Dear Magician, 

I am sure you’re familiar with the seven jinn kings that correspond to the planets.

Which of these planets would be your primary focus?

It is really no brainer for us magicians. 

It is of course Mercury – the planet that rules ancient wisdom and magic.

Thoth and Hermes are connected with magic in both Egyptian and Greek religions.

The de-facto go to jinn king for magicians would be the one linked to Magic itself.

What are the benefits of working with a master magician jinn king?

You will learn powerful new knowledge that can shape your reality.

You can influence the people and the world around you with Barqan’s enchantments.

You can increase your direct cash flow and success with business. 

You can transform any negative situation into a positive one. 

You can enlist his aid to help resolve difficult problems or heal diseases.

People will be more receptive to your words and communication.

His title is none other than Father of Wonders, because of all the things he can do for you.

It is said he is the youngest of the kings and very smart and full of knowledge.

His dress is white and his crown is white with yellow stones and his demeaner is gentle and kind.

The problem is very few magicians have successfully contact Barqan. 

Those that have had any success ended up with major negative blow back.

What is going on there? Did the ancient writers get it wrong Barqan?

Is he a Sith Lord not a Jedi?

Here is the answer:

There are more than one Barqan in the Jinn world. 

There is for example:

Barqan al-Aswad (The Black Barqan) who is underworld and extremely dangerous.


You need to know which Barqan you are calling on.

The one we care calling on Barqan Al-Azraq or Barqan the Blue.

He is a very devout Jewish jinn king. 

You also need to know HOW to make contact with a master magician. 

A master magician isn’t easily swayed by regular human magic. 

You need the right tools to approach him or the connection will be hard to establish.  

Let’s start with his evocation mandala:


This portal is printed on canvas 35inch by 35inchs with archival ink.

This is a powerful mandala for meditation and entering into a trance. 

But, you need MORE to get the right results. 

You will also receive a step-by-step process for evoking Burqan and attaining a basic covenant.

Create the covenant ring at the end of the process with the help of the Canvas.

We will also include his magical sigils and his hidden power names.

They are passed between magicians and rarely put into print.

Plus, you will receive his knock knock beat and the golden means words of power.

You will also receive the powerful summoning name based on a secret jinn method never before made public.

His army of servitors are legion.

You may just experience a great covenant and witness even greater magic.

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