jinn: Unlock the mysteries of the arcane with the power of 70 magical Jinn.

Luminous Jinn: Illuminate your path with the aid of 70 luminous Jinn.

Christian Jinn: Harmonize with 70 Jinn that can help you reflect the virtues of Christian mysticism.

Muslim Jinn: Engage with 70 jinn imbued with the profound depth of Islamic spiritual faith.

Jewish Jinn: Embrace 70 jinn that resonate with the rich heritage of Jewish mysticism.

Sumerian Jinn: Journey through time with Jinn echoing the ancient Sumerian spirits.

Primordial Jinn: Connect with the elemental forces through 70 ancient Jinn.
Baduhian Jinn: Experience prosperity and love with 70 jinn of the elusive Baduhian clan.

These beats are a sonic gateway, crafted to summon and attract the Jinn that reign over various domains of mastery and wisdom:

Domains of Power: Kingship, Queenship, and Royalty.
Legal and Health Mastery: Judges, Legal Affairs, and Medicine.
Innovation and Protection: Engineering, Military Affairs, and Guardianship.
Knowledge and Cosmic Wisdom: Science, Wisdom, Astrology, and Astronomy.
Mystical and Spiritual: Witchcraft, Sorcery, Mysticism, and Spirituality.
Abundance and Artistry: Gemstones, Creative Arts, Writing, and Manuscripts.
Exploration and Assistance: Travel, Assistance, Guidance, and News.
Natural and Supernatural Mastery: Agriculture, Alchemy, Numerology, and Music.
…and many other aspects of spiritual and material existence.

This package is especially potent for those who have embarked on the 700 Jinn Course. The beats in this package serve as an audible companion to the course, enhancing your practice of this course.

Browse through the package to find the beats that align with your current focus or desire. Whether you aim to summon the Jinn of Protection for your home or the Jinn of Wisdom for your studies, you will find the corresponding beat within this package.

Let the 700 Jinn Knock Knock Beats be your master key to a deeper connection with the unseen world, amplifying your intentions and aiding in your spiritual evolution.

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